Volume 2 Chapter 88: Conquering the Divine

The First Hostel Building within St. Louis Church Academy was housed in Olsylvia Academy’s South District. Behind the locked doors of Bathroom No. 1, which is exclusively used by the church, Bella placed Noreya onto a comfortable bench. She was injured by explosives planted by the Radiant Church when protecting her.

Carrying an injured girl through the academy grounds would raise unnecessary suspicion, so Bella had no choice but to move her to the dormitory that President Maria shared with the four Holy Maidens for now. They will only return to their quarters after everything has settled down.

“Bella, what are you doing, you pervert?!
“Noreya, you’re injured. I’m just treating you!”
“You… why are you taking off my clothes? Stop it right now!”
“Stop squirming! You don’t want to reopen your wounds. Come on, what are you so afraid of? We’re both girls and I obviously won’t eat you up!”
“Take me back, I have a plan…”
“I can’t do that. Noreya, stop moving unless you want to experience what they felt last weekend!”
“How dare you… wait until I recover and you’ll definitely… Hey, stop that! What do you think you’re doing holding down my hands like that!?”

With practiced ease, Bella pinned Noreya’s wrists above her head before grabbing some gossamer spider thread to restrain them in place. Once her restraints were secure, Bella quickly removed Noreya’s clothes and was instantly shocked to see dozens of open wounds plastered all over her snow white skin. The automatic explosive devices planted by the Radiant Church were so powerful, the explosion was enough to obliterate an unsuspecting Demon King, who was a first grade Evil Being. As she analyzed the horrifying wounds all over her body, Bella felt sorry for her and gently caressed her wounds. Initially, Noreya had wanted to forcibly escape her restraints, but hesitated after feeling Bella’s tender touch.

The way that Bella was looking at Noreya was akin to that of an artist admiring a priceless piece of art. Through her eyes, Noreya could tell that Bella had no intention of violating her. She moved her hands adeptly across Noreya’s body, and even though it seemed like she was taking advantage of her, Bella’s touch held a hint of comfort.

“Who knew that you were capable of treating females gently… Hey, stop it! There aren’t any injuries there, where are you touching?!”

Just as Noreya wanted to commend Bella, Bella’s wandering hands had instinctively moved to grope her breasts. Clearly, both of them could see that there were no injuries on her chest… Obviously, she was trying to take advantage of the situation. Bella’s touch was teasing and provocative. In no time at all, Noreya’s body could not help but react to her advances.

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“Noreya, I’m simply making sure that there aren’t any injuries on your chest. Don’t be so sensitive! It looks fine to me, and since you don’t like it when I touch you there, I shall check somewhere else then!”
“Bella, stop it! You can do as you please, just don’t touch me there. I’m begging you!”
“There’s a good girl! Wait for me here, I’ll bring the medicine.”

When Noreya saw that Bella was about to slip her hand into her “secret place”, she hastily said that to stop her. If she were to be violated there as well, it would be much more humiliating than having her chest fondled. She would rather let a depraved Bella play with her breasts as much as she wanted. Even though her chest area was no longer pure, no matter what, her final line of defense couldn’t fall.

Bella then stood up and went to the bathroom where the four Holy Maidens were. When they saw her approach, they immediately removed their clothes and knelt on the bathroom floor with their arms crossed behind their backs. If not for the absence of certain props, no one would have thought that they were proud Holy Maidens. Rather, it would have been easier to assume that they were simply Bella’s personal maids.

The four Holy Maidens had been reluctant to put themselves in such a demeaning posture. With the way they were behaving, one would think they’re female slaves seeking the affections of their master. However, they were in no position to defy Bella. If they did not cooperate and obey her instructions, who knew what kind of shameful tricks this she-devil would use on them.

Bella completely disregarded their concerns and started pinching and groping them everywhere she desired. As much as the Holy Maidens wanted to make a break for it, their legs seemed to buckle, rendering them unable to stand.

“Bella… please don’t do this. It’s the middle of the day, didn’t you and President Maria agree that only on the weekends…”
“If I was truly that obedient, none of you would have fallen into my grasp! Come, I’ll bring you to the public bath. Since you ladies don’t have classes in the afternoon, I’m going to… Follow me and you’ll find out.”

Bella ignored the Holy Maidens’ expressions of shame and flushed faces as she carried them into the bath. She then picked up the medicine and walked back over to Noreya with a mischievous grin on her face. It was a beautiful smile, but Noreya felt like something was off.

“Just help me apply the medicine and stop with that strange smile. I’m a little… Eh? Why did you put the medicine on…”

Previously, Noreya had explicitly rejected the suggestion to use the Holy Maidens’ magic to heal her injuries. Bella didn’t questions her decision because she had a vague idea of the apprehensions Noreya had, such as not wanting to expose herself. Bella didn’t want to either.
Not to mention the four Holy Maidens had not fully submitted to her yet, so revealing Noreya’s secret was probably not a wise move. Noreya’s lithe form was like a work of art as Bella ogled every inch of it, barely suppressing the dark desire that had long taken hold in her heart. Without revealing her intentions, she held the healing medicine in her mouth and straddled Noreya. Looking at a perplexed Noreya, who had no idea what was to come, Bella grinned and stuck out her little pink tongue and proceeded to administer the medicine by licking Noreya’s skin.

“Bella, please don’t kiss me like that anymore, it will make me feel weird. Oh, I beg you, please spare me! Why don’t you go and use them instead, they seem really idle!”
“Noreya, I’m going to kiss every inch of your body until all your wounds have been healed!”
“My entire body?! You perverted girl, let me go! I’m not going to accept your help any longer. Stop it! You wh*re, stop kissing me! Help me…”

At the sight of Bella and Noreya in each other’s arms, the Holy Maidens in the main bath had turned away in embarrassment as Bella savored the taste of Noreya’s body with each kiss. They had never imagined that Bella had so many hidden tricks that she could use to experience such pleasure with other women. At the thought of being subjected to such strange treatment, the Holy Maidens were fearful, but were actually secretly excited in their hearts.
Little did they know, the Assassin Princess Noreya, who was rumored to be disfigured, was actually an ebony haired, ethereal beauty. Furthermore, her visage was even comparable to Kriss and Isaman. Apparently, the News Club had times when they were wrong as well.

At the South District of Olsylvia Academy, at Samuel’s Tower at the perimeter of the restricted area in St. Louis Church Academy, President Maria and Chief President Angelia brought their teams to investigate the incident that happened here. Due to the need to maintain the confidentiality of the incident, none of the other four student union presidents had joined them.

“This is strange… I still have the key, so it shouldn’t have been possible to open the door! There aren’t any visible signs of forced entry either! President Maria, what are your thoughts on this matter?”
“I think it would be best to hand this matter over to the St. Louis Church Academy Student Union so we can continue to pursue this matter. Chief President Angelia, please head back and I will send you a report within a week.”

Chief President Angelia and President Maria looked at each other with guilty expressions on their faces. As they were both extremely nervous, neither of them detected a hint of panic in the other’s voice. Maria knew that the key was taken away by Bella. She was afraid that if Chief President Angelia were to mention anything regarding the matter, she would be in big trouble since it’s not something she can easily explain. Angelia’s key was also swapped away by a mysterious person and she was in no position to mention anything about the problem. She could only attempt to redirect the conversation away from the missing keys. In the meantime, she had to figure out how to retrieve her key.

“Chief President Angelia, according to reports by the Radiant Church’s guards who were stationed here, the Vice President of the Doors of Truth, Norris, had been seen loitering around the area! There is definitely something fishy about the matter and I suggest we escalate this matter to the Vatican. We’ll let the Radiant Church handle things!”
“Cynthia, I don’t think that will be appropriate. Norris is the rising star of the Radiant Church, if we were to interfere, wouldn’t this…”
“Chief President Angelia, this would concern the inner affairs of their church. The guards that reported Norris’ whereabouts are from the main factions; the Ellen Faction, Salo’s Faction, and Micah’s Faction. I doubt it would be a false accusation for them to stir up trouble.”

Even though Angelia had no idea why her Secretary, Cynthia, kept pushing the blame onto Norris, it might be good to go with the flow so that President Maria could handle the matter personally. If the fact that her keys were lost came to light, things would be really bad.

Back in the Olsylvia Academy’s South District, the First Hostel Building within St. Louis Church Academy, President Maria walked into Bathroom No. 1.
The moment she closed the door, she saw two unexpected guests.
“Bella, why are you here?”
“Maria, I missed you, so I decided to come over! What, don’t just stand there, come here and let me hug you!”
“You…wh*re! I’ve really got to hand it to you. Don’t you have anything better to do in your life?”

At this point, Bella was seated on President Maria’s bed and behind her laid a stunning, ebony haired beauty covered in wounds that haven’t been completely healed yet. Even though she had already been given a strong dose of healing medicine, it had not fully taken effect. However, she estimated that with a little more rest, her wounds would heal completely without leaving any scars. Since she’s never met her before, Maria was curious about the exquisitly beautiful young lady laying on her bed. A girl with such good looks would usually stand out. At the very least, the people in the News Club would not have let such important information go to waste. However, she knew nothing about her. It seemed as though she was another deeply hidden figure.

The thing that confused President Maria the most was that the young lady seemed like she just came out of the shower since her snowy white skin was covered in droplets of water. In some places, there were also some subtle bite marks as though it was a remnant of many highly intimate love bites.

Naturally, Noreya could tell what the strange expression on President Maria’s face meant. She was covered in water droplets and it was all Bella’s fault. This wh*re! She had left traces of her licks and nibbles all over her body. Honestly, Bella was incorrigible. Her kisses earlier had almost pushed her over the edge. If Maria didn’t show up, at the rate they were going, the last line of her defences would crumble under Bella’s assault.

Other than the motionless Noreya on the bed, the other four Holy Maidens were around as well. Daisy was practically plastered onto Bella, giving her a back massage with the ‘other parts’ of her body instead of her hands. Hayley and Susan sat on Bella’s left and right respectively. Every once in a while, Bella’s hands would reach around to grope their chests. Sophia was half-kneeling at the edge of the bed, massaging her feet with her head facing towards the ground.

Such depraved scenes should have never occurred in a sacred room such as this, especially since they were the Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church. Other than President Maria, who had just walked into the room, every single lady in the room was stark naked. Furthermore, each of the Holy Maidens wore an intricate black choker. The entire image was basically blasphemous to the Radiant Church.

“President Maria, you aren’t fantasizing about something kinky, are you?! Do you want me to help you, or would you prefer to do it yourself?”
“I… Bella, honestly, you’re practically living proof of the Demon King’s existence. This constant indulgence in female pleasures and fornication isn’t a good thing. Don’t you have any goals or ambitions to work towards?”
“President Maria, this is simply an insignificant side hobby for me. Please don’t waste any more of my time. What did you come here for!?”

Maria looked at the black choker that Bella had handed to her before looking back at the Holy Maidens on the bed whose eyes were hazy and unfocused. Although the function of the choker seemed slightly suspicious, she didn’t have a choice. Under Bella’s wicked gaze, she took off all her clothes and obediently wore the choker before presenting herself to Bella.

Bella didn’t stand on ceremony as she pulled President Maria into her arms and attacked her with a barrage of kisses. Within the first few kisses, Maria’s eyes became unfocused and dreamy. The prop that she was wearing was something that Bella had spent a fortune on- the Slave’s Collar. Bella had bought a large batch of them from the Demon King of Lust, Asmodeus.

Anyone who wore the collar was in for a lot of fun, especially in special situations like this.

“President Maria, what is the meaning behind these two letters from the church?”
“How did you find these letters? I recall only receiving them yesterday…”
“Humph, you actually tried hiding something from me! Looks like I have no choice but to punish you.”
“Don’t, please Bella… I had absolutely no intention of keeping this from you.”

However, Maria’s pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as Bella pressed her mouth against hers. Bella’s insistent tongue easily parted Maria’s lips and delved inside her mouth before capturing her sweet tongue. After what seemed like forever, Bella finally broke the kiss just as Maria was almost suffocating.

“Tell me everything you know. There will not be a next time. If you are to ever keep things from me again, don’t even bother thinking about leaving!”

Maria didn’t dare conceal anything from Bella and truthfully told her all the plans the Pope and his allies had made. Even though the Pope of the Radiant Church was her teacher, Bella was practically her master and had given her no way out.

“Humph, I have already claimed Hayley and Susan as my own, so don’t even think about giving them away. Tell me, what would it take for the Radiant Pope to gift the few of you to me? Give me a number and I will arrange for a representative to negotiate the terms. If he doesn’t agree, I will probably have to think of more evil ways to get what I want.”

While she was speaking, Bella held both Hayley and Susan in her arms. She even kissed each of them deeply on the lips. Susan had already resigned herself to her fate and did not resist and welcomed Bella’s passionate kiss.
Hayley, on the other hand, had always had the thought of defiance in her mind.
However, under the influence of the secret weapon around her neck, Hayley lost all will to resist and she finally gave in.

“President Maria, all of you shall move over to my quarters this weekend, alright? This is an order. Also, the next time the Church sends someone over, you have to report it to me. Without my permission, none of you are allowed to leave Olsylvia Academy for the Vatican. Whoever disobeys my command will leave me no choice but to…”
“Bella, you are too domineering. We aren’t your…. Don’t do this! Alright, alright, I give up.”
“Hayley, I have tolerated you for the longest time. Today, you shall finally understand how to get along with me!”

Instinctively, Hayley wanted to resist. However, before she could say anything, Bella saw through it and pulled her over before kissing her several times and pressing her body down. The other beauties already had an idea of what Bella was about to do, but even though the thought of escaping crossed their minds, the special tool on their necks released a weird power that prevented them from standing up. The only thing they could do was wait for Bella to pick them up to use for her pleasure. Noreya seemed conflicted as she watched Bella and Hayley tumble between the sheets. Her wounds had already healed and she could leave anytime she wanted to. Even though Bella’s methods were rather dishonorable, she was still grateful for her treatment and assistance. Ultimately, Noreya chose to continue feigning injury and laid back on the bed.

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