Chapter 87: The Conspiracy

After hopping off the horse, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. felt that something was wrong. As he reached Cao Toufei’s side, his initially calm expression changed. Before he could even ask about what was going on, there was a large commotion near the fat manager’s side.

Slowly, the news began to spread that all the equestrians, except Su Qiubai, were killed!

When everyone heard this, their first reaction was instant disbelief, knowing that the equestrians were all their respective countries’ elites!

To put it bluntly, all of them were brought up with their respective countries’ resources, and they would be joining the Olympics in the coming year. To the delegations, this terrible situation was no different from the sky crashing down on them!

The manager immediately called the police, and each country’s delegates rushed to the crime scene.

Su Qiubai was completely stunned. Who would have expected that a simple game would end up like this?

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He checked his growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system. He didn’t have enough points to go back in time before the murder had occurred, so those people would never be able to live again!

Without any hesitation, he also rushed to the crime scene, along with the emperors.

Everything was similar to what Bai Qi had guessed. All the riders died not far from the spot where Su Qiubai surpassed them. Obviously, after the broadcast screen was switched, the killer destroyed the aerial camera and killed everyone!

The dead bodies were clean, so it was obvious that the killer killed them with a single fatal blow!

Everyone couldn’t accept the fact that the people before them were dead. Seeing the bodies, some even burst into tears.

Su Qiubai also felt uncomfortable, but until now, he hadn’t realized what the consequences of the incident were. Instead, it was the emperors who became serious. Nobody knew what they were thinking about. They exchanged gazes occasionally. Their behavior was really strange.

After noticing this, Su Qiubai intended to ask about it, but Mike and Jimmy’s coach, an old British man, suddenly turned his attention to Su Qiubai.

“It’s you Chinese people who killed them. It must be you who did this! This was obviously a conspiracy!”

His words made Su Qiubai somewhat stupefied. The emperors, however, had an expression that seemed like they had predicted this.

After the old British man said this, the other delegations turned their blades to Su Qiubai and said things along the same lines, like “This was the Chinese’s conspiracy” and “They had planned to kill the riders from the beginning”.

Even if Su Qiubai was slow to react, he too had realized how unusual the case was.

Thinking about that, it was because several Chinese master equestrian had suddenly appeared that other equestrians from all over the world were attracted. Afterwards, a race was held in China. In the end, Su Qiubai, the only Chinese rider, survived, while the other foreigners were dead!

What did that mean?

This was obviously a trap. A trap that the Chinese had set in place for the foreign equestrians, and the attack was simply cruel!

Su Qiubai finally understood. This was indeed a trap, but it was the complete opposite to what the foreigners thought it was, because it was actually a trap set up for the Chinese!

Standing next to him, Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng gave him a look, indicating for him to remain silent.

The foreign delegations were getting more and more angry. All of them started to make phone calls. In short, the entire atmosphere of Liuyun Mountain seemed to have been stifled!

Similarly, as the commander of the warriors stationed in Donghai City, Gu Tian also received all the phone calls. After hanging up the phone, a rare hint of shock flashed across his face!

The case was too serious. He had just ended the call with various countries’ embassies that were pressuring China, blaming the case of the Liuyun Mountain Racecourse on China, and bluntly accusing China for the conspiracy!

The entire top management instantly became nervous because of that matter, so they immediately called Gu Tian, asking him to investigate the matter as soon as possible, and report back to them. They even asked him to find out who the murderer was and minimize the impact of this situation!

China had become pessimistic in recent years. Due to an accident a few years ago, the number of warriors had dropped by half, so even some previously small places dared to speak out internationally.

If that accident hadn’t happened, China would still be the well-deserved hegemon in the world. Then, a murder case like this wouldn’t be a problem.

Sighing, the coldness in Gu Tian’s eyes returned. No matter what, the murder case in Liuyun Mountain had to be resolved as soon as possible. If the murderer escaped, then others would surely grab the chance to do it as well! Therefore, he directly notified Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. and blocked all roads in and out of Liuyun Mountain. Then, he brought all the warriors with him there!

At that moment, the atmosphere was still tense at Liuyun Mountain Racecourse, even though there weren’t any conflicts or riots. However, the foreigners were obviously on the same side. Hundreds of people got together and glared at Su Qiubai and the other Chinese with hatred.

Su Qiubai couldn’t be bothered by what they thought.

He was trying to recall the events earlier, but he couldn’t remember seeing the killer. The manager also refused to show the surveillance video of the race, saying that it was necessary to wait for the police to arrive. So, Su Qiubai could only rely on his memory.

In contrast to Su Qiubai’s depression, Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong and Ying Zheng were much more relaxed. They were staring at the foreigners with great interest.

The emperors’ thinking was simple. It was just a few foreigners who died. It didn’t matter to the emperors if the foreigners were killed. These annoying foreigners were looking for death anyway!

If Su Qiubai knew that that was what the emperors were thinking about, he would surely be glad that he was living in the present.

According to the bet, he should be getting the rings from the emperors now, but he definitely wasn’t in the mood to do so.

Obviously, the Chinese had been set up. Someone must have heard that Ying Zheng and the other emperors were going to race today, so the plan had already been laid out, they were just waiting for the game to start!

Everything was going according to their plan now.

What the h*ck… Su Qiubai secretly swore. Lifting up his head, he spotted several police cars heading over. Nobody thought that there would be so many policemen. Even the foreigners were shocked by the stern-looking and armed policemen. After a while, the entire racecourse was completely surrounded; the roads had also long been blocked.

Nobody made a sound as they waited.

The discipline and style of the Chinese army were well-known throughout the world. That was the first time that most of the foreigners saw this, and they suddenly had a feeling that the title given to China was well-deserved.

They were fully convinced that no one would be able to leave the place alive as long as an order had been given.

Before everyone’s eyes, Gu Tian strode over, followed by Gu Zhanchuan and several guards.

Noticing that, Su Qiubai was surprised to see Grandpa Gu there.

Grandpa Gu also had the same reaction. His serious eyes were also stunned after seeing Su Qiubai. Gu Zhanchuan recognized the people behind Su Qiubai, and his heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly whispered to Gu Tian.

That caught Grandpa Gu in a daze. He had previously heard about the horrific bunch of warriors with Su Qiubai in the bar, and he didn’t expect to meet them today. Therefore, he immediately headed over.

Since Su Qiubai was there, he must know about the case. With that, Grandpa Gu could also save a lot of unnecessary processes and directly search for the killer.

Seeing Grandpa Gu approaching him, Su Qiubai also moved forward a few steps.

Those foreigners suddenly felt nervous. This kid actually knows the leader of the Chinese army? Are they… planning to kill us all?

Having thought that, those arrogant foreigners shivered in fear.

“Grandpa Gu, why are you here?” Since that was a different occasion, Su Qiubai’s tone naturally changed.

Gu Tian also smiled at Su Qiubai, but soon, he returned to his serious self, and began to ask about the murder case. Su Qiubai truthfully revealed everything he could recall; he even included his own speculation that someone had secretly set them up.

After listening to him, Gu Tian frowned.

He didn’t think that things would be so strange. The most important thing was that the crime scene had happened at the back of the hill, so there was a possibility that the murderer had left.

Just when Gu Tian was in deep thoughts about what to do next, Ying Zhen, who had remained calm this whole time, took a quick glance at Bai Qi and nodded.

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Then, Bai Qi suddenly stepped forward. In a tranquil tone, he said to Gu Tian, “The killer is among those people, just catch all of them and the situation will be fine.”

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