Chapter 854 – Dowry

Yet Bai Li Ye Jun’s feelings did not change even after a few years, so he had to lock him up.

“Okay, Grandfather Patriarch. I will go pack now. By the way, did the Ji Mo Clan bring the Phoenix Feather Bell when they came to propose?”

“No. They say Madam Ru will hand it to you at Holy City.” Bai Li Ren answered.

“Great!” Bai Li Zi Xi smiled happily.

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Bai Li Ren felt that as Little Xi was growing up, she had changed significantly from her younger self.

When she smile she would unconsciously display an expression that will be… too seductive. 

A little girl should not have possessed this sort of seduction.

He stood frozen and watched the back of Bai Li Zi Xi until Bai Li Jia Bao came to get him.

“Grandpa, Grandma asked me to come to get you for dinner! Why are you blankly standing here?”

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Bai Li Ren recovered from his daze.

“Oh, good! What are we having today?”

Bai Li Jia Bao started talking nonstop. Finally, she revealed her real purpose of looking for her grandfather, “Grandpa, I heard that Master Ya is dying soon. Is it true?”

“Nonsense. Who told you?”

“Ji Mo Clan came with so much dowry and said they wanted Ji Mo Ya to marry Bai Li Zi Xi immediately because of the Heaven Tribulation. Is it really that powerful? Did my father die from a Heaven Tribulation like this too?”

Bai Li Ren was silent a moment and replied, “Jia Bao, since you are curious, why don’t I bring you to Holy City with me so that you can see for yourself?”

Bai Li Jia Bao could not believe what she had heard at first. She jumped in the air with joy, “That’s great! Grandpa! You’re the best!”


A few Half-Sages in the Holy City were also informed of the news.

They were pacing up and down while discussing. 

Wine Sage said, “This Heaven Tribulation is really bothering me. I would have taken the kid’s place, but unfortunately, the Heaven Tribulation has eyes…”

“This is a bad thing, but also a good thing. If Ya Kid managed to survive this, his strength would further improve. His accomplishments shall be better than any of us.” Plant Sage said.

“Right, did you hear about the kid from Nan Gong Clan awakening his bloodline power? He’s the first to do so in the past century. It is certain that the Nan Gong Clan will once again rise up, do you know anything about this?”

“I did ask him. He entered a Sand Tower that might be left behind by the late sage of the Nan Gong Clan. This kid is also a tenacious one, he used a life-threatening method to break through and complete the stage swiftly.” 

“If Little Ya successfully survived the Heaven Tribulation, perhaps he could also awaken his bloodline, even I would be envious at that time! I’m going to the Sage Mountain to clear the school in case his tribulation injure some students.”


Madam Ru and the King Spirit Masters from Ji Mo Clan had just reached Holy City.

The Holy City was a place full of powerful and prestigious people. All the clans of the Eight Great Clans had their own estate here.

“Xin Nuo, have you prepared the gift?”

“Yes, auntie.”

Madam Ru took a quick check of it. It was all valuable jewelry a woman would like and they were all high-level Magic Equipment. 

One was also from Madam Ru’s favorite collection.

Madam Ru has to make a great sacrifice for this marriage proposal, she does not want to lose her son.

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