Chapter 326: Who’s Strong and Who’s Weak

Both the father and daughter walked toward Ye Jian. Ye Ying took the lead and smiled derisively, “So it’s you, sister! Are you waiting for us here early in the morning? Mom, it’s so rare to see my sister, why don’t you give her a donation? Two days ago, a beggar came to our house to ask for rice, and you virtuously gave him five cents. Since this is my sister, you mustn’t be too stingy, give her one Yuan.”

She tried to embarrass Ye Jian by comparing her to a beggar.

Ye Jian glanced at Ye Ying’s proud face with her sullen eyes. The corner of her lips raised to a smirk, and she said, “You’ve done too many shameful deeds, that even if you do good deeds occasionally, the little virtue will not help … Am I right, Mayor Ye?”

“You stupid girl, I…” Listening to the mockery, Sun Dongqing angrily raised her hand to slap Ye Jian’s face. However, she was held down by Ye Zifan, and he whispered, “You’ve lost too much because of her. Don’t you dare to mess up again!”

Sun Dongqing suddenly recalled the previous incidents. The force in her palm was instantly held back, but her mouth continued to mutter unwillingly, “I’m her aunt, is it wrong for me to teach this disobedient thing?”

“Your daughter is next to you. If you want to teach me a lesson, just do it. Also, Aunty Sun, don’t simply talk about relationships here. If you dare to raise your hand again next time, you’ll get a taste of who’s more powerful.” Ye Jian was never kind towards Ye Zifan and his family; her cold eyes glanced at them, and her gaze stopped at Ye Ying. A slow smile spread across her face as she continued, “You’ll find out who’s the one being taught a lesson.”

This sentence was so threatening and cold that it made Ye Ying, who was previously smirking, stunned with chilliness. Alarmed, she demanded, “What do you plan to do!”

“What I’ll do, depends on what Aunty Sun plans to do.” Grinning coldly, Ye Jian briefly squinted at Sun Dongqing, causing her to keep her mouth shut.

The coldness in Ye Jian’s eyes was like that of a massive mound of snow. Seeing the coldness in her eyes, not only did Sun Dongqing feel scared, Ye Zifan too felt the same.

His eyebrows wrinkled, then he sullenly said, “We’re still a family, even if we have petty arguments. Ye Jian, you better not overdo it!”

“Me? Overdo it? Mayor Ye, since you’ve benefited from me, it’s best that you behave properly! Me not taking my revenge on you all doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you. Instead, it’s because … Mayor Ye, you’re a smart person, you should know what I mean by that.”

Her words made Ye Zifan’s heart skip a beat. He was suddenly reminded by his niece’s demon-like memory, and the few words he was about to insult her with disappeared.

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Ye Ying noticed that both her parents were silenced by just a few words from Ye Jian, so she clenched her teeth and spoke in contempt, “What are you proud of! We’ll see, Ye Jian! I’ll make sure that you’ll never be as good as me!”

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“I’ll wait and see,” Ye Jian raised her eyebrows. A smile floated between her brows, and she continued without any restraint, “I’ll wait for you in this life.”

Ye Ying, I’ve told you to wait … You just keep waiting in this life!

“You can’t even get into First Provincial High, yet you dare to compare yourself with me! Oh, you’re really overestimating yourself!” Listening to her words, Ye Ying felt as if she had just heard a big joke. She giggled, “You’ve never been as good as me from the beginning, but you still want to compare yourself with me. You must be dreaming!”

Hearing this, Ye Zifan noticed the smile on the corner of Ye Jian’s mouth gradually become bigger as if it had a deeper meaning that couldn’t be said.

As his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, he heard Ye Jian reply, “The school that you think so highly of is nothing to me. With it, my life wouldn’t be any more perfect; without it, I’m still me.”

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