Chapter 327: You Just Wait!

“Ye Ying, you’re still so ridiculous. You’re really wasting Mayor Ye’s effort in raising you.”

Ye Jian finished speaking, and it was then that Ye Zifan finally understood why she was smiling so widely.

To his daughter, First Provincial High was regarded as a treasure, but in Ye Jian’s opinion, it was nothing…

This was the difference, the biggest difference!

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Ye Jian could easily get it as if it was at the tip of her fingertips, and she could also easily give it up! But Ye Ying couldn’t do that because First Provincial High was the target which she had put all her efforts into!

Ye Ying also reacted. Her expression changed in an instant, and she hollered in a sharp voice, “Ye Jian, don’t you think that you can surpass me! You’ll never surpass me!”

“Why are you still not taking her to the car!” Ye Zifan was even clenching his cheeks. He looked at Ye Jian’s calm expression, then returned his gaze to his daughter Ye Ying, who was looking quite hysterical. It was obvious who was the stronger one! 

After Sun Dongqing dragged Ye Ying into the car, the thoughtful Ye Zifan sneered, “Ye Jian, you’re still too inexperienced! If you want to contend with Ye Ying, you’ll first have to go through me!”

Originally, he said this to threaten Ye Jian, but who knew that when he turned to the car, he heard a voice that sounded colder than his, and even had a murderous hint to it. She said, “Watch yourself, Mayor Ye. Don’t mess with me!”

Her voice stopped Ye Zifan in his tracks in an instant.

Turning his head, his gaze landed on Ye Jian, who had continuously threatened him.

He saw a calm smile on her face as she stood ramrod straight. She was obviously just an innocent child, but she emanated a kind of power that terrified him.

And her eyes were dark and cold … She’s not kidding; she’s really warning me not to mess with her!

Until he got into the car, Ye Zifan was still in deep thought. The meaning of the threat still remained in his mind and only he could understand it. 

She must know something!

Turning his head, he urged his displeased daughter, “Ying Ying, remember! You must take care of that piece of jade! Never let others see it!”

Sun Dongqing, who had suffered from a lot of losses due to Ye Jian, kept a straight face after she got into the car. At this moment, there was a faint tinge of anger in her heart. “You gave a fake…”

“Mom, can you just keep quiet!” Ye Ying, who had been dragged into the car, was furious. She shouted, “If you didn’t get off the car earlier, would I be humiliated by Ye Jian? You don’t have a brain, but it doesn’t mean you should drag me and Dad down with you!”

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Ye Zifan’s face became completely ashen, not because of Sun Dongqing, but because of Ye Ying. He clasped the steering wheel with both hands and yelled, “Ye Ying, who gave you the courage to shout at your mother!”

The family was happy in the beginning, but each one of them had faces darker than the other and mood worse than the other now.

On the other hand, Ye Jian’s mood wasn’t affected at all. The boys from her village arrived on time at 6:30. Compared to the boys’ excitement, Ye Jian was much calmer.

When their car drove them on the mountain road, Ye Jian’s line of sight was fixated on the village. She saw Uncle Gen standing at the hillside fields of the village where children often played. He was waving … Tears flowed down her cheeks; she stretched her hand out of the window and waved at the old man. Although she knew that she was too far for him to hear her, Ye Jian still shouted, “Go back home, I’ll return soon to see you!”

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