Chapter 313: Captain Xia Wants To Eat Her

As Han Zheng spoke to Xia Jinyuan, the other comrades also looked towards the direction of the tent.

They spotted a slender figure with a skirt covering her lower body and a shawl covering her upper body. She was taking small steps. Although she was slow, she never stopped as she walked forward.

This little girl’s temper was like this; she wouldn’t accept defeat and wouldn’t give up easily. During hardships, as long as she could persist, she would persevere till the end.

“Q King, you have such good taste.” J5 retracted his gaze and gave him a thumbs up. “This little girl’s excellent. But she’s still a little young. If you’re really interested in her, you’ll have to wait.”

J5 was once an instructor, so even if he had become a front-line combat special commander, some habits still couldn’t be changed, such as constantly reminding his comrades to keep the military regulations in mind.

The little girl was indeed admirable. She was an excellent soldier when facing enemies. She could join them in fights, and they would also have confidence in her to watch their backs.

Therefore, it was completely understandable if Q King Xia wanted to have her all to himself.

Under the reminder from his comrade, Xia Jinyuan looked back and saw the figure that he had sternly protected moving slowly and gradually towards a shady place.

That place is…, the straight corners of Xia Jinyuan’s lips slightly curved upwards. That place was the Tibetans’ toilet.

No wonder she has been urging me to hurry up. She wanted to go to the toilet.

The critical period had passed. At this point, she could move step by step by herself. This showed that her wounds were recovering well. Besides, slow-walking was actually more conducive for the wound recovery.

The cold Xia Jinyuan instantly showed a faint smile. He said to his four comrades, “There’s nothing much going on here. I’ll return to the army on time three days later.”

“Q King, can you please give your comrades a little hope? Your change is so obvious! I want to protest.” Seeing the smile on his face, Han Zheng was depressed. It was an obvious big difference!

Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrow, his thin lips curving upwards, revealing a hopeful smile. “How about when the girls you all like come next time, I’ll just give them a smile like this?”

There was definitely a deeper meaning to his words. The four of them were smart people, so they instantly understood the Almighty King.

Even K7 gave him a thumbs up and shouted, “Great!”

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“No wonder you’re the Almighty King. This kind of in-depth battle is really deep! In the future, whenever we face the girls whom our comrades like, we’ll all be quiet so that our comrades will have hope.” Han Zheng was a savvy person, so he immediately understood what it meant to take precautionary steps and had quickly guessed what Xia Jinyuan meant.

Xia Jinyuan’s dull black eyes had a hint of light, and he smiled lightly, “Brothers, some meanings can only be understood, but can’t be told, understand me? Everyone’s a smart person, just understand it in your heart, there’s no need to say it out loud. If you do, then it loses its fun.”

“Understood, understood!” J5 bowed, then he sadly said, “I didn’t understand the reason to why I had always been alone until now! It’s not because my conditions aren’t good enough, but it’s because of the bad external environment I’m in! Should I have had Q King by my side earlier, I’m afraid that I would now be already familiar with my wife and kids!”

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“Q King, I will depend on you to help me with any big events in my life in the future! Also, help me to ask Ye Jian if she has any female friends that are similar to her. I’m keeping one for myself in advance!”

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