Chapter 88: A Huge Change

As Bai Qi spoke, he pointed to the foreign delegations, and the entire racecourse fell silent. If Gu Tian didn’t know who the people behind Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. were, he might wonder who the man who had suddenly stepped forward and made such a statement was. At the same time, he would also doubt his statement. However, he only felt his heartbeat accelerate, and his gaze instantly flicked towards the direction that Bai Qi pointed at.

Without any signs of hesitation, the foreigners were surrounded. Facing the black muzzles, nobody dared to move.

The nervous Su Qiubai glanced at the emperors and noticed the smile in their eyes. He immediately understood that they had long known who the murderer was, yet they had caused him to panic earlier.

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Angrily twitching his lips, he followed Gu Tian, Bai Qi and the other emperors towards the group of foreigners.

“Which one is the killer, Mister?” Standing in front of the foreigners, Gu Tian asked.

The surrounding soldiers who heard that were a little surprised because they knew that Grandpa Gu was the most powerful person in the entire Donghai City, but he surprisingly addressed that ordinary middle-aged man as “Mister”.

Of course, Bai Qi didn’t think much of it. It was the same as calling him grandfather, he would take it for granted. Taking a few steps forward, he stood in front of a blond old man and sneered.

“It’s him!”

Immediately, the audience’s gaze focused on the old man. Both Mike and Jimmy were wide-eyed because the person Bai Qi mentioned was actually their coach.

“Impossible! How could our coach be the murderer? Do you think he’ll kill our senior?” The two of them shouted loudly. That assumption was too ridiculous.

Besides Mike and Jimmy, even the foreign representatives voiced out their opinions, saying that China was planning to kill innocent people.

“Everyone, shut up! I’ll kill whoever dares to utter another word!” Bai Qi roared at the foreigners, whose voices were getting louder and louder. He couldn’t understand their language, so he didn’t know what they were saying!

Hundreds of foreigners fell silent in unison. Even the soldiers next to them shuddered. Gu Tian, who initially had already been paying more attention to Bai Qi, completely understood how terrifying he was at that moment!

Those who had experienced life and death would understand this. This power could only be seen in someone who had killed a lot of people.

Tie Muzhen18Tie MuzhenEmperor Genghis, Genghis Khan19Genghis KhanEmperor Genghis, Tie Muzhen also muttered something. Others who were far from him didn’t hear what he said, but standing next to him, Su Qiubai clearly heard it.

He said, “We can easily solve this matter by killing all of them. You don’t know how many foreigners I’ve killed in the past….”

Su Qiubai glanced at him with his eyes wide open. Only then did he recall that among the emperors, no one had killed as many foreigners as Tie Muzhen had. He had almost completely conquered Europe!

No one uttered a word anymore. Bai Qi returned his gaze to Mike’s coach.

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“I… I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” The old man was trembling; he seemed to be scared.

Bai Qi silently watched him… because he didn’t even know what the man was saying!

The atmosphere had completely frozen. Everyone felt extremely tense and nervous. They had a feeling that the Chinese man might kill him in the next second.

“If…you all intend to use this method, I’m sure that my country will get justice for me.”

Because Bai Qi’s power was too strong, the old man bore tremendous pressure when he spoke.

Having said that, a slight explosion could be heard, and all of a sudden, everyone couldn’t open their eyes!

The racecourse was caught in a brief riot.

After the faint smog dispersed, everyone was taken aback by the scene in front of them.

Mike’s coach was lying on the ground. His hair and beard had been ripped off, revealing a face that was completely different from before. At that moment, he was looking at Bai Qi in horror.

“Who are you……?”

Bai Qi took a glance at him, then turned to Gu Tian.

“He’s the killer. You can handle the rest.”

After that, he calmly turned and strode towards Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng.

Grandpa Gu returned back to reality after hearing that sentence. He didn’t understand how Bai Qi had not been affected at all when the killer threw the smoke bomb; instead, the killer himself was seriously injured. However, it wasn’t the time to ponder about that. The killer on the ground had been caught. The soldiers then found out that his limbs were all broken and he couldn’t move at all.

Bai Qi just casually looked into the distance. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Gu Tian didn’t expect that what he thought could potentially cause a crisis to China could be resolved so easily. As long as the killer had been caught, he couldn’t be bothered if the other countries were still angry.

At first, he wanted to invite Su Qiubai and the rest to leave with him, but he was rejected by them. The emperors were still waiting to race with one another. They hadn’t had a chance to do so until now.

Gu Tian also noticed that they might be busy, so he just left without a word.

It was at this moment that someone found Mike’s real coach in the lounge of the racecourse. He was already dead. In fact, it wasn’t just him; there was another racer’s corpse present as well.

Finally, everyone understood the killer’s plan. First, he killed the coach and the racer. Then, he pretended to be the racer and participated in the game to kill Anthony and the rest. Finally, he sneaked back, disguised himself as the coach and planned to slip away.

Everything seemed seamless, as long as no one found the two bodies.

But no one expected that Bai Qi had noticed that something wasn’t right just from briefly watching the screen. Bai Qi remembered each person who had been present, and finally, he noticed the old man sneaking out from the lounge, so he naturally understood everything.

The foreign delegations felt that the place was too dangerous, so they left with Gu Tian.

Su Qiubai and the emperors could finally race in peace!

The racecourse dared not intervene with that group of people, especially when they saw how each one of them got onto their horses. Their verve was so strong that it could swallow the mountains and rivers!

Cao Toufei was very excited to be the referee. Looking at those people on horseback, and thinking about their identities, he could only regret not knowing how to ride a horse, and envied Su Qiubai, who was at the starting line with them.

Even before setting off, Su Qiubai respected the ancestors’ abilities further.

This was especially so after seeing the unruly horses all become obedient, like the emperors’ grandsons, after the emperors’ two legs wrapped around their sides. And yet, he had to spend so much time to communicate with his horse earlier. Those emperors just had to sit on the horse and they were already ready.

So when he remembered that he might never have such an opportunity in the future, Su Qiubai added more growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to his equestrian skills and finally felt at ease.

No one knew that such a powerful game was going on at the Liuyun Mountain Racecourse. That was a miracle not just in the history of China, but also in the entire world. Not many knew about this, and the brothers of the Street Racers Gang were lucky to have the opportunity to watch the event.

According to them, that moment at Liuyun Mountain was like tens of thousands horses roaring, together with the upheaval of nature. The momentum was magnificent and overwhelming!

Nobody knew the final results of the race. The group of emperors and generals came back together with Su Qiubai. Cao Toufei asked for the results, but Tie Muzhen glared at him. The others didn’t look happy too.

Of course, no one was in a good mood because the winner was undetermined. Perhaps only Su Qiubai was the calmest. In the end, all the horses were tired, lying on the ground. They just couldn’t stand that level of competition.

Leaving the racecourse, the ancestors weren’t in a good mood, but they quickly let it go.

How could they care about such a small matter? China was vast, but they had left their legacy behind, so why should they compare themselves with one another?

It was already quite fortunate to be able to see each other’s skills!

So, just let it go!

That day was destined to be an extraordinary day. Many people who had the authority to know about it quickly learned about the incidents at Liuyun Mountain. Everyone wanted to find out where the horse racing warriors had come from!

Several forces, who were ready to cause trouble in China, became frightened after the incident.

And Su Qiubai… completely became the focus of attention of the mysterious organization!

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