Chapter 309: Captain Xia, Please Respect Yourself

He originally wanted to evade the issue, but now, seeing her embarrassed expression, he didn’t want to anymore!

In Fu Jun town, the little fox spent her days in the boot camp every summer and winter holiday. There were many male soldiers who trained without shirts, and she was there almost every day and had seen innumerable male soldiers with their upper bodies naked. The only figure which she hadn’t seen before was his.

He was quite confident in his own figure. He was definitely not afraid of being lacking when compared with the other soldiers in the boot camp!

Since he was already half-naked and did not strip in front of her on purpose … It was fine for her to admire his figure for a bit. It was crucial to let her know what a “man’s figure” meant.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes his dark thoughts made him sweat in embarrassment.

To heighten his Little Fox’s aesthetic standards and companion standards, he had now employed the use of his sex appeal in front of this fifteen-year-old lass!

Commander Xia, hopefully, when you know of this in the future, don’t get a heart attack from anger.

As soon as Ye Jian finished speaking, she suddenly realized that Xia Jinyuan was too close, and she was still … still gawking!

Even though she shut her eyes in a haste, her gaze had already glanced past his muscular chest. While closing her eyes, her gaze landed on his attractive abs … his dark green pants … Ye Jian kept her eyes shut while her heart trembled.

She was aware that her face was currently very hot to the touch.

She steadied her voice and bellowed, “Xia Jinyuan, what are you doing in front of me? Even if you were wearing your clothes, you … wear them further away from me! And also, don’t misunderstand me again!”

“Misunderstand? Little Fox, are you saying that I will misunderstand what you mean? Sigh, sometimes there are too many meanings behind your words. It’s very hard to guess. That’s why I can only guess what you meant literally.” Xia Jinyuan raised his hands and took the Tibetan robe off the rack, “It’s not that I’m standing too close to you, but it’s because that Tibetan girl placed the clothes that I wanted to wear on the racks on this side, so I have to come here to get it. If I don’t get it, then I will have to remain bare-chested, and you would not dare to open your eyes until I have some clothes on.”

She’s really … too adorable. It’s not like she hasn’t seen a male soldier without a shirt. If she were to blush to this point, then how was she supposed to get along in platoons that only consisted of males?

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Xia Jinyuan, who was secretly delighted, retrieved the clothes and lowered his head to glance at Ye Jian, who had shut her eyes out of embarrassment. Now that they were closer, he could clearly see each strand of her long and thick eyelashes and also realized that her face was flushed to an unnatural state.

His brows furrowed together and his deep voice resounded, “Why is your face so red?”

While saying that, he bent his waist, his right hand holding the Tibetan robe while his left hand moved towards her.

The slightly cool back of his hand gently nestled upon her forehead, and his brows furrowed tighter together, “You’re burning up, do you feel uncomfortable elsewhere? What about the wound? Does it hurt? Do you feel nausea, or feelings of vomiting or weakness?”

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She closed her eyes to conceal the unnatural feeling in her heart. She wasn’t on guard, and his actions caused Ye Jian to stiffen up once again.

The hidden awkwardness and embarrassment also gushed up from her heart immediately like spring water. Now, not only was her face burning up, but her body was also starting to heat up!

She unconsciously wanted to raise her hand and swat away his hand on her face.

Before she was able to raise her hand, he placed the Tibetan robe to the side, and managed to grab hold of her wrist with his nimble fingers, “Don’t move! Your wounds were just stitched, do you want it to split apart again!”

His tone was cold and heavy while half of his body was over Ye Jian’s head. He had just washed up with cold icy water and came back to change his clothes. Not only did his body have a minty fragrance, but it also contained the coldness of the snow.

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