Chapter 310: Captain Xia is a True Gentleman

Whiffs of his scent floated to the tip of Ye Jian’s nose and dissolved into her chest cavity strand by strand.

Ye Jian realized that she couldn’t breathe normally anymore. Her hands were also being held down, her breath saturated with his scent. She could even feel his warmth radiating on her shoulder.

She tried her best to calm her mind, then spoke very slowly, “I’m not going to move, so, please … Stay further away from me.”

“And also, although the sun is up, the temperature is still quite low. Major Xia, I recommend you to put your shirt on to prevent catching a cold. You know that catching a cold in the highlands, especially in no man’s land, is very dangerous.”

While speaking, Ye Jian felt like she was gradually calming down. Very quickly, the temperature of her face had stabilized to normal levels, “I’m okay, I don’t have a fever. I’m just not used to you being so close to me.”

“My wound is in good condition. Your treatment last night was very professional; I can feel that my wound did not become infected. Also, I don’t feel any nausea, or feelings of vomiting or faint. Because you’re too close to me, I reacted in such a manner.”

She spoke slow and lucid, only by saying it as clearly as possible could she start to gradually calm down.

When Xia Jinyuan felt her face was gradually cooling down with the back of his hand, looking at her current condition, his lips curved upwards slightly before her tightly shut eyes.

He withdrew his hand gracefully. As a man who knew when it was enough, he would not enrage his little fox with just one interaction.

Staring at the pretty face that seemed like a hibiscus flower that had just bloomed, he casually and effortlessly smiled, “I have been too worried.”

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“I was washing up by the river just now, and it wasn’t too good for me to change when I was outside, so I had to come back to the tent. I originally wanted to finish changing while you were still sleeping, who knew that…”

Before he managed to complete his sentence, Ye Jian, who still had her eyes shut,  hurriedly broke him off, “I know, Captain Xia is a real gentleman, so you wouldn’t do that on purpose!”

He definitely wasn’t intending that, because Xia Jinyuan’s personality is definitely his guarantee.

Just that … Sigh, he liked to express his vague signs of intimacy. It was so hard for her to resist them.

She would be delighted if she could fight him!

Xia Jinyuan, who was extremely flattered, raised the corners of his lips higher, the smile on his face becoming wider than before.

As a gentleman, when dealing with others, he would definitely act like a gentleman, but when facing his little fox, after she grows up a little more, he wouldn’t be a gentleman anymore.

A man should definitely be the first to move, and definitely not allow the girl that he has set his eyes on to be snatched away by the other ‘wolves’.

“Very good, as long as you don’t misunderstand. Give me three minutes. Tibetan clothes are quite complicated, I need to fumble around to put it on.” He once again held the robe in his hands, and Xia Jinyuan started to wear it while studying how to wear it.

After being in the snowy highlands for over a year, this indeed was his first time putting on Tibetan clothing.

It couldn’t be compared to his tactical uniform that could be worn in less than a minute. He had to spend more time on this.

After he moved a few steps further from her, Ye Jian felt as if a heavy weight on her body had been lifted.

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This elegant man could always radiate calmness and confidence. The Xia Jinyuan that acted this way could always unintentionally cause her heart to beat faster and harder.

Stay away from this dangerous man, definitely stay away!

The air also became more saturated after he left. There was insufficient oxygen in the highlands. Ye Jian immediately felt that her breathing had become smoother by multiple times. Even her whole body felt much more at ease.

However, a larger problem emerged!

There were three natural urges in humans. After being shocked by his nude upper body a moment ago, she did not pay any attention to her urges, but now that she was calm, Ye Jian finally felt like it was getting more and more urgent.

“Are you done? Hurry up.” Now, Ye Jian’s face was very tense and she urged him in a hasty voice, “Your three minutes is almost over, are you … Are you done yet?”

She was really urgent, urgent to unleash her bladder.

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