Chapter 803 – Tricks!

The Corpse King stiff lips curled into a smile, due to the stiffness the smile made it looked hideous and terrifying.

“Your blood is not worth it, and it is not as good as his, not of much use to this King. Kekekeke… what’s more, do you think this King is a dishonorable person, no, zombie?”

After it spoke, with a swoosh the initially slow-moving Corpse King moved like the wind, reaching in front of Bai Li Ye Jun within a flash and threw its claw at him!

Bai Li Ye Jun was startled, he instinctively raised his weapon to block the attack.

“Dang!” the Corpse King’s claws collided with the rod, releasing a tooth-aching metallic clash.

Bai Li Ye Jun was pushed backward and nearly could not stand properly; he waved his hand to summon his Moth and the latter sent a Mental Power attack that pierced at the Corpse King.

Huan Qing Yan wanted to laugh, did Bai Li Ye Jun lose his mind? Would Hypnotism work on a zombie?

However, the next moment, the Corpse King stood still!

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Everyone stood wide-eyed at the scene in shock.

Bai Li Ye Jun was thrilled, he went up and raise his rod, using all his might and smashed his weapon down!

However, the lips of the Corpse King suddenly twitched, it raised a claw and grabbed the rod while using its other claw to strike at Bai Li Ye Jun causing the latter to fly away.

The Corpse King was using tricks!

Despite its powerful strength, it still resorted to using tricks!

Huan Qing Yan felt her back turning cold.

Everyone was flabbergasted again.

Next, Bai Li Ye Jun was turned into a human punching bag. The Corpse King did not hold back its strength in any of its attacks, causing Bai Li Ye Jun’s seven orifices to bleed while his body was covered in dirt and dust, looking extremely miserable


“Little Yan, come quick.” Bai Cheng Feng sent a mental message to Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan was enjoying the scene of Bai Li Ye Jun being tortured and begrudgingly walked to Bai Cheng Feng’s side.

“Is your essence blood different? Won’t your cultivation be greatly affected if you gave twenty drops of it? Why not I also contribute some of mine?” Huan Qing Yan sent a mental message as well.

“I also offered my blood to the Corpse King in my previous life, it did not want the blood of other people as well. I am guessing that the Corpse King might be related to my Hanging Cloud Empire Royalty by bloodline. He will not want your blood, twenty drops are also fine, it is within my acceptable range.”

His words caused Huan Qing Yan to have no way to help him even when she wanted to, “Okay then, thank you.”

“Bai Li Ye Jun is my enemy in my previous life, even if not for you, I will also have to deal with him eventually.”

Even if that was the case, Huan Qing Yan still felt that she owed him and was feeling somewhat frustrated; she will be unable to properly end things cleanly with Bai Cheng Feng.

Bai Cheng Feng added, “Did you see the Corpse Flower within the coffin? Go and harvest the Corpse King Flower now when the Corpse King is still distracted!”

Huan Qing Yan looked at the bottom of the coffin and saw several small green flowers growing within it.

Those were all Peerless Spirit Plants!

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They were also gorgeous!

They also looked similar to the Red Mist Flower that grew on their heads when they entered the hidden realm, the only difference was the color.

Huan Qing Yan wonders if the Red Mist Flowers were also a type of Peerless Spirit Plant?

Huan Qing Yan was slightly afraid, “Will the Corpse King be angry if I secretly harvested it?”

Being angry was only natural, Bai Cheng Feng replied, “No worries, just take one, the Corpse King might not realize it. If the Corpse King did discover something, I would just give another twenty drops of essence blood to the Corpse King in exchange…”

So that was what he actually planned to do.

Huan Qing Yan decisively shook her head, “Nevermind, you will likely drop by two stages if you did that. Dropping your cultivation by two stages in the hidden realm is a hazardous thing. I believe I will be able to encounter other Peerless Spirit Plants in the future, there is no need to consider such dangers…”

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