Chapter 319: In The End, Who Loves Who?

After opening his eyes once again, Xia Jinyuan woke up with a bitter smile on his face. It was lucky that the Tibetan clothes didn’t need to be completely taken off during the night and didn’t need to be neatened in the morning before he could just head out.

After walking out the tent, his legs started walking towards the direction where Ye Jian’s tent was. After taking a couple of steps, he immediately noticed that there were bright red sparks glowing in the area that was slightly lit up by the moon.

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“You haven’t gone to rest?” Principal Chen had recognized the person who had just walked out of the tent. He teased with a slight smile in his tone, “Yang Jin is taking watch tonight. Captain Xia, you can sleep soundly for today.”

What he received was Xia Jinyuan’s bitter smile. He walked till he stood next to Principal Chen and sighed, “I finally realized why you smiled that night … I can’t deny that you know her better than I do. With just a glance, you already knew that the little lass wasn’t someone who could be courted so easily.”

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“Captain Xia, you have to know that old gingers are spicier; those who are older have more experience. I am at least thrice your age. The salt that I have tasted is definitely more than the rice you have eaten. Ye Jian isn’t just an ordinary lass; she is quite the formidable figure.”

“Before this, there was a boy called Gao Yiyang. I could sense that the boy liked her, and he was also of a high-class background. But Ye Jian did not have any feelings towards him.”

“In her eyes, family background and whatnot aren’t advantages, and they aren’t enough for her to be concerned. Captain Xia, you better shape up.” After finishing his speech, Principal Chen patted Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder with a smile, then gave his earnest advice, “Both Uncle Gen and I wish for Ye Jian to be a girl who is independent and responsible. If she really was that easily courted by you guys, hahaha, then that isn’t the little lass that has caught our attention.”

This was the truth behind the reason why Principal Chen and Uncle Gen did not even bother to stop Xia Jinyuan, the truth was they knew from the start that Ye Jian wasn’t a girl that was so easily courted!

Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan’s refined brows arched upwards. After his bitter smile faded, a confident and calm expression surfaced on his face, “To me, that’s good news. Gao Yiyang isn’t suitable for her taste, and Xia Jinyuan isn’t to her liking; one’s rich, and the other’s handsome. Yeah, the little lass has very high standards, and that is something to be happy about.”

“Hahahaha, there’s truth behind your words, there’s truth, indeed. It is as what Captain Xia has said, in these few years in school, I really did not have to worry about the little lass having any early romantic relationships.” Principal Chen’s hearty laughter became louder, not to mention that … there was a subtle hint that he was rejoicing about Xia Jinyuan’s misfortune, “Good luck, Major Xia.”

To be attracted to little lass Jian, that was definitely something that wore away one’s patience.

If he really were to endure all the way, then that was something that would be pleasurable to see in the end.

Both of them were in the military; at least they can walk the same path side by side, and they could also empathize with each other.

Under the night sky filled with bright stars, Xia Jinyuan smiled with a relaxed expression, and he spoke in an elegant tone, “I will never change matters which I have decided on, and no one is capable of meddling with my affairs. I’m afraid that even my family members are unable to shake my decision.”

By doing this, he was telling Principal Chen that his decision wasn’t done in the spur of the moment; besides, his family background really wasn’t an issue.

It was said that Xia Jinyuan was a man who was capable of allowing others to feel relieved. It was because he would always voice out the worries of others before they mentioned them. The determination in his words made it possible for others to feel his sincerity, making his every sentence powerful and resonating.

Principal Chen did not immediately declare his stance. He would not be swayed by a youth’s few words. Time would tell. Besides, a person’s conscience was something that would change easily with time. That was why he still had to wait and see.

When it was the third day, Ye Jian’s condition had improved to the point that she could walk slightly faster while under Xia Jinyuan’s care, and there was no need for them to worry regularly if she would show any signs of infection.

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