Chapter 316: Comrades Only After Putting On The Uniform

Afterward, Ye Jian felt that she had overreacted, at least Xia Jinyuan currently had his eyes closed in a gentlemanly fashion and did not see her overreact.

After letting out a sigh of relief, Ye Jian spoke up, “Forgive me, I’m acting out of character, and I’m also not too used to being taken care of, so that’s why I may overreact at times. Please forgive me, Captain Xia.”

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Ye Jian believed that by speaking out her discomfort, she will feel more at ease and could face him better.

Furthermore, she didn’t think that her unnatural actions would not go unnoticed by Xia Jinyuan’s eagle-like eyes. He clearly saw everything in his eyes. Therefore, he opted to close his eyes and not ask, in order to dispel her awkwardness.

Instead of feigning ignorance, it’s better to explain things clearly so that he’ll know that she’s that type of person.

“You are really are a little fox.” Xia Jinyuan raised his hand after opening his eyes and gently flicked her forehead with his slender fingertips, “I know you’re not used to this, I believe you’ve also realized that I’m now trying to make you accustomed to it.”

Not being used to it is natural, so that’s why he needed to try very, very hard in their short time alone to leave more impressions in her heart, so whenever her mind was calm, his silhouette will appear in her mind.

“The relationship between comrades is that of mutual support and assistance. When you’re hurt, I’ll take care of you. This is not a process you have to get used to, rather it is a process that you must learn to accept.”

“In the future, the people you’ll be taking care of in warzones will not be just yourself; you still have to take care of the brothers and sisters who are fighting alongside you. Remember this, Little Fox, you are not alone. I, Old Man (Gen), and Uncle Chen are people you can rely on!”

Ye Jian lowered her head and gazed at her own toes. After he finished his speech, she spoke very slowly and softly, “Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen are indeed people that I can count on, as to Captain Xia…”

She then raised her head, a glint of slyness flashed past her starlike eyes. She smiled, “As to you, Captain Xia, you still aren’t one of them. Until the day when I put on a military uniform, the day I become a true soldier, until then and only then will I believe that you and I can become comrades that can rely on each other and support each other. Currently, the relationship we have is one between soldiers and citizens.”

Facing Xia Jinyuan, she could only use stalling tactics! By the time she put on a military uniform, ha, that’s something that’ll happen at least three years from now.

Three years, a few hundred nights, it’s enough to change a lot of people and a lot of things! Including forgetting!

The hidden meaning of her words made Xia Jinyuan remain silent for three seconds. After a moment, his thin lips arced upwards, an easy and unconcerned expression emerging on his elegant face, “You’re only lacking a military uniform. You’ve already cooperated three times with us. Not only do I treat you as a comrade, even Han Zheng and the others all unanimously treat you as one of us.”

“In our hearts, those who have fought alongside us can become a reliable comrade. Okay, my little comrade, now I need to check on your wounds, so if you could cooperate and slowly lie down.”

Uncle Chen, oh Uncle Chen, now I truly understand the meaning behind that unpredictable smile of yours last night before you left.

The person preventing the little fox and him getting together was neither Uncle Chen nor Elder Uncle Gen, but… it’s Little Fox herself!

She constantly wanted to plead innocence for their relationship, and even said they’ll only be comrades only after she puts on a military uniform…

For her to put on a military uniform, that would be at least three years later, and in these three years, these few hundred nights, she must have planned to use this time as an excuse to make their relationship become more distant.

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