Chapter 321: Sweet Misunderstanding

“At first, I wanted to leave confidently without looking back. Who knew that just by turning my head, I would see you, looking like a little fox that has been abandoned by me, staring at me with your teary eyes. Oh, forget it. I’ll just stay a little longer to comfort my little fox.”

Ye Jian’s body was still a little stiff from his sudden hug. But when she heard his words, she immediately looked up. Laughing while feeling a little annoyed, she exclaimed, “Captain Xia, your assumptions are really incorrect. I just wanted to send you off to express my gratefulness to you for taking care of me these past few days. How…”

“Oh, it seems that I misunderstood again.” He laughed and interrupted Ye Jian, “A sweet misunderstanding. Little fox, if you really want to thank me, then keep quiet for three seconds.”

Having said that, he kissed her forehead. His thin lips on her skin gave her a trembling warm feeling.

After pausing for three seconds, he left. His voice was as light as water as he smiled and said, “I’ll pick you up soon. This goodbye kiss can be taken as your gratitude to me.”

Ye Jian’s body … became even stiffer. Even after he left, she stood still in the tent, unmoving.

Her eyes remained wide in astonishment. Obviously, she had not returned to reality yet.

A kiss as a return of kindness? This is absurd!

Ye Jian raised her hand and wiped her forehead. She was once again defeated by the unreasonable Major Xia.

A kiss as a return of kindness … She didn’t want to thank him this way at all!

Her hand stopped at the spot where he had kissed her. Ye Jian stood for a while, before slowly walking outside the tent…

She spotted Xia Jinyuan walking toward the far side with several herdsmen. Rather than being in his combat uniform, he was in gorgeous Tibetan clothes. Together with the herdsmen, he looked like a nobleman. He was so arrogant, yet every action of his was incomparable and elegant.

She didn’t see what expression Xia Jinyuan had on his face before he left. His elegant and handsome face always had a moon-like smile. Chatting with the herdsmen, the smile in his eyes never disappeared. His gentle and refined look became even more delicate and beautiful.

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Thinking of Ye Jian’s stunned expression after being kissed by him … Her teary eyes were wide open, and the look on her face was overwhelming. It was so cute that he wanted to kiss her a few more times.

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It was a pity that he could only do so much because if he had kissed her one more time, he wouldn’t just scare the little fox; he would even make her angry in embarrassment.

Xia Jinyuan left much faster than when he had arrived at this remote district. After riding out of the district, he immediately contacted the Elite Platoon, and soon, he was on the jeep that was sent out from the station, rushing back to the base.

On the seventh day, Ye Jian didn’t get to see him. She only spotted a jeep that was sent by the station.

The driver was a car soldier that had eight years of experience in the Tibetan area. He was sent from the military station and assigned by Xia Jinyuan to pick the little fox up.

Why didn’t he come? Ye Jian didn’t ask further. If he couldn’t come, that only meant that he had to be out performing his missions.

When she returned to Fu Jun town, she had three days before school reopened. However, Ye Jian didn’t go to the army this time. The wound on her waist didn’t need to be covered up anymore. When the military doctor from the army came over to check on it, he smiled, “Captain Xia’s skills aren’t bad. The wound is sewn quite well. The scar will remain, but it’s not a big problem. You don’t need to worry about showering, and it won’t affect you going back to school.”

When Uncle Gen heard this, he smiled, “As long as there’s no problem, it’s okay. Thank you for coming over.”

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