Chapter 325: Full Of Superiority

More than a year had passed. Ye Jian wasn’t the only one who had grown; Ye Ying had also been growing according to Ye Zifan’s arrangement.

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In contrast, Ye Jian’s life was much calmer. After having breakfast with Uncle Gen, they painted the details of various types of guns from different countries under a lamp. Then, she went to sleep.

The next morning, at 6 o’clock, Ye Jian arrived at the village entrance. She was waiting for the boys from her village to attend First City High.

She didn’t let Uncle Gen send her to school. Instead, she deliberately got up early and headed to the village entrance to wait for the boys before the old man woke up.

Half an hour before the planned time, Ye Jian sat by the roadside of the village entrance. She enjoyed listening to the sounds of the morning bird as she quietly waited for the boys.

A car sound came from the village. Not long later, Ye Jian spotted a black car passing through the mist. However, rather than getting up to take a look at it, she kept a leisurely posture and sat quietly.

In the car, Sun Dongqing was sitting at the front seat. She sighed, “This is such a good car. When Ying Ying’s on her semester break next time, we shall drive this car to bring her home. She can sit here comfortably, and there’ll be no need for her to squeeze in the train. Zifan, you must remember to pick Ying Ying up with this car every month at the start of her holidays.”

“Mom, this is a public car. Do you really want to treat this as our car?” Ye Ying sat alone behind. It was wide, spacious, and especially comfortable. Rolling down the car’s window, the morning breeze blew in with the fog … It’s indeed much more comfortable than squeezing in a train, she mused.

Ye Zifan looked at Ye Ying from the rearview mirror and praised her, “Ying Ying’s more sensible now. Remember Dad’s words; you need to develop your own circle in First Provincial High. Don’t care about the identity of the other students. First, you must know that you’re all students! This identity is your greatest advantage, you don’t have to please others. It’s better that you find a way to make them inseparable from you.”

“You must remember the names that Dad told you last night. They’re poor students. They only got into the school due to their family’s relationships with the school. You’re a top student. If you want to get along with them, you have to start learning. It’s necessary…”

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Ye Zifan, who was carefully urging Ying Ying, suddenly stepped on the brakes, while Ye Ying, who was listening carefully to her dad’s words, wasn’t warned of it, so she slammed directly into the seat in front of her.

Sun Dongqing, who was also unaware, was forced forward by her inertia before falling back against her seat. She exclaimed in shock, “What are you doing! Why did you stop?”

Having said that, the couple’s gaze landed on a person who was sitting on a rock near the village entrance, about one meter away from the car.

Sun Dongqing had already unbuckled her seatbelt and pushed the door open. She rushed towards the person. “Hey, you stupid girl! You’re here blocking the traffic early in the morning, no wonder you’re nowhere to be seen! Let me tell you, you’re impossible!”

The moment the car stopped suddenly, Ye Jian naturally saw who the driver was. When Sun Dongqing rushed over, she also got up from the rock.

Ye Jian coldly glared at Sun Dongqing, who never had any good words to say. She then lowered her eyebrows slightly and looked at Sun Dongqing, “The road’s so wide. Yet, you drive your car and stop here to care about my business.”

“Aunty Sun, don’t come to me and ask for trouble, understand?”

It was at this moment that Sun Dongqing noticed that Ye Jian had grown a lot taller after the summer vacation … She was half a fist taller than her precious daughter!

Ye Zifan also quickly alighted the car, followed by Ye Ying, who came down with the expression of a winner.

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