Chapter 192: Wang Xiao Gang’s Delusion

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s delicate and pretty cheeks were the shade of a red autumn leaf.

Following Du Wan’s finger, he stiffly turned his neck.

Not to mention a smile, he already wanted to turn and run away in embarrassment.

“Little boy, do you want elder sister to give you a smile?”

Du Wan smiled like a flower, tilting her head at Su Ke as she exclaimed, “This is your payment for your outstanding performance yesterday!”

Luo Fei Yan leaned forward from her spot on the sofa, looking like she was about to vomit, even

letting out rather convincing sounds.

“Are you guys done!? Sl*t, I’m going to throw up my lunch!”

Du Wan immediately retorted, “You’re just jealous! So what? Right now, Su Ke has Qin Zheng and me. If you join, there would be exactly 3 boats. Wouldn’t that be nice!?”

Su Ke watched the back-and-forth between the two gorgeous women and his stiff expression gradually relaxed. The atmosphere was really good, making him forget about Wu Ao Ran for a moment. He didn’t want to think about it, so this was a welcome change!

As customers started arriving, they migrated to the third floor.

Su Ke entered work mode, even his piano playing was going more smoothly.

The early morning light was warm on his skin.

When Su Ke left the house and headed for school, it was like he had been reborn.

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He took in a deep breath and all his worries had disappeared, his entire body was comfortable.

Just as he walked into the classroom, he saw Wang Xiao Gang eagerly running over. He looked pretty energetic and seemed like he was presenting him a treasure as he exclaimed, “Su Ke, Su Ke! Did you know? There was a robbery at a jewelry store in the area!”

Su Ke shook his head and played dumb, “Eh! I didn’t know!”

He didn’t know how this guy received news so quickly.

“Hai! I knew you didn’t know. The news hasn’t reported it yet. I went to visit my cousin’s house yesterday and he told me. I didn’t expect Wei Hai to have something like this!”

By the look of grief and lament on his face, it looked like Wang Xiao Gang wasn’t satisfied with having such a crime happen in his town.

“However, that’s not the main point. The main point is that my cousin said that there was an attractive policewoman who was uncommonly skilled. She entered the tiger’s den and engaged in conflict with the evil-doer. In the end, not only did she manage to snatch the robber’s gun, she blasted his head off!”

Su Ke didn’t expect Wang Xiao Gang, who wanted to be a director, would also have the potential to be a storyteller. He gesticulated wildly, almost hitting Su Ke, who could only helplessly act as the audience.

“However, that’s not the main main point. My cousin said that the policewoman was especially pretty; limpid eyes, light misty jade skin, cherry-red lips, and her face was like hibiscus, especially colorful. Her body was like willow and looked like every step birthed a lotus, her oriole-like voice could invoke pity!”

Su Ke suddenly waved his hand and cut him off, “Stop! Can you speak normally?”

“Okay! In short, this woman is very pretty. Also, according to what my cousin inferred, she has a lot of influence with a deep background!”

As Wang Xiao Gang spoke about her, his eyes would light up in excitement.

Su Ke thought back on the situation and he realized he never really paid attention to Yang Pei Er’s appearance. The first time they met was because of a conflict and he was unconsciously unhappy with her. The second time, he had even less of a chance to observe because his life was in jeopardy. Who would stare continuously at a lady?

However, following what Wang Xiao Gang had said, he felt that this Yang Pei Er was actually pretty good-looking.

Su Ke was very suspicious, so he asked, “Ai, but what does this have to do with us?”

Wang Xiao Gang leaned over on Su Ke’s table and widened his eyes, “Don’t you think that having a charming, powerful, and influential policewoman in our city is a cause for celebration?”

Su Ke, being practical and realistic, shook his head and exclaimed, “I don’t think so!”

Even though he could be counted as friends with Yang Pei Er, after he completed the task of absolving her anger and obtaining the hacker skill, no matter how long Wang Xiao Gang spoke, he had zero interest.

Wang Xiao Gang was very discouraged as he silently stared at Su Ke.

After a few moments, he started back up, “Defeated by you! Okay then, I’ll tell you! My cousin said that this policewoman stays in my neighborhood, so I can see her anytime! How about it? Are you interested in peeping on her?”

When he finished, Su Ke realized that his relationship with him was quite weak; he didn’t even know where he lived.

“Staying in your neighborhood? Where’s that?”

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“F*ck! Arcadia!” Wang Xiao Gang had a head full of black lines, feeling very gloomy. Truthfully, Wang Xiao Gang is a braggart. If not, he wouldn’t have thought of publicity and offend Su Ke. So, the fact that he stayed in Arcadia had been exposed to the whole class when he yelled.  He didn’t expect that “Man proposes, but God disposes” and a fish had escaped his net.

Su Ke nodded his head and exclaimed, “Arcadia!”

Wang Xiao Gang’s family dealt in wood, so the family had a lot of assets, but he didn’t expect them to be living in such a high-class neighborhood.

Wang Xiao Gang was glowing with excitement as he danced for joy, “How about it? Just come over to my house for some fun and I’ll bring you to go see that pretty policewoman. I’m telling you, people like that policewoman that have good skills, appearance, and a deep background are all waiting for a hero. As long as I set off, I’ll be able to grab them, easy peasy!”

“Ah? What do you mean? Are you thinking of wooing someone?”

Su Ke then sized Wang Xiao Gang up. Being 1.8 meters tall wasn’t bad. He also had a square face and head; he looked upright, his face somewhat immature with a slight stubble that gave his age away. No matter how he looked, Wang Xiao Gang didn’t match.

“How is it? Impossible? According to novels, whether it’s this kind of policewoman or a beautiful nurse, as long as the male protagonist appears, they would prostrate themselves and undress. Just look at my head!” Wang Xiao Gang then pointed at his head, “Do you see the protagonist halo yet?”

Su Ke silently facepalmed in his mind before sarcastically exclaiming, “I say, brother! Were you kidnapped by aliens to become an experiment last night? Or did you forget to take your medicine this morning? Can you become a bit more normal?”

When Wang Xiao Gang heard that, he never expected that his good friend wouldn’t play along.

Disappointed, he was about to respond when he heard Wei Lan’s earnest voice, “Stop chatting and quickly go back to your seats! The class monitor will soon announce the results of our exams!”


  1. Boat, in this case, means girls/relationships
  2. Basically means that heaven’s will supersedes our own.
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