Chapter 311: Teach Him How to Dress

Xia Jinyuan, who had his back facing Ye Jian, didn’t notice her dilemma as he pondered on which piece of Tibetan clothes he should wear first.

The Tibetan girl was holding “Legui”, the clothes that Tibetans usually wear, which was commonly known as a labor dress.

“Little Fox, I’m stumped by the Tibetan clothes. I’ve worn the short white shirt. The left lapel is big, and right lapel is small … Come here, can you help me see if I’m supposed to wear it this way?” Xia Jinyuan turned around while pulling on the shirt, “I can’t imagine how much time it takes for the Tibetans to wear this every day. You have to teach me. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee how much time I’d need to wear this.”

Just now, he had showered with a few radical friends in a cold river. At this moment, he was still changing his clothes in the tent. He didn’t know what those people, under Han Zheng’s lead, were thinking of right now.

Upon hearing his words, Ye Jian, who initially had her eyes shut, became wide-eyed. After registering the image in front of her, her heart skipped a beat. Even if she had calmed down, her eyes still wandered.

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Xia Jinyuan in a white silk shirt that reached his waist with short sleeves was definitely several times sexier than before.

With the wide lapel opened, his beautifully textured chest muscles were vaguely visible. His white shirt was slightly transparent, outlining his narrow waist; his chest slightly undulated as he breathed, his sexy muscles undulating along.

Observing his every breath, Ye Jian felt her breathing following the frequency of his abdominal muscles’ movement.

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“Wear the Chuba. It’s this round neck wide-sleeved robe made of cotton and wool.” Ye Jian gently pointed with her finger. Her long, smooth, jade-like arm shone with a fine velvet light under the sunlight that seeped through the tent as if there was a layer of smooth pearl on her skin.

Xia Jinyuan’s gaze followed her bare arm, secretly thinking: it was a rational choice to securely block her last night.

His foresight was too good. Even under the ultraviolet light at the plateau, this lass’ skin was still tender as an egg that had had its shell peeled. Her tenderness was indeed beautiful.

He quickly refocused his gaze and started wearing the clothes under her guidance.

“Then take that colorful flower belt, yes, that one. Belt the Chuba around your waist…”

Xia Jinyuan picked up the long, seven-colored wool belt, smiled and said, “This looks nice. Previously, I wanted to bring one back after heading down the mountain.”

“It’s an artwork. Hurry up!” Ye Jian wasn’t in the mood to chat with him, she urged, “Tie the Chuba around your waist. Its two sleeves are supposed to cross at your front abdomen around your waist, and the longer part is supposed to droop over your knee…”

Just like this, Ye Jian taught Xia Jinyuan how to put on his Tibetan clothes in the tent. She taught him how to put on every piece of cloth, from the inside to outside, in detail.

Outside the tent, Han Zheng and the rest, who were already dressed, ground their teeth and rubbed their hands together as they waited for Q King, who didn’t even know how to wear his clothes.

“I don’t believe that he doesn’t even know how to wear his clothes!” J5 jokingly exclaimed, even though it seemed sinister, “We’re all dressed, yet he still needs a student to teach him! How embarrassing!”

The four of them came to bid farewell to Xia Jinyuan. The problem in the village had already been dealt with. The murdered herdsman was also being taken to the burial area where only Tibetans were allowed to enter.

The four of them would immediately return to their station in the army and report the information they had gathered.

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