Chapter 85: Trade A Cigarette With A Thumb Ring

The person in charge of the racecourse still wanted to discuss further with Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel., but he was once again rejected. Su Qiubai was extremely aware that the request would anger the emperors.

“Mr. Su, is there no other way? It’s embarrassing for us too. These people just came over yesterday, you see…” A fat man with glasses explained in a troubled tone.

Su Qiubai wanted to refuse, but several foreigners suddenly came over. Actually, they had been watching Su Qiubai and the fat man arguing for some time, so each countries’ delegations sent a representative over to find out what had happened.

After hesitating for a moment, the fat man told them the reason and the bunch of foreigners were all furious! This Chinese man actually refused to compete with them!

“Do you know who we are? It’s your glory to be able to compete with us.”

“Yes, are you refusing because you’re afraid of losing?”

“The Chinese has lost several times anyway. It wouldn’t make a difference to lose one more time…”


Listening to the ridicule of those foreigners, the expression of the racecourse manager became ugly. Anyway, he too was a Chinese, so he wouldn’t like it if other people made fun of his country.

Seeing Su Qiubai still remaining calm, the group of foreigners thought that he couldn’t understand English, so they became even ruder.

Suddenly, the foreign representatives, who were speaking excitedly, flew away in unison and fell heavily to the ground. Their clothes were all ripped off as well! Soon, they were left only in their underpants. Then, in the next second, even those were gone.

There was a moment of silence, then sounds of laughter from other men could be heard. Most of the representatives who had come over to negotiate were men in their forties. They were always arrogant, so they had never experienced such an incident!

Besides, there were more people there on the day because of the race, so there were many people who had secretly recorded videos. Some even went live!

This was too shameful!

The angry representatives urgently picked up their clothes to cover up their private parts. However, no one had seen what Su Qiubai did. The only explanation was that the representatives suddenly flew out and then took off their clothes by themselves!


As if nothing had happened, Su Qiubai turned and walked away. Anyway, he would never tell Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng and the rest that the foreigners wanted to join the race. A request like that was simply too foolish.

But after a few steps, the people behind started becoming noisy again.

Those foreigners couldn’t deal with Su Qiubai, so they began to blame the racecourse manager. It seemed that they had already started arguing. So, after Su Qiubai pondered for a moment, he turned and walked back to them.

Obviously, if those foreigners’ issue wasn’t settled, it would certainly be impossible for Ying Zheng and the rest to race.

Seeing that his time was almost up, even if he couldn’t find the energy crystal, he still had to send the emperors away, and he couldn’t bear to watch their wishes being crushed.

Noticing that Su Qiubai was coming back, the fat manager and representatives became happy. However, after stopping before them, Su Qiubai actually said such a sentence.

“I’ll have a match with all of you representatives. If you guys can beat me, then you can play against them!”

Having that said, the whole place turned quiet all at once. All of the foreign representatives were dumbfounded. They clearly remembered that there was no such young man in the video they saw yesterday. Could he be the master?

Instantly, the group of people stared at Su Qiubai in doubt. They returned to their delegations and began discussing with their equestrians.

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Those people didn’t understand it, but Cao Toufei was stunned when he just happened to walk over and overheard what Su Qiubai said!

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Is this a joke? No one surely can compete with my boss’ driving skill, but… this is horse racing! Can he be equally skillful?

Besides, he was going to race with the delegations from all over the world!

Confused, he hurried towards Su Qiubai; he planned to make things clear. However, Su Qiubai calmly replied, “Don’t worry. It’s just a piece of cake!”

Truthfully, he felt quite anxious.

Last night, after confirming that Liuyun Mountain Racecourse had agreed to let the emperors race, Su Qiubai had decided to use a few dozen growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system! The reason was simply because it would be extremely thrilling to watch the emperors race on horses!

But what if he could join them?

Others obviously wouldn’t have that kind of ability, but he could! That was definitely a rare opportunity. If he missed it, there wouldn’t be any more chances to do so in his life!

Therefore, Su Qiubai didn’t hesitate to use the growth points the night before. He also didn’t let anyone know about it because he planned to surprise the emperors! However, this was just great, as his first performance was instead given to that group of foreigners.

Top rankings in the world? So what?! Regardless, Su Qiubai was really reluctant to play against them.

He walked back to the emperors and told them that he was going to race with the foreigners. All of them suddenly laughed out loud in unison.

To them, Su Qiubai definitely wouldn’t be able to control the horse. Besides, after those few days of experience, they had already understood that the horses in the present time had weakened. Most people probably hadn’t seen an actual horse before, let alone participated in horse racing competitions.

 Bearing those emperor’s ridicule, Su Qiubai said in a nonchalant tone, “Let’s bet!”

Wow, what a temper! How could the emperors resist that, especially seeing his competitive look?

Thus, several of them removed all the jade rings and gold rings from their fingers instantly. Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong even bet Jin Shubao’s pair of gold maces.

The old general made a face. He was glad that Li Shimin didn’t give it away yesterday. Unfortunately, the emperor actually used it as a bet again!

Everyone surely thought that they could take back their things. Cao Toufei said that the foreigners were all top trained equestrians from their respective countries. So, even if they were useless, they couldn’t possibly lose to a simple man like Su Qiubai.

 Su Qiubai also placed his bet. Each one of them would get a cigarette if they won!

Cao Toufei blankly stood next to his boss. Everyone is betting their jade rings and gold rings but you actually bet cigarettes!

It’s even of the cheapest brand!

However, the emperors were ecstatic, as if they had gotten an amazing deal.

After seeing this scene, Cao Toufei suddenly felt bad. Recalling all the things that happened after he met Su Qiubai, it seemed that his cheapskate boss had never once suffered any losses! Also, whoever went against him never had a good end!

Although Cao Toufei still didn’t know how Su Qiubai could possibly know how to race on horses,  he felt that something would go wrong. Then, looking at the emperors who were already discussing about whether to smoke cigarettes during the Mid-Autumn Festival or New Year’s Eve, he pitied them even more.

So, just like that, they were ready. The foreign delegations had also made up their minds. Although no one knew of Su Qiubai’s background, his skills couldn’t be too bad since he was standing with the masters from the previous day.

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