Chapter 855 – One Heart

Who could she rely on if she loses her son?

“Let’s go to the Saintess Palace.”

The both of them left taking the Ji Mo Clan horse carriage, headed towards the Saintess Academia.

Bai Li Zi Xi was wearing a dress with golden butterflies embroidery, looking gracious and attractive.

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She was already waiting at the front door, smiling, “Auntie, when did you arrive at Holy City? You should have gotten someone to inform me instead of coming in person…”

Bai Li Clan has a transportation formation that connects to the Holy Court. She used it by using her privileged access and thus managed to arrive sooner than everyone else.

Madam Ru felt satisfied the more she looked at Bai Li Zi Xi. Such a well-educated and polite lady. She will make the best candidate as her daughter-in-law. 

“Zi Xi, thank you for your generous heart and for forgiving my foolish son. I assure you, I will make sure you will not suffer once you marry into our Ji Mo Clan.”

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Bai Li Zi Xi blushed. She held Madam Ru’s hand affectionately and said, “Auntie, let’s talk inside.”

Madam Ru followed her into the Saintess Palace, feeling more relaxed. Before she came, she was afraid that Bai Li Zi Xi would throw a fit. But, after seeing her in person, she felt that her worry was unnecessary. 

It seemed that she had underestimated her son’s charm. 

Even if her son was not on her side, it would be enough to have her daughter-in-law’s loyalty.

And if she has a grandchild, she would raise him personally and not make the same mistake she did.


Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan arrived at the Holy City eight days later. Everyone was already waiting for him at the Holy City.

The Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was traveling with the dense dark clouds chasing behind it. Fortunately, the flying carriage was fast!

The clouds that were following Ji Mo Ya did not manage to catch up to them throughout their journey.

During the last leg of the journey, the dull thunder consistently struck the top of the carriage, scaring the Fortune Bird. It was Huan Qing Yan, who got out of the carriage so that she could drive the carriage to the Holy City. 

Ji Mo Ya was having a hard time inside the carriage, it was very difficult for him to withstand.

His Heaven Tribulation was targeting his Dragon Spirit Treasure!

He was trying hard not to let his Dragon Spirit Treasure out. His Dragon Spirit Treasure was connected to him by the mind; he could feel the anxiety, fear and pain his Dragon Spirit Treasure was experiencing.

He had been delaying this for seven, eight days now; and was at his limit, yet he still tried his best to resist.

He must reach the Holy City, to the defense spell formation, in his Estate. It should certainly be able to help him.

Upon entering the Holy City, he discovered that everyone was waiting for him there, but he was not in the mood to greet them. He just headed straight towards his estate with Huan Qing Yan.

Madam Ru and the Ji Mo Clan elders were waiting for him outside of Cloud Estate, along with them were people from the Bai Li Clan, including Bai Li Zi Xi…

Cloud Estate was usually in a lockdown state when he wasn’t around. 

With grave expressions, the King Spirit Masters of Ji Mo Clan have summoned their spirit treasures towards the sky and managed to temporarily chase off the dark clouds that were following Ji Mo Ya relentlessly.

Ji Mo Ya finally relaxed a little, that destructive energy that he was feeling had finally eased off slightly.

 “Thank you, elders, for your assistance.”

“Little Ya, you’re finally back.”

“Not bad, Little Ya! You managed to postpone the Heaven Tribulation for so many days. It’s impressive.”

He received all kinds of praise. 

Huan Qing Yan helped wipe the sweat off Ji Mo Ya’s face. She saw how hard he had fought, and sometimes he even bled from biting too hard on his own lips.  

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