Chapter 215- Terrorists!

Kevin and Astrid7Astridcharacter weren’t the only ones watching the news right now. There was over a dozen attacks on civil and private industries that housed supercomputers. Four media outlets, two VR tech companies, three manufacturing companies, three networking systems, and a total of seven utility facilities.

It was an unparalleled level of terrorism!

The terrorists had power over the media, water, electricity, networking, and off planet transportation in a matter of hours on a global scale.

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The only saving grace is the fact that no military or government facilities were hit, but in the form of electronic war, the civil departments had outstripped the ability of government and military to the point that they could be considered equal in terms of technology.

However, the civil supercomputer AI were far more numerous and flexible.

It took just three days for the first supercomputer to fall under their control. The second fell a few days after that. It was then a domino effect over the course of two weeks until only one remained. By that time, every supercomputer was being used to take control of the others until there was only one left. These weren’t random supercomputers either, they were designed for one of two reasons; utilities or functionality. Utilities let the terrorists gain control over people’s daily needs like food, water, and electricity. The second one allowed the terrorists to form a defensive line against cyber warfare.

With the threat of utilities secured, all they had to do was make their demands.

Weise was breathing heavily. The oxygen in the room was getting really thin, signifying that his time was running out. He couldn’t help but glance up at the monitor from what he was working on. He was writing his last will and testament. In it, he explained who he was, his past youth with his wife and their dreams, and the circumstances of his death.

It has been sixteen days since the terrorist attack. It four days for him to repair the relay since he didn’t have any proper tools. However, he could only build an archaic dial-up.

Still, it allowed a few letters worth of data to be sent and received.

It helped LAAW get in contact with the government, but not much else. Most of its efforts was spent doing a data dump to an off-site server managed by Astrid to protect its assets.

While Weise was writing his will, LAAW was writing a form of his own.

He was leaving everything to the next generation of AI and housing Weise’s will that will be sent out after his death.

Elsa was sitting on a couch in a luxurious mansion wearing nothing but her underwear and watching the news on a monitor.

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Of course, this wasn’t her mansion, but the one she shared with her fiance, Jenny Bell Praiser.

It’s the same Jenny that played the character known as Terrar in Sword Kingdom 1, the person that Kevin fought the most in-game. Jenny was leaning over to tie her right boot before standing up and grabbing her rucksack and coat. She was some kind of Sergeant in the Earth Military, but Elsa didn’t really care about that.

“Be safe.” (Elsa)

Jenny nodded before asking, “Have you thought about that?” (Jenny)

“I’ll take a look at your candidates. I still think it’s to early though for us to have a child, maybe after we’re married.” (Elsa)

Jenny closed her eyes for a moment before touching her ear were a small communication device was.

“I got to go. We’ll talk later.”

Elsa couldn’t help but ball up tighter as Jenny pulled away.

Jenny looked at Elsa with a sorry expression before sighing and saying, “ I love you.”

She looked up at her as Jenny turned around to leave, but she couldn’t take more than a single step when something changed with the news. It seemed like a video game commercial started, but that was impossible since it was an all-news channel.

A medieval king was sitting on the deck of a spaceship overlooking the universe.

His imposing figure sat there for thirty seconds before he exclaimed, “We are the Galactic Dominance! My comrades and I have commandeered half the AI cyber power in the entire world!”

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