Volume 2 Chapter 87: The Incident of The Jim Underground Library being Robbed and Damaged

At the large doors of the Jim Underground Library, Bella slowly inserted the assembly key into the special hexagonal keyhole. As the key turned, the thick stone door slowly opened and the secret covered in dust, lying in the Jim Underground library was finally made known to Bella.

The scale of this underground library, although it was not comparable to the private library of the Magical Creator God Betty’s personal library that had been visited by Bella, it was also considered the largest underground library that Bella had ever come across. It was estimated that no one had visited for a long time thus the bookshelf in the library was full of dust. However, there was an abnormal phenomenon that had attracted the attention of Bella and Noreya. The books placed there were like new books that had just been printed; it was too abnormal to be that new.
After Bella and Noreya had stepped into the library, the door behind them disappeared mysteriously. This unforeseen event made both of them feel unprepared. The previous operation was so smooth that even the professional assassin Noreya had relaxed her guard. They did not expect the library to have something similar to a trap.
At this time, the Magic Lantern that was originally used for light was suddenly extinguished. Originally, the Jim underground library was not very bright; this time, it was completely pitch-black. On the dusky bookshelf, Bella and Noreya saw a lot of faintly discernible figures floating. This Jim library was, as expected, problematic, and the reason for the place being sealed up was not only just to seal off the Big Four Forbidden Book but also to seal up other frightening objects.

The Demon Gods intruded into where the evil spirits were sealed. But this was really awkward as both Bella and Noreya just stood at the original spot with expressionless faces, no expression of being scared to death at all. This had made the evil spirits who had been staring at them from the dark feel very depressed. Were these two girls too terrified or were they not afraid of them at all? If it was the latter, then they would really not know what to do.

Before the forbidden books were placed inside the Jim Underground Library, it was a secret underground library that was sealed off by the church. There were many evil spirits lingering around and they could not be purified. Where they had come from, the church was not willing to mention. If it was not a cleric with a sacred object such as an exorcism cross, other people who had entered the Jim Library would end up like Bella and Noreya.
Bella and Noreya looked at each other and didn’t see any signs of hurry in each other’s eyes. They didn’t care so much and both of them went deeper into the library. Noreya took out the spare candles that she had brought with her and lit one up. She then advanced forward using the faint light of the candle. The evil spirits hiding in the dark place were slightly speechless. What was the identity of these two girls? Why were they unafraid of this scene? The assassin girl had also lit up a candle with a blue flame to amplify the terrifying atmosphere. This script was not right!

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Bella was a little nervous at first, but she quickly calmed down. She was after all a Demon King and a Demon God. If she was scared to death by these evil spirits, then the reputation of a Demon King and Demon God would be gone. Bella reckoned that Noreya really belonged to her side as she had no fear of these evil spirits; she seemed like a person who had seen a lot.
“Noreya, you don’t have a candle with another colour? This candle is a bit… scary!”

“No, I like the dark. Also, the targets of my assassination are not just humans.”

After Noreya had finished, she used her right hand to catch and grab the man who was hiding in the dark that wanted to pat her shoulder to scare her. After a shoulder throw, she directly smashed a white fuzzy shadow to the floor. Taking advantage of the shadow’s slow reaction, Noreya pulled out a strangely shaped saw-tooth dagger with her left hand and pierced it directly into the heart of the shadow lying on the ground.

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The fuzzy shadow that resembled a human figure was assassinated by Noreya and stabbed to death directly. For the first time, Bella saw that an assassin could assassinate a Spirit of Void. Noreya seemed to have quite a lot of secrets on her! It was different from killing living things; if the spirit was assassinated, then the spirit would basically be unable to reincarnate. This was the true meaning of death.
“Who else wants to come over?”
Noreya did not look at the fuzzy shadow on the ground who had been assassinated. The fuzzy shadow struggled for a while then transformed into a fog and disappeared. This was Bella’s first time seeing a spirit being stabbed to death. She was stunned for a while. Then, she caught up with Noreya.
Noreya’s threat had scared away the evil spirits who had wanted to use the same method to frighten Bella and her. The entire Jim library was quiet at once. The evil spirits knew that they had met a master who was even harder to handle than the clergy. At present, it would be a good idea to hide first and avoid the limelight.

Although the Jim Library had a large surface area, the architecture inside the building was not complicated. Bella and Noreya could easily find the location of the secret bookcase of the sealed up Four Forbidden Books of the Olsylvia Academy. The location was in the central district of the entire Jim Underground Library. The tall bookcases design was so obvious, it would be strange if they don’t notice it.

Along the way, the evil spirits had used a variety of ways to scare Bella and Noreya, and Bella had encountered almost every kind of horror film situation from her previous life. The evil spirits used all kinds of scary methods to frighten the two girls to bring the “script” back on track. However, the two girls did not cooperate with their performances and they were all depressed.
At the side of the bookshelf, a certain little girl in red was squatting over there. She buried her face in the sleeve of her clothes and was crying softly. When Bella and Noreya passed her, her crying got even louder. As a result, Noreya and Bella went straight past her and didn’t even give her a glance. Evil Spirit Little Girl: “….”

Between the bookshelves, a headless woman floated in the direction of Bella and Noreya. Before she could get close, Noreya sent many arrows and shot the headless female evil spirit dead.
“Why did both of you come to the library!”
In the center of the bookcase, a grandfather with a white beard was resisting his strong anger and asked. However, Noreya and Bella ignored him and went straight through his body to the sealed bookshelf.

“This is enough. Both of you can’t take away those books. Do you know who I am?”
“I don’t know, you seemed to be the original owner of this library. However, this does not concern us!”

Bella and Noreya had seen the portrait of the old man on the front wall of the library lobby earlier. He seemed to be the first generation librarian of the Jim Underground Library, Jim. If he still appeared here hundreds of years later, it should be that he was either a ghost or an evil being.

Are both of you not afraid that I will keep the entrance sealed forever!”

“Isn’t it just right after that bookshelf? Your hiding skills are too lousy. An average assassin could see the entrance.”

Librarian Jim was now at his wit’s end. He could neither fight nor frighten them. These two women had come here to deliberately tear the place down! They were not at all cooperative and he could only look forward to the last seal that Radiant Church had left behind to restrict their crazy action.
With the crisp sound of lock picking, the concealed bookshelf had been opened. The ghost of Librarian Jim was completely stunned. Shouldn’t the Sacred Object, which was the last forbidden seal of Radiant Church, be carried personally by the Four Holy Maidens and the Heir of the Pope? Could it be that the beautiful blonde knight was the Holy Swordsman of Radiant Church!
“Don’t ignore me, this old man! You can take away that book “Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales”. The remaining three books, “Melville’s Movement”, “Galsworthy’s Prophecy” and “Father Marion’s Investigations” can’t be taken away!”

Bella, of course, would not pay attention to the suggestion of ​​the ghostly old man. She carried all four books away from the bookcase. It didn’t matter that she carried them but after the four books were removed, the last trap mechanism, which the Radiant Church had set up, was activated. Bella was so anxious that she didn’t wait for Noreya to check if there were any traps and just took the books away. This was a self-destruct trap. Four books were sealed in the huge bookcase.
“Danger, you fool!”
At the moment before the explosion of the trap, Noreya threw herself on Bella and pressed her under her body. Bella had wanted to say that she was not afraid of the explosion, but after being forced underneath by Noreya, the huge sound of the explosion made her choose to lie down quietly.

“Hmph, not listening to your elders; you’ve suffered a loss. Are these two girls dead? If they died, I’ve managed to find a substitute… Eh”
Ghost Jim had just wanted to go to the ruins to find Bella’s dead body to possess it when he saw Bella climbed out from the ruins. With one hand, she grabbed his neck. Bella also discovered at this time that the Demon King and the Demon God could directly grab the evil spirits using their hand. If she had known this earlier, she would have done it herself. She did not have to wait for Noreya to do it and deal with these avenging spirits herself.
“You are… Demon King, Mistress Demon King? Please spare my life, Mistress Demon King! This servant did not know that you are the Demon King… Please…”

Bella was too lazy to listen to his nonsense. Just now, this old man had definitely expected that there would be an explosive trap in the bookcase and he had deliberately not said anything. He had wanted them to die. She used the strength in her hand and directly cut apart the ghost’s head and body.
Noreya, who was not too far away on the ground, had been stunned by the explosion and fell unconsciousness just now. Regarding the fact that Bella could use her body to directly attack an avenging ghost, she did not know it at the moment. If she had seen it, maybe she would be much less wary of Bella.
Outside the Forbidden Ground Samuel Tower, the four Holy Maidens who had felt the loud sound had rushed in. They had Bella’s Demon’s Contract on their body now and although they had not completely surrendered to her, if Bella had encountered an accident, they would also follow her and die because of this contract.
When the four Holy Maidens entered the Jim underground library, they only saw ruins. The explosion had buried all the books of the entire underground library. Bella stood up from the ruins and was holding Noreya, whose whole body was bleeding, in her arms, her expression slightly complex. Noreya was now injured in many parts of her body because the self-destruct equipment was too powerful. If Noreya had not pushed her down, it would have been hard for Bella to bear.

“Bella, we… we don’t know that there were traps in the hidden chamber!”

“Bella, don’t overthink it! We didn’t deliberately hide it from you!”
It was estimated that they could see that Bella was a little angry, so the Four Holy Maidens quickly explained that they had gone to the Jim Underground Library several times in the past. However, because the saints usually carried the holy weapon allocated by the Radiant Church which was the Holy Cross, they did not meet the large number of evil spirits that Bella had just encountered. Naturally, they would not know that the Jim underground library would have this secret.

“Take us to your dormitory. For the morning culture class, President Maria should help all of you take leave for the class. I have to carefully ask all of you a few questions and save my little idiot partner as well.”
In the Radiant Church’s Inner Sanctum of the Pope’s Hall. Pope Croft VI of the Radiant Church was seated on the Pope’s Cathedral. In front of his throne, there stood three priests and they were dressed in red from head to toe. They were the Red Priests and were also the representatives of the church’s three major factions. This time the Pope of the Radiant Church had summoned them very urgently. They did not know what had happened and rushed over.

“A problem cropped up in St. Louis Church Academy of Olsylvia Academy. The forbidden Samuel Tower’s hidden underground chamber, the Jim Library, has been bombed and the four books that we had sealed up could not be found. What do all of you think of this matter?”

Although the Pope of the Radiant Church’s voice was slightly old, his dignity remained the same. The Pope knew that of the three Red Priests in front of him, only the Ellen Faction’s Red Priest Ellen was still loyal to him. Salo’s faction Red Priest Salo and Micah’s Faction Red Priest Micah had done many things behind his back. If he had not needed to take into consideration the current unity of the Radiant Church, perhaps he would have already changed the two Red Priests to his own people instead.
“I don’t think we have to deal with this matter personally; we shall pass it on to Daisy and the other Holy Maidens to handle.”

“I agree with Salo’s point of view. At present, do we not have other things to discuss instead! President Maria will investigate the matter. If she fails, there is also the Holy Swordsman over there! We do not have to be afraid!”
Michah and Salo seemed to have a rapport. Ellen had wanted to look united on the surface thus he did not really oppose them.
“If this is the case, let us discuss the next matter. Recently, the emperors of Octavia Empire and Aldridge Empire had sent letters to me and hoped that they could have an arranged marriage with the Vatican. Although the four Holy Maidens, based on the teachings, were supposed to serve the Radiant God for all their lives, we could spread to the masses that the two empire’s princes are the heirs of the Radiant God…”
“Your Holiness, this would not be very appropriate. Our church is not supposed to interfere with the politics of the various empires! Letting Holy Maidens marry mortals…”
Ellen was the first one to oppose the idea. Although he was loyal to the Pope of Radiant Church, it was not blind loyalty. The Pope of Radiant Church planned to target his two beloved Holy Maidens, Hayley and Susan. These two Holy Maidens were the easiest to persuade. The Pope of Radiant Church did not dare to directly make use of Holy Maiden Daisy of Salo Faction and Holy Maiden Sophia of Micah Faction.
“Brother Ellen, I have watched your two beloved apprentices growing up and would be considered as half a kin. I would not push them towards a pit of fire. I have sent people to send the documents over to them earlier on so please do not bother about it anymore. Don’t be prejudiced against the princes of these two empires because of some rumors.”

“I will obey the instructions of the Pope and ask to be excused first!” Knowing that the Pope had made his decision, Ellen could only leave helplessly. Although the Pope of the Radiant Church did not clearly explain his reason in arranging a marriage to form an alliance with the other empires but the three Red Priests could roughly guess the reason.
Recently, the Radiant Church had lost many times in the battle against the Darkness Church. Many small countries had been infiltrated with the people of the Darkness Church. If they did not join forces with the empire, then there would be many more areas that would be under the control of the Darkness Church. This was the result that the church refused to see.

Originally the Darkness Church was not that powerful but they didn’t expect that it in just over a month, the Darkness Church’s third Holy Maiden Liz, whose strength was among the lowest ranking, could suddenly increase her strength dramatically. This pot, after circling for half a day, had to be carried by Bella. One of the greatest reasons that Liz’s strength had increased so dramatically was because she had become a member of Bella’s camp.
(TL Notes: Pot carried by Bella meant that Bella had to take responsibility.)

However, the current high-level Radiant Church members did not know that the Pope’s heirs and the four Holy Maidens had basically been “eaten up” by someone. This marriage alliance plan had been doomed to fail from the start.

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