Chapter 217- Gathering the Gamers

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After an hour of casual talk, they watched the individual matches between Adams students, with the occasional outburst when he would verbally scold them. Adams then brought out a written message that appeared to have been originally an oral conversation and showed the two of them.  Adams folded the document back up and shoved it into his pocket before heaving a deep sigh.

“Why would those pricks invite me to their group?” (Adams)

Kevin shoved his hand in his pocket and brought out a similar looking letter.

“Yeah, it was not just you. A few of my viewers got one too.” (Kevin)

Adams facial expression changed to one of worry when he heard that.

“What is their goal?” (Adams)

Kevin looked at Astrid7Astridcharacter for a response, “I theorize that it’s the defense maze for the AI cores. All the individuals I know of that got the letters are well-known for their VR gaming ability.” (Astrid)

Adams sighed as he leaned forward and placed his head in his hands.

“Adams, truth be told, I really don’t care about the terrorists. I live in a self-sustaining compound on a personal spacecraft. I want to go to the stars one day, but you are my friend and I know Weise was not among the casualties or the freed. I’m going to do something!” (Kevin)

Adams lifted his head with a puzzled expression on his face.

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“What are you going to do?” (Adams)

“Right now I don’t have the power to do anything, but I do know where to hit them.” (Kevin)

“We cannot say much else, but remember, I am a unique individual spawned from the Green Corporations systems. I know them better than any human alive.” (Astrid)

Adam heaved a sigh before standing up from his seat with a smile on his face.

“I still got Elsa’s contact information so we can coordinate our bar hopping. Let me give her a call.”

Sergeant Jenny was saluting in front of her superior officer, Captain Wiler.

The video she handed over to him gave credibility to the claim that they have a backdoor to one of the seized AI cores.

“Sergeant, explain to me again how you came up with this!” (Captain)

Jenny relaxed her body before responding, “Sir, I got this from my fiance, who in turn got it from former contacts at the Green Corporation Gamer Support Program. One of the former members has a mechanoid that originated from their servers. This backdoor was created from the scandal a few years ago.” (Sergeant Jenny)

At her words, the captain searched up a news clip of the incident.

It was a huge scandal that devalued the company almost to the point of bankruptcy.

Fortunately for them, they did damage control before going public.

“I thought we looked into this ourselves.” (Captain)

Jenny hesitated. After all, she’s just a grunt who was never told the finer details.

“So, how can we use this?” (Captain)

“Sir, the access only allows one person inside. The safety parameters were overridden, which means it’s very dangerous. However, it’s brainwave encryption locked, so only the person with access can enter.” (Jenny)

The captain sighed in annoyance.

“Fine then. When can we expect this expert? I will need to talk to him before I take this up the chain. ” (Captain)

Jenny looked at the hologram screen and said, “The contact information is in there.” (Jenny)

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