Volume 2 Chapter 89: Pilgrimage to Bronte Holy Dragon Valley

2 o’clock in the afternoon, on the north campus of Olsylvia Academy. Filomena Nobility Academy’s Knight class training grounds…

Due to the fact that Bellina had defeated the Knight class’s teacher, although Olsylvia Academy didn’t advocate such behavior, they couldn’t say anything. After all, if a teacher couldn’t even defeat a student, then this teacher probably would not have any dignity to continue teaching. It was best to just switch to another teacher.

Right now, according to Bella’s request, the Knight class had been segregated into two groups by gender. The male’s Knight class program was still held by the previous Dragon Knight, while the female’s Knight class’ lecturer had been switched to the beautiful Dragon Knight, Ingrid. Ingrid was the vice commander of the Octavia Empire’s Dragon Knight Regiment and her mount was the rare, Radiant Holy Dragon.

Bella’s substitute, Princess Felia, had met with Ingrid in the past. This blond and gorgeous Dragon Knight was just a few years older than Felia, and Bella reckoned that Ingrid was only around the age of twenty or so, so, to her, calling her big sister shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, Ingrid’s pure golden irises had left a deep impression on Bella.

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In terms of strength, Ingrid was much stronger than the Dragon Knight Bella had defeated earlier. If Felia’s memories were correct, Ingrid was a veteran that had participated in the 7th War between the human empires and the Demon Race. She went to war when she was only 15 years old and became a Dragon Knight that survived three years of bloody battles. Her combat strength was probably much stronger than Lisha who had yet to activate the Golden Finger.

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The reputation of the gorgeous Dragon Knight Ingrid in the Octavian Empire was far superior to Magic Knight Lisha, Genius Dragon Knight Shawn, and the new generation of Dragon Knights who rose to fame later on. In short, Ingrid was both famous and beautiful. Her only flaw was probably her lack of interest in bureaucracy etiquette. For example, it was obviously the best chance to curry favor to her own empire’s three princesses, Princess Lisha, Princess Irene, and Princess Luce; but Ingrid didn’t know how to adapt and rigidly addressed them as students.

As Ingrid wasn’t born in an aristocratic family, and the fact that she didn’t try to flatter the nobles and the imperial family, it had caused her to be disapproved of by the upper echelons of the Octavia Empire, even with her military achievements. Right now, she had barely managed to obtain a vice commander role of the empire’s Dragon Knight Regiment, which was just a title without any authority.

“Student… Bellina? Student Luce, Student Lisha, and Student Irene, please come here. The others will have a self-practice of the essential moves in a Knight’s offense and defense.”

The lesson had just started and Ingrid had asked Bella, and the three Princesses of the Octavia Empire to step aside. The rest of the female students were all discussing this, but they didn’t probe into ‘seemingly’ imperial affairs. Bella’s attendant and her servant girl, Shirly and Noesha, remained in place as instructed by Bella.

“Student Bellina, do you know of a girl named Felia?”

“Big Sister Ingrid, you are talking about Princess Felia, right? I… I’ve never seen her! Isn’t Felia already… the people from the Empire said that she has already perished!”

“Oh, I see, I must have been mistaken. With that said, though, do address me as one does a teacher of the academy.” Ingrid replied as her eyes scanned Bella and the three princesses a few times. Irene, Lisha, and Luce didn’t seem to have any doubt about Bella’s identity. Back then, Ingrid did indeed see Princess Felia, but Felia liked to wear the Holy Knight’s dedicated mask. Ingrid might have encountered her a few times, but she wasn’t clear about what she looked like.

But this Duchess Bellina’s figure and hair color were remarkably similar to the missing princess. Ingrid had initially suspected this girl was the 9th Princess Felia, which the officials of the Octavia Empire had declared as missing. But because Ingrid had never seen Felia’s real face, and to avoid the awkward situation of wrong identification, she included the three princesses, Lisha, Irene, and Luce.

A pity that Irene and Lisha had already been bribed by Bella, and Irene had already informed Luce, hence, she wouldn’t let out Bella’s identity. In regards to Ingrid’s questioning eyes, they put on an inexplicable expression, which caused Ingrid’s plan to fail.

“Student Bellina, it shall be like this. Later on, I will have all of you journey along to purchase mounts. Our Knight class might be split up into the male and female classes, but there are some traditions that we have to abide by!”

During the Knight class, normal students could only use horses as their practice mounts. But if a teacher regarded a student’s aptitude highly, they would usually bring them to pick something more powerful. Previously, the other teacher didn’t bother about the female students, hence, he didn’t take the girls to pick anything.

In this batch of female students, though, Ingrid had a preference for a few girls: Irene, Lisha, Luce, Natasha, Aurora, and Bellina. A total of six individuals. Natasha already had a wyvern as a mount, while Aurora had a special demonic beast. Therefore, the two of them wouldn’t be joining. Although Lisha might already have a T-Rex, it wasn’t as easy to control as wyverns were. So, Ingrid decided to bring her and get a comparatively more docile one.

“Teacher Ingrid, do you have a sweetheart?”

“Eh? What are you asking this out of nowhere for? No, I don’t have one.”

“Oh, Ok. I was just curious.”

“What are you thinking? I don’t even have someone I could talk with, let alone have a sweetheart. I don’t think I even have a suitor.”

Along the way, Bella spoke about many things with the beautiful Dragon Knight Ingrid. Because she had to pretend that she wasn’t the dead Princess Felia, Bella couldn’t just blatantly chat with Lisha, Irene, and Luce. With Ingrid around, she might just notice something amiss.

The questions that Bella had for Ingrid had been answered without any hesitation. Bella had been secretly observing this blonde and beautiful knight who was around the age of twenty and had a unique aura of maturity. None of the human girls Bella had around her had such a presence.

This morning, Bella had just been with the four Holy Maidens and President Maria, but her evil desires had yet to dissipate. She had played with them from morning all the way to almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Bella still didn’t have enough and hugged Noreya and left Maria’s room. After that crazy experience, apart from Sofia, who still had some reserves, the other Holy Maidens, Susan, Hayley, and Daisy had completely surrendered to Bella and revealed everything in their heart. President Maria was similar to Sofia as she still had this knot in her heart, but it was just a matter of time before both of them submitted.

As for the four forbidden books that Bella had obtained, she had temporarily placed them with Ariel and Elaine. She had yet to open them, but after tonight’s matters were over, she will deal the books.

Right now, when Bella saw Ingrid’s gorgeous face, which was filled with heroic spirit, there was a brand new spark of evil in the depths of her spirit. This dark desire wasn’t from Bella but a persistence from the body’s original owner, Felia. Felia had always admired Ingrid and used Ingrid as an idol and target to inspire herself.

After Bella had inherited Felia’s body, Felia’s persistence had merged with Bella’s Demon God’s evil consciousness, mutating it into a desire to “conquer” Ingrid. At this moment, Ingrid didn’t know that she had been targeted by “bad student” Bella, and was patiently answering every question that Bella had asked.

In this Other World, apart from regular horses, Knights could have various other mounts, like griffins, wyverns, and many other magical beasts. But, in the market, the only available mounts were horses. Bella had obtained this information from the Rose Society’s Shirley. Shirley’s family had a business in transactions of mounts, but they were only able to sell horses. The more expensive breeds were the pegasus and unicorn. 

Let alone wyverns, even griffins weren’t available. The only time that Shirley had successful summoned a whelp type magical beast was something that happened several years ago. 

Bella and the group were led by Ingrid. They used teleportation to arrive at the sacred land for Knights to choose their mounts, Bronte Great Valley, also known as the Holy Dragon Valley. This was one of the Knight’s Sacred Lands in the Octavian Empire and could only be entered when accompanied by a Dragon Knight.

The Bronte Holy Dragon Valley had a massive surface area and a single glance wouldn’t allow you to see the end of the valley. The teleportation point for Bella and the group was on a cliff above the entrance. Right now, it was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and the warm sunlight was illuminating the land. There were plenty of giant dragons just leisurely laying on patches of grass, sunning themselves. It was a very shocking scenery as it was their first time seeing so many giant dragons lying in one spot. It was truly a worthwhile trip.

Back then, Felia had never been able to achieve entering Bronte Holy Dragon Valley, even till the day she perished in battle. Right now, Bella had fulfilled that wish. Lisha didn’t look too surprised as she had already visited this place when she was promoted to being a Dragon Knight. Perhaps she had understood the deep feelings in Bella’s complicated eyes, Lisha walked over quietly and held onto Bella’s hand to console her.

“This lass. Do you truly think my heart is so fragile!?”

Bella looked in front and saw that Ingrid didn’t notice the anomaly over at her side. Thus, she took the chance and rubbed Lisha’s head in reciprocation. Irene and Luce were both smiling as they watched. After they reconciled on their relationships as sisters, they no longer discriminated against Lisha and Felia. Right now, they had already set their minds for their roles as elder sisters.

“This is one of the Sacred Lands of Octavia, Bronte Holy Dragon Valley. Student Bellina, this should be your first time here, right? Student Lisha had visited this place before and Princess Irene and Luce should have heard of it.”

Ingrid turned around and introduced the general information regarding Bronte Great Valley. This place was occupied by giant dragons and their population was around a third of the human’s continent. Bella got to know through Ingrid that there was a back door for Dragon Knight selections. If one had a Dragon Knight master, they could bypass the complicated Knight aptitude audits in the Octavian Empire and go through the Dragon Race’s approval ceremony in Bronte Holy Dragon Valley.

If a giant dragon approved of a candidate’s aptitude, then that candidate could directly promote as a Dragon Knight and the Octavian Empire wouldn’t challenge this candidate. This was a truly back door route and Bella was already dissatisfied with the experiences that Felia had to go through. There was actually such a way to obtain the Dragon Knight profession. If Felia had known about this, she wouldn’t have had to go through those series of incidents.

“Eh? Greetings, Vice Commander Ingrid!”

“Yes, yes. Greetings Knight Captian Congreve. Have you also brought your students here to pick a mount?”

On the other side of the teleportation array, Bella saw Dragon Knight Congreve, whom she had defeated before, had brought along a group of male students. Amongst them were two boys that she was familiar with, Savior Scott and Genius Dragon Knight Shawn. Shawn already had a wyvern mount but came along to help the juniors. As for Scott, he was a transmigrated Savior who brought along a Golden Finger. If he couldn’t even promote to a profession like Dragon Knight, it would truly be humiliating.

Congreve took a glance at Bella and turned to face another direction. He didn’t really dare to look at her after his instant defeat; he still felt utter humiliation whenever he thought of it! A Dragon Knight being defeated by a Junior Knight was something unheard of. Simply humiliating! Congreve was probably the first in recorded history. He didn’t know if he was considered blessed or cursed, to leave his name in the Octavian Empire’s annals of knighthood.

Scott could see that Bella’s eyes were a little strange and didn’t know if it was his misperception. Every time he had noticed a pretty girl that he wanted to chase after, that girl would always appear beside Duchess Bellina. It felt as though this woman was everywhere and would always appear at the perfect timing beside the pretty girls that he wanted to tackle. Was this purely a coincidence or intentional?

Scott didn’t dare to look for any trouble with Bella as he had previously bumped into Bella when he had wrongly recognized the fake loli Charlotte as a real girl. As of now, no one knew about this black mark in his records, and he reckoned that Bella had been keeping it a secret to hold it over him. If he was to offend Bella, now if she was to announce his black mark, then all his painstaking accumulated prestige would all be shattered.

The male students looked on with envy at Bella and the other girls, as the girls actually had such a beautiful Dragon Knight as their teacher. This was just utterly unfair. All they could look at for an entire day were other male students. It was too depressing. If this continued on, they might have to develop a fraternity in class.

“Beautiful teacher, can I change my class to yours?”

Scott stepped up to inquire as he knew that there was no future if he continued hanging around with these boys. For his own blessed campus life, he should probably think of changing professions. He was not going to “die” without any female students to look at!

But Ingrid’s reply had completely shattered all the hearts of the boys.

“Nope. I don’t like teaching boys, they are too difficult to handle. Furthermore, your teacher is over there. Don’t come and look to me.”

Ingrid naturally didn’t know about Scott’s hidden motives, but she didn’t hesitate in rejecting his request. It went without saying that she wasn’t good at conversing with males; not to mention that when Filomena Nobility Academy asked her to be the new teacher for the Knight class, she had only agreed when she found that it was an all-female class as it was easier to manage. She didn’t have time to bother about such troubles such as allowing boys into her class!

When Bella saw Scott getting rejected, she felt a tinge of silent pleasure. If that brat had managed to enter her all-female Knight class, then it would be so much more difficult for her to battle for more girls. Apart from Lisha, Bella’s current elder sisters, Irene, Luce, Disciplinary Committee’s Chief—Dragon Knight Natasha, Filomena Nobility Academy’s Vice Student Union President Aurora might all become targets for Scott.

Natasha and Aurora were both Top Ten Academy Belles in Olsylvia Academy. How could she just give away such girls to others? One of them was Bella’s “stalker” while the other was Bella’s future student union secretary colleague. They were both girls that were somewhat related to Bella.

Due to the difference in gender, the two groups were split off after a joint journey. Although the boys had been protesting, their teacher, Dragon Knight Congreve, didn’t have a higher rank than Ingrid. Hence, all their protests were invalid and they had to obediently go over to the Griffin site, Laurent Basin to look at griffins first. They allowed Bella and her group to have priority in taking a look at the dragons first.

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