Chapter 324: They Are Not Relatives

Ye Ying didn’t have a lot of memories of her grandparents. She had only seen them a few times. If her mother hadn’t mentioned them, she would’ve already forgotten about their existence.

“How am I able to provoke them? They’re enjoying their lives with Aunty and her family. They only see her son as their grandson. What am I? Provoke them? Hey, I still want to live.” Ye Ying thought of an incident which had happened a few years before. The memory of it gave her chills. 

Back then, she was still bullying Ye Jian, but compared to Aunty and her family… They were several times more terrible!

Particularly Aunty’s husband – his face was fierce and evil – like punishing an enemy – as he kicked Ye Jian away with just one foot.

But no one dared to step forward to stop him. Her grandparents even said, “Evil witch, money-losing girl, you’re better off dead!”

After that chilly feeling, Ye Ying grabbed Sun Dongqing’s hand and whispered, “Mom, we don’t want to provoke Aunty and her family! Whatever happens, it’s best to keep Ye Jian out!”

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“Do you think I don’t know that? I know what to do.” Sun Dongqing looked at her daughter proudly. Her daughter was the epitome of her parents’ love, and what she said was exactly right. “If she really comes and asks us for living expenses, I’ll just tell her that all the money has been given to your grandparents. She can give them a call herself.”

“With the kind of hatred your grandparents, Aunty, and her family have for Ye Jian, I believe they’ll come back to kill her.”

Listening to this, Ye Ying was slightly confused. Frowning, she asked, “Hate? Why do Aunty and her family hate Ye Jian? I still remember that during the fifth grade of elementary school, Ye Jian was almost killed by Aunty’s husband. Also, how did Aunty’s husband become blind in his right eye? How come I never heard you mention it to Dad?”

Having heard that, a trace of panic flashed across Sun Dongqing’s face. She concealed her panic by playing with her hair as she replied, “Hey, you’re just a child. Why do you bother with others’ business? Just remember, don’t mess with Aunty and her family. Let those two old people enjoy themselves so that both of us can live happily.”

Ye Ying still had a little thought: It seems that things aren’t that simple.

Aunty and her family hadn’t returned for several years. When Ye Ying became a fifth grader, they returned … If she recalled correctly, they entered the house in the middle of the night. And after New Year’s Eve, they were gone on New Year’s Day.

She was still young at that time, so she didn’t think much about it. However, thinking about it now, it was indeed abnormal.

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There were still two more days before school started. That night, Ye Zifan drove his small car back to Shui Kou village…

He had returned to pick up his daughter, Ye Ying so that he could personally bring his daughter to First Provincial High the next morning.

That night, Ye Zifan had a serious discussion with his daughter. His words were along the lines of keeping a low profile in First Provincial High and not acting like a mistress who didn’t care about others. 

He had inquired about Provincial High. The sons and daughters of the provincial leaders were all studying there. He was just a small town mayor. If anything happened, one couldn’t expect him to come forward to say a few words.

Ye Ying wasn’t scared, but Sun Dongqing was.

She stuttered, “How about we don’t let Ying Ying study there? What if a group of bullies decides to bully her? How can we stand up for Ying Ying?” At this moment, Sun Dongqing realized that it wasn’t a good thing to study in the province after all.

“Mom, don’t stand up for me rashly. I know how to interact with them.” Ye Ying pursed her lips in unhappiness, before requesting to Ye Zifan, “Dad, tell me everything you know, especially who the daughters and sons of provincial leaders are. I want to know about them as much as I can.”

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