Chapter 314: I Will Carry You

G3 kicked J5 after listening to his words, “Everything’s first come, first served. You, go back! My lifelong event hasn’t been achieved yet. You, scram.” After coldly teaching J5 a lesson, G3 spoke in a pleasant manner to Xia Jinyuan, “Q King, I beg you too! If I have a child next time, I’ll let you be his godfather.”

“Count me in.” It was rare, but K7 also decided to get involved. His thin but handsome face had a serious look, “I also need to settle my lifelong event.”

They all begged one by one; it was Xia Jinyuan’s turn to smile elegantly, “The revolution hasn’t ended yet, I’ll still need to work hard. If I become successful, your lifelong events would naturally succeed!”

The four people nodded prudently; they all agreed to fully support Q King in every aspect. It was also at that time when all of them made a long-term promise.

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They promised to combat together in all aspects and arrange an inescapable net, just to catch a fox. Xia Jinyuan’s eyes shined. He just didn’t know how his little fox would react if she found out.

However, no matter what her reaction was, he would counter her tricks.

Waving his hand, Xia Jinyuan bid farewell to his comrades, then rushed towards the direction which Ye Jian had headed in.

He didn’t boldly run to her because he was worried that he would give Ye Jian a shock, so he went to look for Yang Jin instead and asked her for help.

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Yang Jin was making yogurt. After listening to his request, she looked sideways at his eyes and his tall stature. He was a handsome soldier in a Tibetan dress, which was embroidered with lotus pattern and carried the meaning of peace and blessing. She laughed, “Your Tibetan clothes make you look very masculine, just like the men on our grassland.”

“Thank you.” Xia Jinyuan laughed. He noticed that girls who could talk with his little fox were indeed straightforward. “I’m worried that she can’t settle her business on her own. Please help me to look after her.”

Standing below, Xia Jinyuan quietly waited.

On the other hand, under Yang Jin’s gestures, Ye Jian was so embarrassed that she wanted to hit a wall. How … does he know everything! Since he knew everything, then she didn’t need to cover anything up!

Returning from the toilet, Ye Jian saw him standing in front. He had a look that made him seem as if he was waiting for her. Ye Jian painfully groaned. Why was it that every time she saw him, she felt awkward?

Who knew that when this kind-hearted Tibetan girl, Yang Jin, heard her painful groan, it actually made her think that something had happened to Ye Jian, so she shouted out loud.

The Tibetans living on the plateau not only had a large lung capacity, but they also had a golden voice. The distant Xia Jinyuan heard Yang Jin crying for him to hurry over there!

Ye Jian still hadn’t recovered from the pain of her awkward encounter when she saw a tall man dashing towards her.

He was a strong man, like a dragon, and his pace was steady. In just the blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of her.

“Did the wound open? Don’t move, I’ll carry you.” He sprinted over, and without even panting, he asked while immediately squatting in front of Ye Jian, his wide back facing her. He urged once more, “Get up! We’ll go back to the tent and have a look.”

Yang Jin also thought that Ye Jian’s wound had opened, so she instantly and carefully helped her up Xia Jinyuan’s back.

“Hold tight, don’t stress your waist. Wrap both your hands around my shoulders, don’t place your weight on your hips.” Xia Jinyuan waited for her to get onto him. While calmly urging her, he slowly got up.

He was worried that Ye Jian’s center of gravity would move downwards, so he intentionally tilted his body forward such that her entire weight was on him. His hands weren’t holding Ye Jian’s hips; instead, they were on her thighs like a gentleman.

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