Chapter 86: The Old Horse’s Poem

Not only did the emperors felt that something was wrong, but those foreign racers were also shocked.

As the saying goes, if you thoroughly understand a skill, you’ll easily spot whether another person is good or weak in it.

Regarding the way Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. hopped on the horse, only a few people there could do it.

No one was suspicious of anything anymore, and the race began!

Watching more than a dozen horses rushing out from the starting point, everyone’s eyes were on the big screen. The whole game was shown live in aerial view, so it was convenient for the audience.

At the beginning of the game, everyone thought that Su Qiubai would be at least be in the top three. However, he actually fell behind and was in last place. In fact, he was lying on the back of the horse; no one knew what he was doing.

So the other racers quickly disappeared from his sight.

That made Cao Toufei anxious. After all, it was his boss. If Su Qiubai lost to the foreigners, he would also feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, everyone else was delighted. When they saw how Su Qiubai got on the horse, the emperors thought that they had underestimated him. Seeing that he couldn’t even manage the horse well, they felt more relaxed.

No one knew what Su Qiubai was doing, perhaps only he knew. He was talking to his horse.

For an equestrian, his horse would determine more than half of his score. Many equestrians would even choose to live with their horses, in order to fully understand their horse. The trust and intimacy between an equestrian and his horse could give the best results in a horse race.

Truthfully, all those racers would also like to have a good conversation with their horses, such as grooming them to get on their good side.

But since all those horses were prepared at the last minute and that the racers didn’t have the time to converse with the horses, they would only reach about half the horse’s maximum performance.

Su Qiubai was different. He lay on the horse’s back and talked to it for a while. After that, both the horse and he became familiar with each other.

 “Let’s go old boy, let’s show these little rascals what a fine horse looks like!”

Finally, lifting his head, Su Qiubai shouted, before he released both hands from the reins. Then, the thin horse neighed, spreading out its four hooves and sprinting forward.

No one knew what had happened to him because the live broadcast screen was only showing the group of racers at the front, and the person in the first place was naturally Anthony.

After galloping forward for a while, Anthony took a peek behind but didn’t see Su Qiubai; his contempt resurfaced.

That Chinese man really liked to brag. He was so flamboyant and proud at the beginning, but he was nowhere to be seen now.

The other foreigners had almost the same thoughts as Anthony. They even started to think about how to compete with the emperors.

As for the emperors, they felt bored looking at the big screen.

Although they had already won the bet against Su Qiubai, they felt uncomfortable watching him lose to the foreigners. Fortunately, they didn’t know that the price of Su Qiubai’s loss was that they had to compete with these foreigners. Otherwise, they would have already killed him by now.

Many people thought that the results were already fixed.

However, Anthony and the rest suddenly heard a loud neighing sound from behind.

Everyone was taken aback. When they looked back, they spotted a figure galloping forward.

Yes, the old driver had caught up!

Nobody could comprehend what had just happened. Su Qiubai looked like he was about to fall off the back of the horse, and the old horse below him, which supposedly was the worst horse, seemed to have gone crazy because its speed was unbelievably fast.

“Make way, all of you make way, idiots!”

Noticing that the riders in front of him were so shocked that they had slowed down and clumped together, Su Qiubai almost went crazy as well.

What are you guys looking at?! Don’t you know this is a race?! Make way!

His heart almost collapsed at that moment. At first, he just wanted to say a few encouraging words to the old horse, but he was worried that it wouldn’t have much effect on it, so he also recited a poem to it!

The title of the poem was “The Warrior’s Assault”!

He heard the poem from a successful speech that he saw on the Internet. He also didn’t think too much about it, and simply recited a few lines.

Then, the horse became insane!

It had really become mad. Because of the poem, the old horse recalled its childhood and the green field that it used to live at. It felt like it was running in the sunset as its youth slowly faded with time. So, at that moment, it put in an extreme amount of effort to catch up with the group in front, its eyes reddening. Then, it cried while surpassing them.

Su Qiubai didn’t even have time to bother about the others’ surprised looks. His main focus now was to stay on the horse. Who knew that the charm of the poem would be so powerful!

He would never recite poems again in future, especially to a horse. That was indeed too scary.

Anthony and the rest of the riders weren’t the only ones who were shocked. The others at the finishing line were also quietly staring at the incomprehensible scene on the screen.

Cao Toufei was ecstatic. He even had a feeling of deja vu. Just like what he had thought before, his boss had never suffered a loss! In fact, he had never lost!

The most depressed people had to be the emperors. They initially believed that victory was in their hands, but…

However, no one felt that losing those rings was a pity. After all, it was obviously more important to defeat those foreigners.

Chinese men should always remember to display their country’s prestige. That was what Su Qiubai, as a man, should do!

The camera of the live broadcast panned to Su Qiubai, leaving Anthony and the rest. But at the moment when the camera was about to move, Bai Qi’s gaze suddenly froze!

Other emperors quickly realized that, so they approached him without hesitation.

“A killer has sneaked in the crowd!” Bai Qi explained what he had just seen in a sentence.

Everyone became alert.

It wasn’t a time to joke around now. Why is there a killer here? What’s the identity of the killer? What’s his purpose?

Nobody knew the answers, and it would be too late to rush over.

Since Bai Qi had just sensed that, this meant the killer was ready to act. So… what was going to happen after the scene was switched?

Cao Toufei immediately went to look for the racecourse manager.

After he clearly explained that the riders were in danger, the manager didn’t believe him, but when he tried to switch the live broadcast over to Anthony, there was actually a problem!

The fat manager instantly became nervous. The live broadcast equipment of the racecourse were new products which had just been purchased, and there had never been a problem with them!

How could there be an issue the moment Cao Toufei said so?

He obviously understood how serious the consequences would be if those foreign riders were injured!

In addition, given that most of those equestrians were to represent their respective countries in the Olympic Games the following year, what if…

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Having that thought, cold sweat rolled down his forehead. Therefore, without much delay, he sent someone to chase after the riders with a car. He also quickly notified the boss and ordered all security guards to be on the alert.

The atmosphere at the finishing line became extremely depressed. Although the foreign delegations didn’t know what was going on, they could feel that something wasn’t quite right, especially when the big screen kept showing Su Qiubai, and not Anthony and the rest.

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Moving from the starting point to the position where Anthony and the rest were last shown in the live broadcast would take more than 20 minutes, and the road of the racecourse wasn’t a normal asphalt road, so more time was wasted as the driving speed would also be affected.

Under the silent and restless gazes of the audience, Su Qiubai appeared at the finishing line. With a sigh of relief, he said a few words to the old horse. Then, he hopped off it and ambled towards his team.

Almost at the same time, the fat manager received a report!

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