Volume 2 Chapter 85: The Conclusion To Olsylvia Academy’s Weekend Farce

Olsylvia Academy, west campus. In the internal pathways of the Whitney Imperial Baths within the Femina Imperial Academy. Bella had not turned her head, but she was able to catch a glimpse of the girl that was carrying her. This girl was strangely pale. To be accurate, every inch of her skin was lily white. Compared to Natasha and the others, one could immediately tell that this paleness was not something a human should have.

She was about as tall as Bella’s true body; she had gorgeous and flirtatious blood-red hair, which was similar to her irises — dark red like blood, reminding her of how the Demon World Princess Diaz’s had looked like. Her delicate features had an almost inhuman quality to it. Until now, Bella had seen many beautiful ladies from the various races and was usually able to determine if the other party was of the human race.

Bella could smell the alluring scent wafting from the girl’s body, although there was a faint smell of blood. It was different from the blood stench from Demon World Princess Diaz and Eleanor who demonized into the Blood Demon King, as both of them had a cloyingly strong stench. However, the stench of blood on this girl was barely noticeable. If not for the fact that they were in such close proximity, Bella probably would not be able to detect it.

Based on her looks, she was definitely not from the Elven Race or the Dragon Race. She did not have the trademark pointed ears of the Elven Race, nor did she have the distinct tiny dragon horns of the Dragon Race. Incidentally, Bella saw that at the corner of her mouth, there was a well-hidden sharp fang. Such teeth had only been seen in vampires from her previous life’s cultural art products. In fact, there were no vampires in this Other World. Could this girl be from the Blood Race?

“Do you speak the human language?”

“Mhm, a little. The foreign languages that I have learned were all human, and she is my classmate. She took up… other languages and wouldn’t be able to understand you even if you asked her anything!”

“If that is the case, tell me your name! We need to verify your identity.”

“Brianna Evelina. As for her name, this is her academy ID. You can register that instead!”

“Well, that…won’t be necessary. We will verify your information shortly. However, before the prohibitions are lifted, please don’t leave!”


Evelina was quick-witted enough to pass an academy ID to Natasha. After Natasha took one look at this ID which was filled with another race’s language, she ultimately returned it. Even though it was not her first time seeing the neighboring Alessandra Academy’s ID, the unfamiliar words that were neither Elven nor Dragon language had left her dumbfounded. However, this was definitely from the Alessandra Academy. It had the anti-imitation seal that guaranteed its authenticity.

In Natasha’s personal opinion, the offenders who snuck in to peek were typically male, so there was not much suspicion towards females. In her current condition, Bella was not Duchess Bellina who was constantly at odds with her. So, Natasha simply decided to let the both of them go. Without any further questioning, she left with her staff to search for any other groups who were attempting to sneak in.

The academy ID actually belonged to Evelina. If Natasha were to request for her to show a second ID as proof, she would be exposed. Evelina knew that for a fact. However, if she did not assist Bella this time, she would be in far greater danger.

“Evelina, I don’t think we have ever met! Are you…nevermind, thank you for helping me this time.”

“Demon God Samantha, could you come over? I have some things that require your assistance!”

“You know my name? Fine.”

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In the distance, Lisha and Kriss who had followed Natasha, had felt a flash of discontent as they saw Bella being pulled into a room by Evelina. Even though they did not know her personally, they somehow felt this inexplicable jealousy. These feelings actually were manifested in their true bodies, and not their current bodies.

Inside one of the superior rooms of the Whitney Imperial Bath, Isaman and Elaine sat by the bath and were staring at each other with an expression of dismay and confusion on their faces. The lucky pervert that managed to sneak into their room had been found by them before he could see anything. However, they had fought with another intruder. The mysterious red-haired loli’s powers were off the charts, almost forcing them to reveal their true forms.

“Elaine, the silk thread that you used earlier was….”

“Big Sister Isaman, the scepter which you had used just now seemed like-”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it anymore! My…key is missing. I’m in so much trouble. Elaine, we are sisters, right? Let’s keep this a secret for now!”

“Okay, Big Sister…”

Isaman and Elaine both witnessed each other using nefarious powers, and they had no idea how to lay their cards on the table. During the fight with the red-haired loli earlier, they were forced to use their true powers. Right now, the atmosphere was a little awkward!
“Elaine, do you want to consider moving to my-”

“There is no need. Big Sister, maybe you moving to my hostel would be a better idea.”

Elaine pretended to be nonchalant and tried to gently refuse President Isaman’s invitation. Even though she was certain that both of them were able to use the same mysterious form of evil power, but she was still unsure of President Isaman’s true identity and motives. In the end, she decided to keep her true thoughts to herself until Bella’s investigations had gone through.

Isaman’s key was likely stolen by the red-haired loli as she was leaving. This could cause a lot of trouble. The initial plan was to work in collusion with Bella and take away the key. However, since the key was stolen, she was now unable to complete her mission.

Coincidentally, Bella’s current location was directly below Isaman’s and Elaine’s room. In that room, Bella was seated by the bath and holding a loli with blood red hair in her embrace. Her figure, was similar to the previous Demon World Princess Diaz, of a voluptuous loli.

The only difference is, this loli had a pair of dainty little canines. Also, her delicate wings were red and shaped like a bat’s own. When compared to the demonic wings that Dias had, they were worlds apart. It was a pity that her hair was not put up in pigtails, otherwise, she could potentially impersonate Noesha.

Even though she was being held by Bella, the loli did not keep her hands to herself. At this moment, she had buried her lovely face into Bella’s bosom and was gently nuzzling it. There were still a few visible wounds on the loli’s snow-white skin. However, they were all healing at a startling speed. Bella bit back her instinct to ‘counterattack’. Stoically, Bella held the loli in her arms as, since she was injured, it was probably not a good idea to indulge in such a manner!

“Evelina, is this your true form?”

“Mistress Samantha, the Blood Clan has many forms! Please stop moving. Let me caress a little more and all my wounds will fully heal. Maintaining that Big Sister’s image is extremely draining.”

From their conversations, Bella found out that Evelina’s true identity was from the Blood Clan. She was a true ravishing, vampiric young lady. Similar to vampires in Bella’s past life, Evelina needed to consume blood. However, she was partial to the blood of ladies and was largely disinterested in the blood of men.

“Evelina, I’m guessing that you are probably from an alternate world? If my memory serves me right, this Other World should not have any vampires.”

“Mistress Demon God, I did come from an alternate dimension. Someone had summoned me here. The details will be made known to you once you meet her. This key was taken from those two… conveniently ‘borrowed’ from those two Big Sisters. I was actually looking for other things, I’ll just hand it over to you for now. Please remember to help me return it to them!”

Grasping the keys in her hand, Bella did not know how to express her feelings. In terms of appearance, this key looked exactly like the ones she had collected previously, meaning that it should be President Isaman’s key. Even though she had gotten the key, Bella felt slightly disappointed at not having the pleasure of seeing President Isaman. But instead, she had gotten it because of Evelina.

After handing the key to Bella, Evelina’s wounds had already healed. The serious injuries inflicted by Isaman and Elaine could only be healed so quickly by Bella’s mysterious energy. Although kissing would allow the wounds to be healed faster, Evelina knew that the kiss of the Demon God Samantha, according to legend, only belonged to three people.

“Mistress Demon God, if there’s ever another chance, we shall meet again.”

“That’s right. Evelina, were we friends before?”

“No, we were not. I had a complicated relationship with the World Destructor’s Camp. However, you were special.”

Before Evelina had finished, she turned into a bat and flew away. Although the outside was heavily guarded by the Disciplinary Committee, no one paid much attention to a bat. Evelina managed to leave easily, leaving a contemplative Bella to her thoughts. The curfew enforced by the Disciplinary Committee would end at nine. Within this period of time, they would capture dozens of paparazzi who had attempted to infiltrate the News Club.

Luckily, this Other World did not have equipment such as cameras. The paparazzi were simply taken to the education administration for “educating” and were let go on the next day since they were only collecting and recording women’s dimensions and were noticed by President Isaman as soon as they began their operations. The education administration and security regiment were busy handling the Norris’ incident in the garden and thus the peeking offenses of the News Club had been temporarily brushed aside.

In the Olsylvia Academy’s Vignia Lake. In the secret underground room of Duke Bellina’s personal apartment building, also known as “Pure White Heaven”. Bella was currently preparing equipment for her infiltration mission. In it, were her and her most trusted subordinates. Lola the Assassin was as per normal, while President Maria, the four holy maidens, and President Britney were lying on the huge bed.

“Bella, didn’t you say that you would let us go back…”

“Eh? President Maria, did I say that?”

“Bella… I plead you, let us go! I will never reveal to a single soul what happened this weekend! I swear to the Radiant Gods.”

It was past ten at night. As Bella seemed to have no intention of letting them leave, President Maria was a little worried that she would be held captive forever. The other holy maidens could only watch in disbelief as they had all been gagged. Even if they had wished to resist, they were unable to make a sound. President Britney watched quietly from the sidelines. She did not dare to resist against Bella either, for fear of being tied up and gagged like Maria and the others.

“President Maria, I plan to bring you here for some leisure every weekend from now on. Tonight, I shall not infiltrate anywhere. We are going to discuss some issues with conviction. Lola, please fetch the ceremonial tools that I have prepared!”

“What ceremonial tools? Do not initiate any strange rituals! Britney, aren’t you-”

Maria’s protests were futile as Bella gagged her once again. Maria and the others might be holy maidens from the Radiant Church, but Bella didn’t have any other methods to control their bodies. This method might be a little evil, but Bella wasn’t anyone good, so it did not matter to her.

At noon of the next day, the weekly meeting of all the student presidents were being held at Olsylvia Academy’s Central Student Union office. Every single president had attended the meeting, even President Maria and President Britney who went missing over the weekend were here. The other presidents did not question their comings and goings for the past couple of days either.

“President Maria? What happened? You look a little strange, so does President Britney. Did the two of you go on a date this weekend?”

“Chief President Angelia? Don’t be nonsensical! I didn’t go on a date!”

President Maria was slightly flushed and looked away, afraid of looking Chief President Angelia in the eyes. The couple of days that Bella had abducted her and the four holy maidens, probably was not what most people would consider a date. On the other hand, President Britney kept her head down, unwilling to look at the other presidents as her face was so red that it was unconcealable!

Chief President Angelia’s eyes swept across the room and she realized that some other presidents were behaving oddly as well. President Ivy looked as though her mind was wandering and it was unknown what was she thinking about. President Isaman was deliberately avoiding her as she had lost her key and was rather embarrassed. She was also afraid that Angelia would unintentionally ask her any key related questions.

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However, Chief President Angelia had inexplicably lost her keys as well, thus she did not dare to ask President Isaman anything regarding them. During the student union presidents’ meeting, Bella had already begun her second attempt to infiltrate the academy with Noreya.

This time, the infiltration was during the day, which provided much better conditions for Bella and Noreya compared to their last attempt. This time there were a few insiders that were going to assist them. They were dressed in nun’s habits, with a hat that covered most of their face. With the aid of Holy Maidens Haley and Susan, they were able to sneak into St. Louis Church Academy in broad daylight.

Due to the paparazzi operation from the News Club on Sunday, the entire Olsylvia Academy’s nighttime security had been strengthened. Various countermeasures were taken towards artifacts which provided stealth functions. If Bella was to infiltrate the academy in the dead of the night, it would be far too difficult. Because of this, Bella decided to modify her plans and enter
There were many times where Hayley wanted to shout for someone to arrest Bella. However, there was a barely noticeable necklace-like magical seal on her slim neck. This was a mark of an extremely evil demonic ritual. It had been used by Demon Gods to control subordinates whom they did not trust. Last night, Bella made use of their vulnerability and forced the seal upon them.

Initially, the Holy Maidens of the Radiant Church, other than Daisy who was from the Salo’s faction, the other three and Maria should not have been susceptible to the control of such a degenerative ritual. They would have died from the exposure to two vastly conflicting energies coming together. However, the fact that Bella was able to complete this ritual caught the Holy Maidens who had sincerely prepared to sacrifice their lives for the Radiant Church’s faith completely off guard. It probably was due to her unique physique as a Sacred Demon God!

“Maiden Hayley, Maiden Susan, I thought you were supposed to be in class.”

“Oh, these are President Maria’s orders. Open the gates to the forbidden area!”

The Knights of the Church that guarded the building and the underground chamber were slightly suspicious, but when they saw the order signed by President Maria and the four Holy Maidens, they obliged and let them pass. Norris, who was supposed to be on duty today, was severely injured by an unknown individual the night before. His absence had inadvertently made things easier for Bella as well.

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