Chapter 317: The Most Beautiful, Most Intimate, Most Charming Memory

Little fox, since you’re being so clever, I’ll definitely have to reply to this sometime later.

Ye Jian realized that he had seen through her little trick, and she pursed her lips and sighed in her heart.

She really wanted to ask: Xia Jinyuan, what are you even thinking about in your heart!

Taking a glance, he currently seemed quite normal, but who knew what he was thinking about in his heart?

Comrades, sure! Since he wants to become comrades, then we’ll be comrades! That definitely was inclined with her wishes, and comradeship was the relationship that she was most interested in.

Next time, if he dared to do any intimate actions, or say things that are intimate in nature, she … she’ll just solve it straightforwardly with violence!

Outside, Principal Chen stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his mouth whistling a Tibet folk tune, and wore a smile on his stiffened face and walked towards the yak herd.

Captain Xia, no matter how vicious a wolf is, when facing someone that could soften it, it will keep its claws retracted.

Besides, the little lass wasn’t a ‘prey’ that could be easily captured into your hands. She’s quite a clever girl!

With Xia Jinyuan here, matters concerning Ye Jian’s didn’t need to be taken care of by somebody else. After making sure that her wounds did not split apart on the first day while changing her bandage and teaching her how to speak common Tibetan, he also occasionally mentioned interesting things that happened in the troops.

“In my second year of the military school, I was assigned to a troop during winter break to a place was even more remote than Fujun town. The soldiers in the troop could only manage to get a letter once every one or two months. On the fifteenth day I was there, it was the day when the letters reached the troops … That day, a squad leader brought a few letters onto the field and told me and the few squadrons of new recruits, ‘If you think this is a mail from your girlfriend, then do 50 pushups’, and all the new recruits were fighting against each other to do the pushups.”

“I didn’t do it at that time. There were a dozen or so people doing pushups, but there were only four letters in the squad leader’s hands, then that meant only four people had letters. Those that didn’t receive any letters would have done it all for nothing, wouldn’t they?”

Ye Jian listened very attentively to all these fascinating stories. Realizing he had paused, she laughed, “Why didn’t you do it? What if it was a letter from your girlfriend?” Captain Xia was so amazing and also good at articulating; to have a girlfriend while in school was quite normal.

“Of course I wouldn’t do it. Without a girlfriend, doing anything will be futile. After 50 pushups, the squad leader then allowed two new recruits to receive their letters. Whenever one comes up, he would ask ‘is it your girlfriend?’, and two recruits this time said ‘Yes!’ Then, the squad leader would grin and say, ‘Such an important letter, right? Then do more.’ After finishing that, he asked the other recruits what is a suitable amount that they should do, and normally, it’s no less than 200 times. Afterward, we heard that the squad leader didn’t have a girlfriend, so he was just jealous.”

Ye Jian was laughing so hard that her shoulder blades were gently shaking; her slim waist was also gently trembling. Xia Jinyuan who was changing her sterile gauze with his head lowered realized her behavior and couldn’t help but laugh, “Is it that funny? Then you’ll have much more to laugh about in the future.”

Afraid of her laughing too much and splitting the wound that was starting to heal by laughing, he raised his head to remind her. After he raised his gaze slightly, his bottomless pupils became more gloomy.

In front of him, the skin of her back rising and falling was glimmering in gentle light like those of pearls under the sun; the curves on her body were perfect and flawless, even words could not describe the beauty in front of him.

The shoulder blades that were gently trembling looked like a pair of wings that wanted to take flight. He could also subtly see the two small mounds at her chest that formed an arc due to her body facing downwards and her lying on them, and those small mounds were also gently trembling whenever she laughed.

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An accidental raise of his head and the sudden realization of such beauty was instantly hammered into of his heart.

At that moment, it became the most beautiful, most intimate, and most charming memory he had in his heart.

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