Volume 2 Chapter 86: Battle Of Infiltration Into The Forbidden Place Samuel Tower Underground Library

On the southern side of Olsylvia Academy’s campus and outside the secret basement of the St. Louis Church Academy, Bella and Noreya were being led by the church’s two great Holy Maidens, Hayley and Susan. They soon arrived at the forbidden Samuel Tower. The security guards who were guarding the door had already been sent away by Holy Maiden Daisy and Holy Maiden Sophia, and now there were only these two two Holy Maidens standing guard at the door.

“We meet again! Daisy, Sophia, I really miss you two, how about you?”

“Love, don’t think about naughty things first alright! Don’t you have to go in to explore!”

It was estimated that they had thought about the craziness last weekend night and among the four Holy Maidens, only Daisy dared to face Bella directly, although her face was a bit red. At least it was much better than the other three Holy Maidens who were too embarrassed to look at Bella.

“That’s correct too, anyway all of you have been contracted by me. Let my underlings and me go inside and investigate!”

“This is a sacred place of the church. Don’t talk nonsense, you demon…”

“Hayley, do you want to come to my room tonight to report!”

“I…… hmph, I shall ignore you.”

As Noreya had been wearing a mask all the while, the four Holy Maidens had mistakenly thought she was Assassin Lola because of her assassin equipment and did not know this mysterious assassin was actually someone else. The Demon’s Contract was still in their body and this was only the first stage. When Bella found the right opportunity and place, she would upgrade their contracts to the Ultimate Contract. Then they would have thoroughly belonged to the darkness faction.

Looking at the slightly hesitant Hayley, a trace of naughtiness flashed across Bella’s face. Didn’t this girl know that the more she resisted, the more Bella would want her to yield! It seemed that this week she would make Hayley completely submit to herself.

“Hayley, come over tonight yourself to that room Remember, go in, strip naked then lie down and wait for me.”

“What do you want to do, you pervert? I won’t…”

“If you don’t come, I will use the Spell to make you do it over here…”

“Don’t act recklessly, I…… I will go, is this enough!”

“In the future, your daily routine will need to be together with Susan, or Daisy, except for the time you keep me company. Don’t think of escaping to the Radiant Church to get rid of my contract, I will pay special attention to you.”

When Hayley heard that Bella placed emphasis on “paying special attention” to herself, she was too scared to speak. She knew Bella’s character and she would really do it. Then, Hayley would be miserable. Last weekend, Bella’s focus was on President Maria and she was lucky enough to escape most of the attention. If this time she was taken away by Bella, she could no longer get rid of Bella, this witch. Though it was about to reach that level.

“Susan, personally bring Hayley over tonight. Follow her today and don’t let her escape! I do know both of your positions at any time. If I find something unusual from both of you, you two will not be going to class this week!”

“Bella….I know, please don’t act recklessly! I promise that Hayley will not run away!”

The Samuel Tower was actually a multi-storied building instead of a tower. There were no outsiders here, and there were very few people who knew about it. After all, it was the Church’s fourth largest sealed land. Radiant Church, after all, was a church that had been passed down for ten thousand years and there were a lot of secrets hidden. The real forbidden ground in Samuel Tower was the Jim Library in the basement inside the tower, which included many banned books from the church that were sealed up.

The reason why St. Louis Church Academy was chosen as its location was mainly to fool people. Books being kept in the library; no one would be suspicious of this. The internal structure inside the building was not complicated at all, one road goes straight to the end. Along the way, there were many doors, all of which were pried opened by the Assassin Noreya.

“Noreya, you are doing a good job! You are the first assassin who can perfectly pick a lock! Originally I wanted to call Lola, but her assassin level does not seem to be high as compared to you!”

“I don’t know how to say this Bella, but you wouldn’t think that my professional job was to help you pick locks and bully girls?”

“Isn’t it? Eh, why are you not talking anymore? Please wait for me, don’t walk too fast!”

At the office of the Central Student Union of Olsylvia Academy, after the various student Presidents casually discussed the current situation of the school, they fell silent. Mainly because President Maria and President Isaman who always had intense discussions with Chief President Angelia was silent this time, with only President Lucia alone who had exchanged ideas with Chief President Angelia.

“President Maria? President Isaman, why don’t the both of you speak?”

“I have nothing to say, Chief President.”

“I also do not have anything to say!”

Angelia helplessly wanted to disperse the meeting because she was also not in the mood for a meeting. Although she was very happy to find a bookmate over the weekend, it was very troublesome to lose the key. After she had finished her appointment, she found out that her key had been replaced. Now that she thought about it, it should be the boy who wanted to attract her attention through a practical joke. Angelia didn’t even suspect that Bella would be behind the incident. From the start, she had never doubted Bella.

“President Angelia, President Britney will move in to my dormitory this week. How is it, are you interested! My dormitory building seem to have a lot of empty rooms!”.”

“Although the building owner is unknown for the dormitory building over there, but she had left a statement that only girls are accepted. At that place, I can study with a peace of mind!”

President Lucia had only said it without thinking the matter through. She didn’t expect President Ivy and Chief President Angelia to immediately show a strong interest. They all knew that the problematic Duke Bellina was living over there. One was attracted by the dolls, and the other was attracted to the bookmate.

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“How about we all move over? Anyway, everyone is a Student President and living together can save time!”

“President Ivy, your suggestion is very interesting! Let’s discuss it together.”

“Wait, this kind of thing how can all of you…”

Angelia had not declared her position yet but Ivy was already impatient to speak. Isaman looked around her surroundings and except for her, the other Student Presidents had no objection, even the always conservative President Maria did not oppose the suggestion. Could it be that she had also defected?

“Chief President Angelia, classmate Bellina is a problem student. If we are together with her in the same dormitory building, we will be led astray by her! I am against this discussion?”

“President Isaman, although classmate Bellina is slightly mischievous, she is still considered not too bad as she had saved my sister once.”

“President Isaman, a person who likes dolls… wrong, people who likes cute things can’t be too bad.

“President Isaman, classmate Bellina is a believer of the Radiant Church, the character….should have no problem.”

“President Isaman, a person who likes to study can’t be a bad person!”

President Isaman felt awkward for a while. After going on for half the day, everyone was a “traitor”. It was her who had gotten too deep into the drama and in the end, she was the only normal person left.

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Isaman also did not know what had the problematic student, Duke Bellina, done to the other Student Presidents this week, that caused them all to change sides. President Lucia originally wanted to help President Isaman by saying a sentence but seeing that all the other presidents had supported Bella, she had rationally chosen to shut up.

In the following discussion, Isaman basically did not participate. She was temporarily excluded from moving into the dormitory. According to her and Bella’s bet, if she lost, she would also move there for a month, there was no hurry now.

The other Student Presidents saw that President Isaman was not interested and did not force her to participate in the plan. After a round of agreement, they decided to move over this week. President Maria also did not participate in the following discussion. She was contracted by Bella so even if she did not move to Bella’s dormitory, Bella had a way to get her over to the bed over there. Thus, it was better not to participate in this meaningless discussion.

Outside the door of the Central Students’ Union, Norris, with a bandage on his hand, stood in front of the door and wanted to go in and report the abnormal situation. However, he was stopped by Cynthia, the secretary of the Central Students’ Union.

“Classmate Norris the problem you reported, Chief president Angelia will handle it. Now, please go back to recuperate with a peace of mind!”

“No, Secretary Cynthia. I really have something urgent to report to Chief President Angelia. Please notify her immediately.”

“No, President Angelia and other student presidents are in a meeting. You should wait for another time. Otherwise, you could report it to me first. I will tidy it up later and report it to Chief President Angelia.This is the only way now. If you can’t wait, you can report it to your school’s student president, Sister Maria first! I can help you to invite her out!”

“This…can’t be said to her. It’s like this, President Maria of the St. Louis Church Academy had privately arranged for the four Saints to open the forbidden ground, Samuel Tower. Her Radiant faith has been swayed; I want to report this.”

“Oh …Is it, then wait a moment, I will report this to Chief President Angelia. Classmate Norris, you have to think clearly. Accusing the student president of your school, if there is no evidence, you will be expelled!”

“I have thought it through, sorry to trouble you… Eh, what are all of you doing?”

Norris had not managed to react when large quantities of Radiance Church Guards holding weapons behind the door had rushed forth. They were wearing masks and their facial expressions could not be seen. The weapons equipped were basically saint artifact class and above. The dozens of people who had come in, immediately surrounded Norris.

Norris looked at the logo on their clothes, it was a strange dark gold cross. This was the law enforcement team of the Radiance Church and was also known as the disciplinary society. It was the underground unit specially used by the Church to arrest heretics. They were directly under the command of the Radiance Pope and was not under the command of the three factions of the Radiant Church.

“Let’s get reacquainted. Although I’m the secretary of the General Student Union’s Chief President Angelia but I still have a secret identity!”

Cynthia, the secretary of the General Students’ Union, took off the mask which was made of skin on her face, revealing her beautiful, alluring and also unconventionally handsome face. Her attractiveness index rose a few steps in an instant; it had reached the non-human level of Kriss and Ariel.

“This is the coat of arms of the Holy Swordsman? You are actually the Holy Swordsman of the church. Your heart have no doubts? Then you should not have betrayed the religion. So why are you capturing me!”

Norris saw the unique Holy Cross Seal on Cynthia’s chest and questioned in confusion. He knew that the Radiant Church, after the successor of the church and the four Holy Maidens, would also secretly cultivate a Holy Swordsman loyal to the Pope. The Holy Swordsman controlled the ultimate weapon of the Radiant Church and she had mastered a lot of holy weapons.

The previous generation of the Holy Swordsman was killed more than a decade ago when they protected the Pope from the assassin of the Demon Race. After that, he had never heard of the Radiant Church having a new Holy Swordsman. He did not expect to meet her in this form. Norris had just thought that the color of Cynthia’s face was a little fake, and that her strength attribute could not be detected but he did not think deeper.

“Classmate Norris, I didn’t expect you to know a lot about the history of the Church! I shall not make things difficult for you. Please walk away yourself and we shall treat today like it had never happened?”

“How can this happen? President Maria had already fallen from Grace! You haven’t fallen from grace but you can’t see reality?

“Enough, I only believe my own eyes. The Holy Swordsman is only loyal to the heir of the Pope and the Pope. Although President Maria and the Four Holy Maidens had gone to cultivate last weekend, I can’t see how they have fallen. Don’t you know that if the Cleric had fallen from Grace, the holy cross worn on her chest would be stained black?”

“This… but there are exceptions. “Probably… because…”

“The change of color on the Holy Cross was the only rule that was clearly confirmed in the various sacred writings of the church. Classmate Norris, you are questioning the authority of the church’s sacred writings!”

Norris speechlessly looked at the Holy Swordsman, Cynthia. He had not seen President Maria go to the cathedral this morning to do her usual prayers. Even the four Holy Maidens were not seen. Feeling uneasy in his heart, he spent almost an hour outside and finally saw President Maria. In the distance, he discovered that the heir of the Pope had a bit of a problem. In the depths of Maria’s eyes, he discovered a mysterious evil energy that a devout Radiance believer should not have.

Moreover, he saw the four Holy Maidens bringing mysterious nuns to the forbidden place Samuel Tower. Originally, it was his rest day today, but he could not sit still when he saw all that. There were a few books in the forbidden place, Samuel Tower, and in the Jim Library that could not be made public. If they were taken away by these two mysterious nuns, then it would be disastrous.

He wanted to stop it at that time, but the Government Guards in St. Louis Church Academy only obeyed commands from President Maria and the four Holy Maidens. He was the deputy director of the Doors of Truth and could not command them. Norris was stopped by them as soon as he went over.

With nothing he could do, Norris could only come back to see if he can find the President of the General Students’ Union, Angelia, to respond to this serious problem. He couldn’t find the president of the Doors of Truth Society as the president had been pursuing President Maria. if there was no evidence, he would not believe his statement.

However, the Radiant Church judged whether the Holy Maiden and the Cleric had fallen based on whether the Holy Cross that was worn on the chest was discolored. According to the past generations of the various sacred writings of the church, the sacred object that was worn by the cleric on the chest, the Radiance Holy Cross, would be corroded and faded by the fallen power they got when they sold their souls to the Demons and other evil beings.

The Holy Cross worn by President Maria did not fade for whatever reason and what was even stranger was that the various sacred objects carried by President Maria were not abnormal. From this point, to say that Princess Maria had fallen, he was practically falsely accusing her. If Cynthia was not The Holy Swordsman, she would have gone in to report Norris’s information to Chief President Angelica.

However, Cynthia was the Holy Swordsman. Such an obviously false accusation against President Maria would affect her identity as the heir to the Pope and Cynthia would never sit idly by and do nothing about it. The Pope had placed her there to secretly lie low in Olsylvia Academy, secretly lurking beside the Chief President of the Central Student Union, Angelia, in order to prevent the appearance of any rumors that would threaten President Maria.

The identity of Cynthia being the Holy Swordsman, not to say Chief President Angelia, even President Maria also didn’t know. Norris had tragically entered into the internal power struggle of the Church and being banished by Cynthia should come as no surprise.

“Distinguished Holy Swordsman, just let me….”

“Norris, please just go, today had never happened! Also, don’t reveal my identity, otherwise, you know the consequences!

“Ok, but I have a request. Please follow President Maria the next time. Then you will know if what I said is the truth.”

“I know, you better set your mind to rest and be a student. Don’t meddle in the high-level matters of the Church!”

Norris left helplessly. He didn’t expect that his proposal later “sent” the Holy Swordsman Cynthia to someone. When he had realized it, the senior members of the church around him had all became “traitors.”

Regarding Norris’ report, the Holy Swordsman Cynthia did not believed him. Although she did not really trust the Holy Maidens, especially Daisy of Salo’s faction, she did not believe that the three great factions of the church would join hands to fall. Hailey and Susan were staunch Ellen faction holy maidens. Even if it killed her she could not believe that these two Holy Maidens had fallen from grace. If it was replaced by Holy Maiden Daisy, she could believe it.

Just as Norris was still rushing around for the “future of the church,” Bella and Noreya had infiltrated the Jim Underground Library and was outside the door. They were only a step away from the door.

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