Volume 2 Chapter 84: Whitney Imperial Baths’ Gentleman Societies Destruction

At the Olsylvia Academy’s West Campus, near the small garden of the Euphemia Imperial Academy’s Whitney Imperial Baths, two figures crisscrossed a few times before one of them was sent flying to a wall. The attack was very strong and a human-shaped indent was pressed into the wall.

After being hit into a wall, a loud noise was produced. However, the sound did not travel outside. It had been sealed by a mysterious soundproof enchantment. Otherwise, such a fierce battle would have already attracted the Olsylvia Academy’s Security Regiment.
“Who are you…how can you have the power to match the Demon God, hateful…”
Norris continuously spat a few mouthfuls of blood. He was now seriously injured. He and the mysterious person had only fought hand to hand a few times and he was brutally beaten by the other party. He still didn’t know what the origin of the other party was, and this battle was really too stifling.
Originally, Norris came to the campus of the Euphemia Imperial Academy tonight to have a stroll around at his own pace. Then he had smelled the odor of a high-class Demon God. He was planning to go investigate and report it to let his master handle the situation. He did not expect that he would be intercepted halfway by this mysterious person and be brutally beaten.

Norris had a sacred object on him which was meant for investigating the members of the World Destructor’s Camp. If he prepared it first, he would not have been brutally beaten up like this. Unexpectedly, although the power of this sneak attacker was similar to that of the Demon God and Evil God types but the sacred object carried by Norris did not detect her.

Norris’s best battle record was defeating a Demon King. The real body of the Demon God was not something he could deal with. This must be handed over to the members of the upper echelon above him, the Sin Breakers or the Savior Camp, to be determined. He shouldn’t be a participant.

The mysterious person who fought with Norris was covered in a black mist and he could not see the race nor the appearance. But her voice was very recognizable and it was a girl’s distinctive voice.

“I had thought about how strong you would be. I didn’t expect you to be just a Redeemer. I don’t bother to kill the weak, and I am not interested in the weaklings below the level of the Sin Breakers. After you go back, pass these words on to the Adjudicator who sent you here, let him personally come over!”

“Why do you know so much about our organization, who exactly are you…”

Norris did not manage to finish asking before he fainted. Seeing that he had fainted, the sneak attacker did not give the last hit. It seemed like it was exactly as she said. Norris was a weak person in her eyes and she did not bother to kill the weak.

“Apart from this Redeemer, there are the presences of the four Saviors in the main baths. In addition, there are three Demon Gods, one Chaos Bringer, and two others who might be… the existence of our old enemy. What had happened to in this dimension? Why are the various influential powers appearing here? I hope that she can complete this infiltration mission soon.”

The black shadow sighed and stealthily went invisible into the night. Not long after, members of the Security Regiment that were patrolling the campus of Euphemia Imperial Academy found Norris who was badly injured and unconscious. As there was still a long distance from the main baths, the upper echelons of the Security Regiment did not inform the Whitney Imperial Baths; they just took measures to block the scene.

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If Norris had managed to rush to the Whitney Imperial Baths, then the secret of Bella’s original identity of a Demon God would be revealed. Although the relationship between the sneak attacker and the World Destructor Camp was complicated, it could also be counted as helping Bella once behind the scenes.

Inside the Whitney Imperial Baths of the Euphemia Imperial Academy, Bella had not known that there was already an “unknown hero” who had helped her solve the biggest trouble that was Norris. Now, the trouble she had to face, was losing her way.

The internal structure of the Whitney Imperial Baths was very different from Bella’s expectations. According to Bella’s previous speculation, this main baths should be similar to the hot springs she had stayed in before. It would just be a very large bathhouse pool. The outside of the bathhouse pool would be designed where there would be a wardrobe where the clothes would be stored and the customers who had entered would just need to put their set of clothing inside the area for storing clothes.

However, Bella came in and found out that the interior layout of this main baths was very complicated, and it was designed into single-room baths. First-time customers would go to the reception desk to make an appointment, then decide which single room they would go to enjoy the hot springs. The reception was full of people and Bella did not come to enjoy the facilities so she naturally she did not follow the line to queue.

The main baths was like renting a room in the hotel, making Bella feeling rather frustrated. There were so many single rooms, which room should she go to to find President Isaman and Elaine? It was impossible to search room by room. Although she could use the excuse of knocking on the wrong door, Bella did not want to accidentally go into the men’s bathroom which would evoke unbearable memories which she had in her past life.

It was reckoned that Elaine had not thought of this point and the plan given to Bella was not arranged accordingly. The name of the customer was not written on the bathroom units, which was to protect the privacy of the customer. If the person was to go to the reception desk, the waiter at the reception desk of the main baths would not tell you the true identity of the customers in the room. This was also to protect the privacy of the imperial family members.

Just as Bella was still puzzled, she subconsciously felt that someone was spying on her. This was one of the instincts of the Demon God. If ordinary people wanted to spy on the Demon God they must do it without ulterior motives. If they did it with ulterior motives, then the evil thoughts will create a strange resonance with the Demon God, and expose the position of the spy.

Bella looked around casually and found nothing unusual, but that spying vision had been sweeping across her body which she couldn’t ignore it. Bella thought that after she secretly snuck into the St. Louis Church Academy the day before yesterday, she had suspected that the voyeurs hiding in the dark had strange props like an invisibility cloak.

However, the invisibility cloak which was worn by the other party obviously did not have the authenticity of the invisibility cloak possessed by Bella and Noreya at that time; there should be flaws. Bella pretended not to notice and walked towards a distant place. When she walked, she would intentionally slow down then speed up. As expected, the person who followed her was probably a newbie. When he saw Bella walking fast and slow, he was afraid to lose his target and moved according to Bella’s rhythm.

With him running, his footsteps were exposed. At a certain corner, Bella gently hooked the other person to the ground using her feet. Taking advantage of the moment when the stalker fell to the ground, Bella stepped on the stalker and using one hand to pull with force and directly destroyed the invisible prop on the stalker.

“Big sister, please don’t stomp on me, I surrender, please don’t!”

The boy who had let Bella step on the ground was begging for forgiveness with a face of pain. It was unknown if it was because of Bella’s Demon God instinct, but her foot was accurately stomping on the boy’s chest, right above the heart area and if she had used slightly more force, then this scene would probably be “exceptionally beautiful”.

“Which society do you belong to? This society emblem should belong to the Olsylvia Academy.”

“You can say the words of the Human Race, you are not of the other race… Ah….”

“You have lots to say, don’t dawdle. I don’t want to ask the question for the second time.”

“Don’t stomp, I will say, I am from the News Club… a Registrar. I am responsible for the information collection of the campus gossip magazine for the publication of illicit relationships, I am here this time for….”

Bella looked at the boy and was a little dumbfounded. She didn’t expect it to be the paparazzi of the News Club. This time he came to look for source materials regarding illicit relationships. In order to satisfy the special needs of some readers, the News Club wanted to get the specific data of the more popular girls in the Olsylvia Academy and women’s measurement was one of them. Although it can be estimated visually, for the true accuracy of the data, peeping at the bathing spots was one of the best options.

On him, Bella found a list of customers who had already booked the single room in the main baths tonight. Isaman’s name was in a prominent position and there was a map below the list, which detailed the entire main baths layout. What makes Bella a little surprised was that the News Club’s map, didn’t only have the information regarding the girls, but even the boys who had come here to make appointments. She really did not know what kind of mindset the paparazzi had, that they would even include the boys’ data.

“Seal off the main baths, everyone should not move, the classmate over there, could I trouble you to pull up your towel and cover up your lower body.”

“Who are you, how dare you disturb me… don’t pull me! The Disciplinary Committee is beating people up… hurry up and come over…”

“The Disciplinary Committee is patrolling the place, everybody please kindly cooperate. Just now, President Isaman had discovered the voyeur who had breached the rules in one of the single-room baths and had been dealt with. We are now trying to seize the co-conspirator.”

“Everyone, don’t move, we will check the Academy ID. Those who don’t have the Academy ID, please report your name instead. We will go to the various school branches’ educational administration to check the true identity of each person.”

Bella wanted to go to Isaman’s bath unit, but she was afraid that the paparazzi of the News Club would succeed and see Isaman and Elaine naked, which would mean a loss for her. However, before she could make a move, a cluster of footsteps and Natasha’s voice could be heard from the outside corridor in a distance.

“This cannot be true, the boss has been arrested. Is there a mistake! Wait, Big sister, don’t leave me alone!”

The boy on the ground had just got up and found that Bella had already thrown the map on him and ran away. Bella didn’t have the school badge of the Alessandra Academy next door, and she didn’t even know the name of any students at the Alessandra Academy. If she was caught by the people of the Disciplinary Committee then it would be troublesome and she would not be able to explain herself clearly.

Her present body was her true body and not the substitute, Felia. Natasha would not be able to recognize her at all and relying on acquaintances wouldn’t work unless Bella confessed to Natasha.

“There are footsteps over there. That boy, stop and show your Academy ID!”


“Don’t resist, confess and you will be treated leniently. The disciplinary office has plenty of complimentary drinks for you!”

“Go to hell, Disciplinary Committee, long live the news… I, your father, am here, and if you aren’t satisfied, then come and catch me!”
(TL Notes: The phrase “I, your father” is used when in anger or out of contempt)

The boy had erected his middle finger in a gentlemanly manner to the dozens of members of the Disciplinary Committee who had rushed over and then ran to the opposite direction of Bella’s escape. The members of the Disciplinary Committee quickly went over to chase. It was a pity that the gentleman ran towards the dead end. As he ran, he just happened to encounter another member of the Disciplinary Committee, causing him to be flanked. Both sides looked at each other with a black line on their face, and the scene at one time went into silence, the situation was quite embarrassing.
(TL Notes: “Black line on their face” meant became speechless.)

“You… What else do you want to say?”

“The News Club is immortal… Aiya, don’t beat me. Help… The Disciplinary Committee is beating people!”

Bella had already fled far away. The “warrior” behind her had already helped her. Although he was a gentleman, he still had some integrity. If she could meet him again next time with the substitute, she would give him a gift as thanks!.

“The student over there, please wait, we are members of the Olsylvia Academy’s Disciplinary Committee, can we see your Academy ID?”


Just when Bella wanted to find a place to hide, Natasha’s familiar voice traveled over. “How can it be? Did this girl fly? How could she reached here so quickly?” Bella turned around awkwardly and saw a few acquaintances.
Behind Bella stood the Chief of the Disciplinary Committee, Classmate Natasha, who had a face of righteousness. Behind Natasha was Kriss and Lisha. These two girls seemed to have accepted Natasha’s invitation this weekend to experience the life of the campus at the Disciplinary Committee. Lisha had mentioned it when she got up from the bed this morning. However, at that time, she was busy preparing for the appointment with the Chief President of the Central Student Union, Angelia, and did not think so much.

In addition to the two “external help”, Lisha and Kriss, there were dozens of people from the Disciplinary Committee. They were all wearing and holding props like the police in her past life. The only difference between them and the police was the uniform. How could this be the Disciplinary Committee, it was clearly more like the police’s campaign!

“Classmate, what is your name?”

Natasha came forward and inquire politely as she had not seen Bella’s true body. But she saw that Bella had a different atmosphere from the normal Human Race individual. Thus she had subjectively regarded her as a foreign student at the Alessandra Academy next door. As she did not know much about this college for the other races, she tried to communicate using the Elven language.

Bella didn’t know of the Elven language. Her foreign language elective course was the Dragon Race’s language. Those lessons were basically attended by the fake clone which was summoned by Charlotte’s strange ring that was given to her. She didn’t go to any of the lessons, let alone the Dragon language, she could not even speak the simplest Elven language. She was now lip-reading Natasha’s mouth to roughly guess what she was trying to say!

Bella was not sure whether the other races’ students of the Alessandra Academy would be able to speak the language of the human race. If she had replied to Natasha in the language of the human race and blew her cover, it would be troublesome. Both Kriss and Lisha were here and even if Bella wanted to run away forcefully, it would be difficult. She was not sure if she could beat the joint pursuit of Kriss and Lisha.

“Help, the Disciplinary Committee is beating….”

“Stop being so whiny, after you go back to the Head Office of the Educational Administration you will get it!”

Just as Bella was hesitating, the gentleman who had seen through her was supported with both hands and carried over by several members of the Disciplinary Committee. His face was badly beaten and swollen, even Bella could not bear to see it.

Most members of the News Club were mainly students of the Frank Civilian Academy. Basically, they had no influential backers and were grassroots students. After being caught by the members of the Disciplinary Committee, they naturally wouldn’t be treated as good as the other academies’ students and being beaten up was a normal situation.

“What? You know her! Do you have any other accomplices, hurry up and tell the truth honestly!”

Bella was finished, when the guy had passed by, his line of sight had stayed on Bella for too long and was discovered by Natasha. She had a strong power of observation and had discovered the situation. Then she subsequently interrogated him at the spot.

Bella was really afraid that he would say that she was his accomplice. Her identity was originally problematic so if she was taken back by the people of the Disciplinary Committee and investigated, she would be dead.

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“I… have no accomplice! Go and die, you disciplinary committee, a gentleman will never be…”

This great soy sauce man had defended his gentleman’s dignity till the end. Before he even finished talking, he was taken away by the people of the Disciplinary Committee. Bella’s heart was moved for a while and almost wanted to pay respects to this gentleman!
(Tl notes: Soy sauce man is a title for people that don’t bother about anything else. There was once a man who got interviewed by a reporter asking about a certain scandal. His reaction was. “What does that got to do with me? I am just out to buy soy sauce!”)

“Classmate, you have yet to give your name?”


Bella looked helplessly at Lisha. This little girl must have assumed that that Bella couldn’t understand Natasha’s Elven language inquiry and changed her sentence to the Dragon language to ask her. Wasn’t this deliberately looking for trouble! This girl! It would truly be a wonder if Bella didn’t go back to punish Lisha after Bella had turned back into Felia.

“What are you doing, she is my classmate.”

Just as Bella was at her wit’s end, a girl’s voice that was filled with temptation suddenly came from behind her. Before Bella could even react, the girl’s hands wrapped around Bella’s neck from behind and hugged Bella intimately.

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