Chapter 323: Those Past Events

Ye Jian nodded lightly. “I’ll listen to you. These aren’t things that I should care too much about. It’s not worth my energy. Rest assured, I’ve always known what I need.”

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After a moment, she smiled, “Frankly, Sun Dongqing didn’t really take much of the money. Most of it was given to my aunt by my grandparents. They came back a few years ago, and I just casually mentioned money … Then my aunt was crying and screaming, saying that me, her niece, was such a trouble to her.”

“These things … I don’t keep them from Grandfather Gen. I remember all of them in my heart. I won’t involve myself in the business of the relatives from my dad’s side. My account has also been moved out now, so I don’t want to have any relations with them at all.”

Uncle Gen also recalled other things from the past few years. The powerful Ye family took away his elder sister’s pension. His sister-in-law, Ye Zixiang hadn’t returned for a few years, but on New Year’s Eve, she secretly returned to the village.

No one knew what had happened. After hitting Ye Jian, she threw her outside. If it wasn’t for the village chief, Zhang Fude, who was on his way home after drinking, picking up Ye Jian from the roadside, the lass might not be alive today.

It just so happened that that year Uncle Gen was spending the Spring Festival in the army. By the time he had returned to the village on the fourth day of the New Year, Ye Zixiang’s family had already secretly left the village.

Since then, he had never gone to the military to celebrate the Spring Festival.

“Don’t think about those things anymore. Lass, think about the days to come, think more about your future.” Uncle Gen tapped his opium pipe on the ground. Behind the smoke, his eyes were cloudy. “You live your days and they live theirs. Everyone should just mind their own business.”

Ye Jian blinked slightly; her hands, which were rolling the tobacco leaf for Uncle Gen, stopped for a moment, and the look in her eyes gradually sank.

Lifting her gaze, she noticed Uncle Gen sat sideways while smoking, seemingly not wanting to mention the Ye family anymore.

Ye Jian initially wanted to ask about Ye Zixiang’s family, as well as her uncle’s, but she refrained herself from doing so now.

Every time she mentioned the Ye family, Uncle Gen would have a face of unwillingness.

Oh well, she wasn’t going to care about the Ye family. Moreover, she wouldn’t ask them a helping hand for her tuition and living expenses!

In Ye Jian’s opinion, money wasn’t the focus of her attention. However, this was different for Sun Dongqing – money was her life.

Ever since she knew that Ye Jian had returned to the village, she had packed up her luggage and prepared to return to the town the next morning. “Ying Ying, go call your dad and let him send a car to pick us up tomorrow.”

“This guy always tells us that he’s honest. Yet, he only knows how to enjoy himself! I heard that the d*mned lass Ye Jian has returned to the village. I’m not sure if she’s back to ask for money to pay her tuition fees or something. She’s a natural debt collector. I’ll never give her a single penny!”

Ye Ying had led a well-off life all this while in the village. She was the only junior high school student in the whole village who was admitted to the First Provincial High. If it wasn’t for her father, the Mayor, who needed to maintain an uncorrupted reputation, she would have hosted a banquet.

Having heard this, Ye Ying looked up from her English book and said in a cold tone,  “I thought Dad had already passed the money to Grandpa? Now, Grandpa and Grandma are living in the big city with Aunty, so even if Ye Jian comes over and asks you for money, just tell her directly that the money has already been taken away. Isn’t the problem that simple?”

“Those two old people are enjoying themselves now. When will they come back to visit their granddaughter? The money was only taken away by them because of your dad!”

“Forget it, you don’t understand. Ying Ying, you must remember this: You can provoke anyone, but never make your grandparents angry!” To think that a bold woman like Sun Dongqing was actually afraid of Ye Ying’s grandparents.

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