Chapter 315: A Gentle and Soft Net

To understand someone was to silently dissolve one’s awkwardness with your own attentiveness so that the other person could relax in front of you.

Xia Jinyuan had never been in a relationship, but he understood Ye Jian, and thus he knew what to do to allow him to nestle close to her heart.

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Ye Jian wasn’t a coy person; since she was already being carried with no excuse to get off, it would be better for her to thank him instead.

She pursed her lips and softly spoke, “I really was fine just now. Yang Jin misunderstood what I meant. There’s no need for you to worry too much about me. I’ve always known how to take care of myself.”

“Under circumstances that no one can take care of you, naturally, you are the only person capable of taking care of yourself. But now, there’s me who can look after you … So there’s no need for you to bear any burdens. You only need to take care of yourself, only then will I truly feel reassured.” Her words caused Xia Jinyuan to sigh softly, the tender affection in his heart was becoming heavier. The little fox, who made people feel sorry for her, truly made him feel sorry to the edge of his heart.

If a person was too tough for too long, then she would forget that sometimes, she could also rely on others.

His words caused Ye Jian to fall silent. She was always used to taking care of herself, and she also knew how to care for herself.

She also knew that in her life, the only person that she could rely on was herself, and not anyone else.

But she couldn’t refute Xia Jinyuan’s words as his words of good intentions should not be reciprocated with her needle-like nitpicking behavior.

As soon as Yang Jin realized that she wasn’t needed anymore, she said something to Xia Jinyuan and skipped off cheerfully.

The gunfight last night did not leave a scar on this passionate and generous Tibetan girl’s heart.

He carried her on his back the whole way; avoiding sharp rocks, his footsteps were steady without jolts. His back was like a mountain, giving all his strength for Ye Jian to rely on, embracing every aspect of her like the ocean.

She gently nestled her face against his back, while feeling his warmth, her expression was hard to determine.

Xia Jinyuan has a special place in her heart, she thought.

He was so special, but also so dangerous. She wanted to run away, as far as she could, from him.

She neither needs affection nor love.

What she needs are staunchness and courage…

She needed to rely on her own abilities to stand on the tallest and furthest place, and crush the people who had bullied, insulted, and humiliated her with her own two hands so that they would never have another opportunity in their lives to bully, insult, and humiliate her!

Ye Jian is a girl with a stable mental state. She had even managed to survive a robbery and near-death experience, all the while maintaining her original intentions. Even if there were any events that had shaken her, she could also quickly control her mentality.

After returning to the tent, Xia Jinyuan did not ask her why she went out just now, and he also did not mention that she could tell him earlier the next time she had to take care her needs.

He was familiar with these so-called words of concern, but if he really were to say it out loud, it would only make Ye Jian feel embarrassed.

Occasionally pretending not to know could sometimes be to preserve the other person’s dignity.

“Place your legs down more slowly, don’t put any strength behind it.” He gently did a half-squat, until the point where Ye Jian could touch the ground with her feet naturally. Xia Jinyuan supported her body weight with his strong hips, then slowly and gently released his grip, “I’m going to let go now, stand up slowly, don’t be too hurried.”

She herself also wanted to recover faster, so Ye Jian did not dare to be too careless. While she slowly stood up, her hands also had to make sure that her scarf wouldn’t fall off.

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While she lowered her head to hold it in place, Xia Jinyuan’s helpless voice sounded from above her head, “There’s no need to cover it. I’ll close my eyes, I won’t take more than a glance.”

Ye Jian’s heart skipped a beat, and because of his words, she pulled the scarf more tightly instead.

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