Chapter 320: I Like This Kind Of Appreciation

Ye Jian wanted to recover faster, so she was very careful. She no longer needed to lie on the bed and allow Xia Jinyuan to change the sterile gauze for her; she could sit up now, so it was easier for him to do so.

“After this, you don’t have to change the gauze anymore. Although the wound is recovering, you must remember that you can’t make too many large movements.” After applying the medicine, Xia Jinyuan was about to leave. Before leaving, he nagged at her once more, “You mustn’t let the wound become wet. And don’t climb any slopes. If you want to go outside, just walk around the tent.”

“Today is the third day. After the seventh day, I’ll drive over to pick you and Uncle Chen up.”

After the gauze was changed, Ye Jian put on her shawl, covering the curve from her shoulder to her waist. Smiling, she said, “I’ll be careful, don’t you worry. I also want to leave soon; school is starting in just a few days.”

High school life was about to start soon. She was extremely excited about it.

“First City High isn’t bad. You’ve also beaten several other military school students in the test so far. The only one left is the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. If you can get in, you’ll be the pride of the school.” Xia Jinyuan learned from Principal Chen that she had given up Provincial High and chose to study in First City High in order to be closer to Fu Jun town, so that she could return any time during the weekends.

“High school is much more hectic than junior high. You must also pay attention to your studies while training. Otherwise, if you’re well-trained, but your grades are bad, it will be difficult to get into a military school.”

He had a month’s vacation after coming down from the mountains this time, so he was thinking if he could directly send her to First City High.

Xia Jinyuan had made up his mind; he was leaving the remote district. After explaining the situation to her, he got up without any hesitation. “I’ll leave now. Please take care of yourself these few days.”

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When he was around, Ye Jian had really wanted him to leave soon. However, she felt a little uncomfortable now that he was really leaving.

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So, she also stood up and turned around. She spotted his tall, bulky figure already reaching the curtains of the tent.

Xia Jinyuan also stopped in his tracks once again at this moment. He yanked the curtain with one hand and looked behind him.

“Safe trip, Captain Xia.” Ye Jian felt a little unnatural staring into his burning eyes. She whispered, “Return to the station safely.”

Originally, he had wanted to step out and leave. Seeing the unwillingness in her black eyes, Xia Jinyuan was slightly moved. He turned towards her.

Ye Jian was shocked, and her eyebrows wrinkled lightly as she nervously watched the man striding towards her. She couldn’t help but tighten her lips.

His gaze was burning, like the light from the sun. It was so hot that the heat might set something ablaze if you got too close.

This feeling … caused her to be at a loss.

This sly little fox. She would always take a step back when he was one step closer to her.

And when he took a step back, she carefully moved forward. This scene was indeed sweet torture…

Xia Jinyuan approached her as a thin smile appeared on his thin lips. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her jade-like face. Noticing the slight blush appearing on her face, he laughed, “You really are…”

His words contained a sense of helplessness, and even more so an endless feeling of care.

His slender yet powerful arms gently looped above both her shoulders, embracing her. “I’ll be safe, and you too. Rest well. You’re just a young kid, don’t think too much.”

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