Chapter 216- After the GSP



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An instructor at a privately owned dojo was leading his students as they made punching motions one after another. This is Mid City Gamer Dojo; a place where VR gamers learn real-life combat in order to improve their gaming ability. The dojo is owned by Adams, better known as TIJ in Sword Kingdom. With the help of his friend Brian, better known as Legilight, the building was designed with six floors. The first floor is for business where clients can come and go and the second floor is for part-time students. For the third floor and above, those are special floors. The third was filled with VR pods and other kinds of games that you can play, for a fee. The fourth and fifth floor is for regular students and staff respectively. The sixth floor is Adams living quarters. The instructor and students were currently on the fourth floor where you learn hand to hand combat and basic weapon skills.

After thirty sets, the instructor called,   “….And rest!” (instructor)

The students shifted into a standby stance, waiting for his next order. He was only their senior by a year, but he still had more experience compared to the other instructors of the newly built dojo.

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“Now, because of the terrorist situation, we will not be doing any gaming. Instead, we will be doing live training…” (instructor)

The instructor trailed off when he noticed a pair of strangers walking through the door. One of them was clearly not human because they had wings and scaled hide.

Outsiders wouldn’t be able to get onto this floor, so these two must have some kind of clearance.

“Excuse me, how can I help you?” (instructor)

The students turned toward the exit and started at the strangers as the male human spoke, “Sorry, the receptionist said to come right to this floor and wait.” (Male Human)

The instructor paused in thought before asking with a smirk on his face, “Care to join in our training? We were about to do some live weapons training.” (instructor)

The human shrugged and the mechanoid smiled

It took about twenty-five minutes for Adams to be free and get to the training floor to meet with Kevin and Astrid7Astridcharacter. When he got there, he didn’t expect to find Kevin wearing light knight gear and holding a wooden sword at a fallen students throat. Kevin felt Adams arrival and withdrew the sword, bowing slightly to the student as he sheathed it and turned to face Adams.

“Adams, I see you are doing well!” (Kevin)

Adams couldn’t help but smile as the two of them shook hands.

“I’m glad you came. The students have been antsy ever since all the online games went down.” (Adams)

Kevin chuckled before glancing at Astrid and then back at Adams, “Yeah, I stopped playing before it happened. I’m turning twenty-eight this year, so I’m starting to relax on the gaming a little bit. I see you are too.” (Kevin).

“Yeah, I am. I just need a girlfriend and a kid now.” (Adams)

The two of them then realized that they were still holding hands, so they suddenly let go.

After an awkward moment of silence, Kevin spoke first, “In all honesty, I could use something new for a change. Get back in touch with people and all that. What happened to the others?” (Kevin)

Adams rubbed the back of his head in thought before responding, “Well, I’m here. Brain helped me build this place before moving on to a spacecraft engineering plant. We go out for beers and whatnot once a month. Elsa officially hooked up with that chick and we meet in the bar on occasion. I think Emma and that martian cosplayer are still together. Unlike you, I don’t know much about him, so I don’t know how their relationship progressed to that point. As for Winter, she became an actress.” (Adams)

Adams suddenly paused once he realized his surroundings.

“Let’s let the class get back to doing their thing.” (Adams)

Kevin and Astrid wordlessly agreed as they turned around to leave.

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