Chapter 318: A Gentle Kiss

The beauty that one uncovers without intention are usually the ones that were the most intuitive, and also the ones that leave a deeper impression.

Xia Jinyuan narrowly averted his gaze away from her elegant arched back out of a flustered moment, and when he lowered his head, his sexually appealing Adam’s apple bobbed up and down his throat slightly. He spoke after stabilizing his breathing, “Don’t laugh till you lose your breath. Your wounds are starting to mend together; you can’t make them split apart.”

If this continues on, he felt that he would be sprinting on a road to becoming a “beast!”

However, if the topic was about things that happened in the military, Ye Jian would let loose of herself completely. Her eyes were similar to moon-like crescents, and she smiled,  “I found out that almost every bigshot in the military is equally petty. Didn’t I spend my winter break in the boot camp last year? When the new recruits joined in coincidentally, the regimental commander was having a conference in the city, and when he came back, he was wearing casual wear, and coincidentally it was dinner time. The commander was a north-easterner, so he went to the mess hall, grabbed a scallion, and prepared to eat it with his homemade sauce.”

“Meanwhile, while Grandpa Gen and I were coincidentally making dumplings there, a new recruit from Sichuan province sneaked in and encountered the commander holding the scallion, and he immediately whispered in the commander’s ears while begging, “Uncle, please do me a favor. When you deliver produce tomorrow, please bring me a cigarette, just one, so I can relieve my boredom.”

“The commander was afraid I was gonna speak up, so he clasped his hands behind his back and was making hand signals, gesturing me to just watch without a word, and then he pretended that he wasn’t the commander and started questioning the new recruit, getting all the information about his battalion, his squad, and his team.”

“And the results were obvious – the company leader, platoon leader, and squad leader brought all the new recruits to run circles while carrying weights.”

“The commander only said one thing before he gave the order, ‘I know you guys are too bored, so I’m here to relieve it for you.’”

By the time they had finished their run, the commander who had had a good night’s sleep, stood by the camp gate waiting for the company leader, platoon leader, and squad leader to return with the new recruits. When he saw them return, the commander said with a smile, “This uncle right here that delivers produce also has the authority to manage new recruits.”

“Until now, the company leader and the rest still don’t know which blind recruit mistook the commander as a produce-delivering uncle, and I didn’t say anything, while only having fun behind their backs.” When she mentioned things that happened in the boot camp, the aura Ye Jian emitted was entirely different. It was like the sun that was slowly climbing up the sky, filled with radiant energy.

She was happily talking, but little did she know that she was like the most beautiful painting that was laid on the bed in Xia Jinyuan’s vision, making his whole self, heart, and eyes be able to see only her beauty.

After a long journey of climbing mountains and crossing seas, she was the person that he was looking for.

After gently covering her wound with the sterilized gauze, Xia Jinyuan slightly shifted his line of sight upward with a dark expression in his eyes, and after deeply concentrating for a moment, he lowered his head, closed his eyes with sincerity,  and his warm lips slowly and gently landed a kiss on the piece of gauze.

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This very light kiss was akin to velvet feathers brushing past, only leaving layers of ripples in his heart, but did not alert Ye Jian in the slightest.

“Are you done? Captain Xia.” After feeling him covering her wound with the gauze, Ye Jian, who had let her guard down and stopped moving asked with a laugh, “Are we out of bandages? If not, you can use tape. I think that could work.”

“Oh no, it’s nothing. I was wondering if I should tie a beautiful knot on top of your gauze.” Xia Jinyuan calming replied, then asked her seriously, “How do you feel now?”

Ye Jian pursed her lips and laughed, “Even if you did tie a pretty knot, I can’t even see it, so there’s no need for it.”

She did not know that he kissed her. Even if the kiss was separated by a layer of gauze, in Xia Jinyuan’s mind, this was his first time having such close and intimate contact with Ye Jian.

After the kiss, Major Xia then glumly realized, how was this even him making a deeper, better impression in front of Ye Jian when his little fox did not even realize anything? In the end, before he had fallen asleep, he started contemplating about it and did not guard her for the night.

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