Chapter 21: Dungeon Dwelling

Shesmu’s sword cut through the goblin’s neck like a knife through butter. Blood gushed out of the goblin’s neck, dyeing Shesmu’s face red. However, even while being showered by blood, Shesmu didn’t flinch; he looked at the goblin straight in the eyes. The goblin’s eyes that showed fear and surprise just a moment ago slowly became lifeless.

For half a second, the goblins that were focused on Leo shifted their attention towards their dead comrade; this lapse of concentration spelled their doom.

Empowered Thrust!

Shesmu’s sword flashed green before he thrust at thin air. Dash. While everyone was still confused by Shesmu’s weird antics, he vanished from his place and appeared in front of one of the goblins. His sword pierced through the creature’s neck, stunning it in place. Shesmu took his sword and the goblin fell on the ground, blood gushing out of its wound.

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The group of goblin that was originally made of five turned into that of three in less than a second. The remaining monsters stepped back in fear. The human in front of them became a god of death in their eyes, ready to reap their lives.

Leo understood from earlier experiences that when the difference in strength is too clear, the monsters flee in fear. Now that Shesmu killed close to half of their group in half a second, the remaining goblins were bound to run away. The moment they stepped back half a step, Leo jumped into action.

“Empowered Slash!”

Leo swung his sword towards the goblin in front of him, a green light emanating from it. The creature blocked the slash with its arms, but the sword cut through them. Seeing the plight of their comrade, the other goblins lunged at Leo. However, before they could deal any damage, he Dashed out.

When Leo vanished from before their eyes, the two goblins looked at all directions to see where he escaped to. However, the moment they turned around they were welcomed by an ugly sight: they were surrounded from all directions.

Shesmu who wiped out close to half their team blocked their way from behind. Leo and DepressedRyan who couldn’t find an opportunity to assassinate blocked their way from the front. The goblins understood that there was no way out of this situation, so they cried for help.

“Kiri, kiri!”

The moment they opened their mouths, Shesmu’s mind tingled at the incoming danger. If they were to let the goblins cry as they want, they will quickly be swarmed by the hordes of goblins.

The party of three ran in synchronization. Each of them activated a skill of their own, and once they reached the goblins, a dance of death took place. Heads and limbs rolled on the ground and the party’s exp bar filled a little more, creeping closer towards the next level. The monsters were dead.


Shesmu received a notification. He clicked on the plus button and a message popped up.

Weapon level up!

Weapons really level up fast in the early stages. Just five goblins were enough to bring it to level 2, that’s fast. Hopefully, this sword has a good growth rate.

Shesmu quickly checked out his sword’s new stats.

Iron Sword

Rarity: Iron

Required Level: 5

Weapon Level: 2

Attack: 45

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Now that Shesmu’s Iron Sword leveled up, he found it natural to talk about the working of this mechanic with his friends.

“Guys, my weapon just leveled up,” Shesmu declared.

“Oh, so weapons do level up! But what about weapons we were given before? Is it because of their rarity?” asked Leo, visibly excited at the prospect of leveling his own weapon.

“Maybe,” Ryan responded, “but it could also just be the starting weapons that don’t have the ability to level up. Either way, we’ll know once more weapons drop.”

“Ryan is right, we can’t make a judgment with the information that we have,” Shesmu declared. He then continued, “What we should do now is check the goblins’ drop and continue exploring the dungeon.”

The party then checked the goblins’ drop, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find any equipment. The only thing they found was tailoring material, goblin fabric, and a torch.

Leo collected the japtem and the group continued their exploration. After less than a minute, they found a doorway that opened up to a dark room. From beyond the entrance, Shesmu could hear the snorting of the goblins.

Even though the party could barely see anything this deep into the den, they decided to not lite up the torches for now. Taking out as many goblins without alerting the rest for the longest time was their priority.

Since Shesmu was the one who dealt with goblins the fastest, and DepressedRyan had assassination skills, the task of “killing as many goblins as possible while they’re asleep” fell on their shoulders. Leo was tasked to cover their back and warn them if any goblin scouting party was coming.

With their tasks clear, Shesmu and Ryan entered the goblins’ sleeping room. They split the room into two, with Shesmu taking the right part and Ryan the left one. The snoring sound covered the noise of their steps and also directed them to their victims.

The goblins had no bed, so they all slept one next to the other on top of the cold floor. Shesmu looked at one of the snoring goblins and used inspect. The information that was displayed in front of Shesmu told him that the goblin had 200 Hp. Good, I can kill it in one shot, this way, it will not thrash and move around alerting the other goblins. With this in mind, Shesmu activated Empowered Thrust and aimed for the goblin’s heart.

The goblin barely twitched before its snoring stopped, and with it, its life. Shesmu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the next goblin. At first, Shesmu thought of using Empowered Slash, but thinking about the bloody mess that will occur if he uses it, Shesmu stopped himself. He waited out the ten seconds of cooldown needed for Empowered Thrust to become available again and repeated the same process.

This scenario kept repeating multiple times. In his spree, Shesmu leveled up two times but still didn’t stop. It was just a couple dozen of seconds before his last level up Shesmu heard the sound of a notification. He knew that it couldn’t be that of a level up so Shesmu focused on the plus sign and a message popped up.

Empowered Thrust level up!

Oh, for Empowered Thrust to level up first even though I used Empowered Slash as my main skill for all this time. I guess that I really went ham on these poor goblins.

Even though Shesmu couldn’t see the number of goblins he massacred, the smell of blood that permeated the air told him tales about that. However, before he could even rejoice at what he has accomplished, a low grumble shook him to the core. The low pitched sound of a goblin grumbling made Shesmu’s heart sink.

Shesmu looked at the direction of the sound and could see a shadowy figure stand up. He used inspect on it only to see words he has never seen before in this lifetime.


Hp: 1000/1000

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