Chapter 312: Finally Leaving

In the fierce pursuit this time, Xia Jinyuan and company found out that the enemies were more than just mercenaries.

The one that was killed by Ye Jian’s sniper … was an active national serviceman!

If it wasn’t for the body-searching and the discovery of his steel identity card sandwiched between the sole of his shoe, no one would know that the dead person was an active national serviceman.

This was a serious case that needed to be investigated. An active serviceman from another country appeared in our country with mercenaries and even shot our soldiers. What did that other country plan to do and what did they want? All of this needed to be further investigated in secret.

As to how to investigate this issue and what the military’s next step to deal with it was, it wasn’t the Elite Platoon’s responsibility anymore.

That was why the four men had taken a shower together early in the morning and headed back to the tent together to change. All four of them had packed up their things, but the Almighty King was still figuring out how to wear his clothes!

What is he trying to do by changing so slowly!

The sounds of teeth grinding outside were like wolves grinding their canine teeth. The men outside were also occasionally making “Ooh” sounds. Xia Jinyuan, who had finally finished wearing his Tibetan clothes, didn’t wait for Ye Jian to admire it. Instead, he whispered, “I’m going out for a while; they’re outside.”

Ye Jian gladly let him leave. After hearing his words, she immediately urged him, “Go, go, they definitely have something to tell you.”

She didn’t think that teaching Xia Jinyuan how to wear Tibetan clothes would give those Elite Platoon soldiers outside random thoughts.

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After Xia Jinyuan left, Ye Jian, whose bladder had reached its limit, slowly turned to her sides, allowing her waist to face upwards. With a hand on the bed, she helped herself up.

After supporting herself up, she slowly put one foot to the ground and stood up steadily. The whole process was done slowly.

After sleeping in a small place for a night, the tall Ye Jian was relieved after standing up.

She dared not delay for another second because … her upper body was naked!

It wouldn’t matter if it was a man’s naked upper body, but it was absolutely not allowed for a girl.

In particular, Ye Jian had matured. Although she was still young, her body was exquisite. Her two tender dumplings were like a pair of cute little white rabbits. Even if her waist was wrapped with bandages, it was still slim and beautiful.

Ye Jian couldn’t put her clothes on, so she took out a shawl that she had bought from an old Tibetan man and put it over her shoulders. It covered her body to her hips.

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After her upper body was covered, she slowly squeezed her feet into her shoes, before taking small steps out of the tent.

Outside the tent, she spotted four equally tall and strong soldiers in combat suits and boots standing in a line about 30 meters away. Glancing at the line, she noticed Xia Jinyuan, in gorgeous Tibetan clothes, looking heroic and muscular.

He wasn’t in a military uniform, but he was still the main focus.

“I’ll return to the army three days later. The four of you, be careful when you go back. Uncle Chen borrowed some yaks from the herdsmen for you all to ride on. After leaving this remote district, leave the yaks at the grassland, there’ll be some people bringing them back to the village.”

Facing his comrades, the cold Xia Jinyuan gave them instructions. Then, he spotted Han Zheng smirking as he said, “Your Little Fox has come out to look at us. Where do you think she’s going?”

Oh, she’s really a Little Fox. She actually conquered a wolf like Xia Jinyuan.

However, she was indeed a little girl worth waiting for. In her simple world, good and evil were distinguished clearly.

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