Chapter 322: Only with Longing Will There Be a Reward

Ye Jian hadn’t returned yet, but the military doctor from the army had already arrived as if he knew that Ye Jian would return today. And so, he waited for her at her home.

Upon hearing the doctor mention “Captain Xia”, Ye Jian knew that this was all arranged by Captain Xia. He wasn’t here in person, but his presence was everywhere.

“You’re too kind. This is our job.” The doctor sorted out the first aid kit and urged, “Ye Jian, don’t go to the army these few days. The soldiers are usually rough. Besides, you still have a few days before school starts, so you should just have a good rest at home.”

Looking at her, the doctor made another joke. “You’ve been missing for a month, and even the head of the army has been asking the political commissar about your whereabouts. He’s been asking why you haven’t come to the army, whether you guys were secretly grilling pheasants, and whether it was too bloody that it scared you. As for me, I’ve also been nagged even when I was just staying in the infirmary.”

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“It’s not a good thing for the head of the army to nag about me. In fact, I really didn’t dare to go. I was immediately spotted stealing the roasted pheasant after I turned my head. It has already left an impact on my heart.” Ye Jian put down her T-shirt and looked at the doctor with a smile, “After the head of the army completely forgets about this matter, I’ll return to the army. Thank you for coming today.”

Everyone in the team knew Ye Jian. She was a lass that could handle tougher jobs than most of the male soldiers. Her target shooting rate was better than the entire army, and she could easily compete with the top soldiers. Such a young girl was born to be a soldier. Even the soldiers in the cookhouse team knew her.

Having heard that, the doctor laughed, “I’ll pass on your words. Oh right, I almost forgot about this.”

While saying that, the doctor took out an envelope from his first-aid kit. “This is the pension paid by the military. You’re an orphan of a war hero. You’ll have a pension every year for you until you graduate from college.”

“Here’s two thousand Yuan. It’s not much; it can only be used to support your living expenses.” Mentioning money, the doctor started talking really fast, afraid that Ye Jian would refuse it. “The political commissar said that if you’ve anything to say about this, you will have to personally meet him and talk to him. Anyway, what he meant was that he has been with many types of soldiers for more than a decade, so he doesn’t believe that he can’t pay for a little girl!”

Ye Jian knew that they were all doing this for her own good. Therefore, after taking the envelope, she grinned, “Alright, I understand. I won’t disappoint the troop.” What they needed wasn’t thanks but her efforts. Only by working hard would she be able to live up to their expectations.

“In our eyes, you’re a good child. All the best!” The doctor felt happy, seeing her accepting the envelope generously. The troops had fought to get it for her, so naturally, the doctor hoped that Ye Jian would accept it. If she had rejected it, the army might not fight for it for her in the future.

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This lass had always been ethical. No wonder the head thought highly of her.

In fact, Ye Jian needed the money. Her high school tuition and fees were exempted, and the school was also giving her 100 Yuan per month for her living expenses, but she still needed more money to pay for her educational resources. In addition, given that she was required to finish the entire high school course in a year and a half, she would have to pay more for countless materials and papers.

“Don’t burden yourself. This is the affirmation from the army to raise you.” Uncle Gen waited for the doctor to leave, then kindly looked at Ye Jian, whose eyes were slightly reddish. “Child, don’t treat this money as a burden. Money is a driving force, and we must work hard step by step. This is what the head of the army and the political commissar expect from you.”

“Previously, the pension that the army gave you was handed to Ye Zifan. It has been more than ten years. Even if there was more money now, Sun Dongqing will surely take all of it. In fact, maybe she will even say that she’s losing money. I’ve never mentioned anything, so you don’t have to think too much about it. Just know what you have to do.”

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