Chapter 308: Inappropriate Sight

In the past, when she was working in a security company, she could often see the special-class bodyguards’ training, and she would often sight the bodyguards shirtless.

She had also frequently seen the male soldiers in Fu Jun town’s boot camp with their shirts off… Not only was she able to avert her gaze, but also, if she did see it, she also acted naturally without a hint of embarrassment.

However, when it was Xia Jinyuan doing the same, there were some elements that she could not control.

What could she do to act more naturally? What could she say to avoid awkwardness?

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Staring at him was impolite, closing her eyes … wouldn’t that just cause her dignity to fall?

Besides, she was still sleeping in the tent, why did he … Why was he changing his clothes when she was still sleeping! Did he not think that by chance, if she woke up, it would cause awkwardness between them?

In conclusion, it had to be one of Xia Jinyuan’s pranks!

Ye Jian, who was still thinking about closing her eyes, had decided that it was better for her to keep her eyes peeled!

Since he dared to take off his clothes, then how could she not dare to gawk?!

But this time, Ye Jian truly was overthinking things.

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Major Xia was holding his pants up with both hands since he was unfamiliar with putting on Tibetan men’s clothing. As soon as he saw that Ye  Jian was awake and gawking at him with her jet black pupils, with a face of … uncertainty, his trimmed brows slightly arched upwards, and he explained, “I’m only able to leave after three days. I’ll be sticking out like a sore thumb wearing my uniform, that’s why it’s better to wear Tibetan clothes.”

“Oh oh, that’s true, it’s better to wear Tibetan clothes.” Ye Jian had lived two lives, but this was her first time being in the same room with a man who was half-naked and was halfway through changing dresses. Although it was in a tent, this … was still a room!

In the past, whenever she saw shirtless men, they always came in groups. Besides, she wasn’t the only person facing that situation!

Ye Jian, who was as pure as a white paper on matters regarding relationships and interactions with the opposite sex in both her lives, finished her dry and awkward reply, and finally reacted … The problem wasn’t that if he dared to strip, she dared to look; instead, it was about how … she was now gawking at him and not avoiding the inappropriate sight!

After regaining her senses, she seemed to be in shock and immediately closed her eyes, “Xia Jinyuan! Hurry up and put on your clothes! I am still sleeping here, so why are you changing clothes!”

Her words … although it was clearly out of embarrassment, if one were to only listen to the meaning of the words, then it didn’t sound right.

Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan’s attractive lips curved in a perfect arc. From his original position of changing his clothes in the center of the tent, he walked towards Ye Jian and stopped at a place where if Ye Jian opened her eyes, her gaze could rise along his slender legs, could see the muscles on his abdomen, and to his muscular chest … A position in the room where she could take in his attractive figure that was brimming with power with just one look.

His husky voice floated across the room with confusion in a mellow tune, “Little Fox, when I heard your words, it doesn’t seem right, and why is that so? You were still sleeping and why was I changing? … Perhaps what you meant was, if I wanted to change, then I can only do so when you have your eyes open?”

She could already hear peals of laughter in his voice. His attractive lips parted lazily, “I apologize, it was my fault. I, indeed, should have changed while you were awake.”

“NONSENSE! I didn’t mean anything else by that! No, I definitely did not mean what you just said.” Ye Jian closed her eyes tightly the instant he started coming closer. Now that she was listening to him spouting nonsense, she opened her eyes out of embarrassment and frustration. She raised her head so that her lively, black pupils could meet the man who was looking down on her, “Don’t you purposely misunderstand what I meant!”

She still dared to open her eyes, that’s quite an improvement … He had been changing in the tent and had accidentally woke her up while he was halfway done; although it was an accident, it was still an accident filled with a pleasant surprise.

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