Chapter 22: Mini Boss Fight


Hp: 1000/1000

When Shesmu saw this status screen with his inspect skill, his first thought was to check on DepressedRyan. However, due to the lack of any source of light, he couldn’t see anything.


Tch, don’t know if he finished his part and I can’t even ask him if he did. If I do, and he still hasn’t killed them all, we will need to face not only the hobgoblin but also all the other goblins.


Shesmu kept being indecisive, but the hobgoblin didn’t give him the time to sit and dilly-dally. It stood up, and the moment it noticed the presence of intruders, it shouted.


With this cry, Shesmu’s doubt died. Now that the creatures screamed so loudly, whatever was left of the goblins woke up.

“Leo! Come here and light up the torch!” Shesmu ordered at the top of his lungs.

Leo, while not fully understanding the situation, immediately stood up and entered the room. He then lit up the torch only for his face to become one of despair.

The dim orange light unveiled the shroud and showed 10 goblins slowly waking up, with the hobgoblin in the middle. The hobgoblin was 30 cm taller than the normal goblin, making him stand at 140 cm. He was clad with a brown cloak and armed with a sharp dagger.

So, it’s an assassin variant. Guess that this is Ryan’s lucky day, he will finally change his beginner sword for a proper dagger.


From the corner of his eyes, Shesmu could see Ryan blending in with the corpses. Tailing the trail of blood left by Ryan by his eyes, Shesmu looked at his teammate’s massacre. There were at least twenty goblins with their heads severed.

Well, we can loot that later. Now, need to focus on this guy.


Shesmu stopped all of the unnecessary thoughts and focused only on the foe in front of him. In a flash, the hobgoblin in front of him disappeared. Not good! Shesmu immediately turned around and swung his sword. The monster that just vanished from his sight appeared behind his back and was ready to plunge his dagger deep into Shesmu’s body.


Using the blade of his sword, Shesmu deflected the attack. Before the hobgoblin could return to his fighting position, Shesmu countered with a slash of his own. The only thing he could see was the goblin’s neck which seemed to grow closer as Shesmu swung his sword. Empowered Slash! Shesmu activated his skill, intending to sever the head of the hobgoblin and thus activate a lethal hit, killing the hobgoblin.

However, inches away from the creature’s neck, Shesmu’s sword encountered an obstacle. The hobgoblin, with its fast reaction timing, blocked the hit with its left arm. The monster’s arm flew in the sky, blood dripping from it, painting both the ground and Shesmu’s face red.

The green light in Shesmu’s sword dissipated and two damage numbers appeared above the creature’s head.





Since the hobgoblin blocked the slash with his hand, Shesmu couldn’t land a critical hit. However, the damage still scared the hobgoblin to back out.

“Kiri! Kiri!”

The exchange between Shesmu and the hobgoblin took but 2 seconds. This short amount of time was enough for the goblins to wake up from their daze. Tch, I guess it would have been naive to think that I could kill their boss before they could do anything.

“Leo! Come, take these guys’ aggro while I deal with the hob!” Shesmu barked out.

“Got that! Just finish him quickly!”

Leo put the torch in hand in a holder stuck to the wall. He then ran towards the group of goblins that wanted Shesmu’s blood and used Empowered Slash. He lunged towards the goblin in front of him, but before the sword could slash the creature, he was swarmed. Two goblins jumped and clung on his arms, while another pair stuck to his legs. Leo knew that he was in big trouble, so he immediately used Dash to teleport out.

When Leo vanished from their sight, the goblins that were clinging to him fell on the ground. The other goblins were confused for a second and looked around to check where Leo disappeared to. Once they couldn’t find him, their target became Shesmu again. However, before they could even start running, a bumping sound came from behind.

The goblins turned around only to see the body of their comrade headless; the head was rolling on the ground before it stopped and stared at them. A shadow jumped from behind the standing corpse and lunged towards one of the closer goblins. The creature raised its arms to defend its face from the attacker, only to be surprised by a sharp pain in the chest. It opened its eyes that it closed in a panic and the face of a human teen. It looked down only to see a sword plunged deep into its heart.

After finishing off his second victim, DepressedRyan jumped off, using the goblin’s chest as support, back into the shadows. The other goblins didn’t stand still and ran towards him, trying to catch this human rat that dared to sneak attack them. However, barely three seconds into the chase, they lost any trace of DepressedRyan.

Shesmu kept looking at the scene from the corner of his eyes. Once he saw that the goblins no longer bothered with him, he finally focused on the injured hobgoblin in front of him. Shesmu raised his sword with one hand and feigned a slash. The goblin took the bait and countered with an attack of his own. It lunged with its dagger on hand, intending to dodge the slash and cut off Shesmu’s neck. Unfortunately for it, plans rarely go as expected. The sword that it thought it dodged suddenly appeared before it and pierced its neck.

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Blood gurgled out of the monster’s mouth, but its will to live was still in its eyes.





A sharp pain came from its back. Two other swords pierced the creature’s heart and kidney. It slowly turned around only to see two familiar faces, Leo and DepressedRyan. Its eyes slowly lost their glint.

With the hobgoblin dead. Shesmu’s group focused on the last batch of goblins. They were still looking for DepressedRyan, and they kept chasing shadows for a while longer until one of them turned to look back. To its horror, it saw the hobgoblin-its chief dead, his corpse next to the three culprits.

“Kiri! Kiri!”, it screamed. But it was to no avail, their fate was already sealed. In less than 10 seconds, Shesmu’s party cleaned up the eight goblins that were left.

“Well, time to loot!” Leo exclaimed, happy that they finally finished this arduous and tedious task.

“Yeah, let’s loot the hob first, I’m curious about what it will drop,” DepressedRyan suggested.

Shesmu nodded at his suggestion and thus the party looted the hobgoblin. They got four items: 20 goblin fabric, 10 energy pills, 10 hp potions, and a dagger.

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Shesmu used inspect on the dagger to find out its stats.

Name Stone Dagger
Required Level 7
Weapon Level 1
Attack 60

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