Volume 2 Chapter 83: The Mysterious Guest at Whitney Imperial Baths

In the western campus of Olsylvia Academy, nearby Euphemia Imperial Academy’s Whitney Imperial Baths…

The time now was around 7.30 in the evening and this campus was slightly different than the St. Louis Church Academy that Bella infiltrated yesterday, as during this time there were still plenty of students wandering around the campus.

As most of the students here were members of the imperial family, they actually conversed with a soft voice and gave a feeling of serenity. Apart from the students of Euphemia Imperial Academy, there were also students from Filomena Nobility Academy who would be here for recreation.

The entire Olsylvia Academy was opened up to everyone during the weekends, and the activity areas in the various campuses were opened up to the public. The students from the neighboring Antoinette Academy and Alessandra Academy would occasionally appear in the activity areas of Olsylvia Academy, with more from Antoinette Academy. Alessandra Academy was an academy that had strict supervision, hence, their students seldom revealed themselves.

As the Whitney Imperial Baths had a strict requirement in order to be a customer, even foreign students would need a certain status. For example, the students from Antoinette Academy were all basically refused politely. Furthermore, their academy was some sort of “art academy”, thus, places, where they could meet up with members of the imperial families, were normally restricted for them.

There were plenty of Euphemia Imperial Academy’s students that were gathered outside the baths. Most of the students were basically here with their companions and there were plenty of couples. The baths here might not provide any services which was allowed common baths, but this was also one of the Nine Sacred Dating Spots of the Olsylvia Academy. Hence, the reason why it was normal for couples to appear in this place.

“John, isn’t that President Isaman from our academy? My god, this is the first time I am seeing a student union president appearing in such a place.”

“Johnny, it is truly a pity that girl with the mantle is following behind her. She looks like President Isaman’s younger sister, Elaine. I heard that the girl is cursed and anyone that goes anywhere near her would meet with misfortune.”

“That isn’t an accurate news right!? Isn’t Elaine staying together with that Duchess Bellina? I don’t see Duchess Bellina experiencing any misfortune!? Recently she has been on the lead story of the weekly gossip magazine that the News Club is publishing! All of those reports are positive reports!”

“I do not know about that, but that Elaine mustn’t be approached. The News Club has already listed her, Princess Noreya, and Princess Ariel as Olsylvia Academy’s Three Problem Princesses.”

Isaman and Elaine were walking side by side on the road towards the baths and they could clearly hear the rumors and gossip that people were talking about. Isaman wanted to step forth and make things clear for her little sister Elaine, but she had been held back by Elaine.

Elaine made the suggestion for her to come for some recreation in this place, which Isaman wanted to reject. She had been hiding the fact that after she transmigrated to this place, she had never seen Elaine’s real face. Her knowledge of Elaine was at the same level of those gossipers, and she initially assumed that Elaine was an “ugly duckling”.

After Elaine showed her real face to Isaman, she was completely flabbergasted. How would she have known that her mysterious little sister actually had looks that was comparable to her? In order to understand more about this little sister that she had been neglecting, Isaman agreed to Elaine’s invitation.

Elaine didn’t pay any attention to those idle gossipers, as it was much more peaceful like this. She didn’t wish to be like Kriss who would always be bothered by pursuers every single day. Kriss had been extremely annoyed by those pursuers and chose to hide in the dormitory most of the time.

Outside of the baths, there was a hidden place where a carriage was parked there. As it was parked in an ordinary location, there were only a few students that noticed this was a carriage that was dedicated to the Rose Society.

Bella, Noesha, Angel, and Mia were seated in the carriage. For this operation, Bella only brought the three of them who had close relationships with her and knew about her true identity. Ariel also knew of Bella’s true identity, but she had been assuming the identity of an ugly woman. If she were to come along with Bella to the baths, there was a risk of exposing herself.

For the same reason, Noreya couldn’t appear in this location as her real face must not be exposed, at least not for now. Kriss and Lisha were too famous and if they appeared in this place, it would only invite unnecessary trouble. Bella didn’t like the two of them to be in the public as well, as she had already treated the two girls as her possessions. If they were exposed for other men to see, Bella would feel uncomfortable.

If the situation had permitted it, Bella didn’t even want to let Elaine be involved in such an operation. It would be best not to let Elaine participate in the future, lest she have her identity exposed, causing even more problems.

“Noble Sister, do you really need to do this!? Can’t we just use tools?”

“Noesha, I don’t really know how to move stealthily and without Noreya’s coordination, I will not be able to find a way to infiltrate with my stealth clothes.”

“So this is the case. Then Big Sister, please be careful. That Big Sister Isaman feels just like the Small Sister Elaine. They are hiding many secrets.”

“Big Sister Bella, Angel is right, I agree with her. Big Sister Isaman’s profession might be a secret profession that is similar to a Priest, but she is concealing a kind of evil aura that shouldn’t be emitted by a profession like Priest. She might have done a good job in concealing, but I can instinctively feel it.”

“En en, thanks for the reminder, I will pay attention to all those things. Then I will trouble you to take care of Felia’s body. Once I succeed, we will immediately retreat!”

Bella rubbed the three lolis’ heads with gratitude and thanked them for their reminders. Immediately after, there was a strange flash of light, and that beautiful blonde knight gradually fell asleep on the carriage. In front of her, an absolute beauty with black hair stood there. It was Bella’s true body, Samantha Bella who rarely made an appearance.

“Big Sister Bella, you better take this eye patch, as your eyes are too special. In the human’s empire, heterochromia irises are viewed as a sign of ill omen, just like silver hair. You better wear it if you don’t want any trouble!”

“Not only to humans, even towards the other races. The humans don’t like other races with heterochromia irises as well. It is better to wear this eye patch.”

“Noesha, Mia, thank you. I nearly forgot about this.”

Outside the gates of the baths, there weren’t just females, there were a few males that Bella didn’t want to see. One of them was Scott and he was currently embracing two beautiful girls and whispering to them. Bella didn’t know what he said to them, but the two girls were so amused that they were beaming with pleasure. Those subordinates there were normally following Scott, had already vanished; they must have been chased away by him. How could he bring two unwanted guests during this kind of date!?

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Adelaide, the genius magician was also here. But different from Scott, the pretty girls that were following him were princesses from the smaller kingdoms and members of the imperial families. In terms of status, they were much more superior than the two young ladies from noble families. During these few days, Adelaide had been looking for an opportunity to get close to Kriss. But it was a pity, as his “ugly elder sister” Ariel had always been with Kriss, giving him no chance to approach.

If Adelaide had some courage, he might have been able to expose his elder sister, Ariel’s true identity. It was regretful that he had been duped by the fake news from the News Club. As he couldn’t find a way to hook up with Kriss, during this boring weekend, he had made an appointment with these princesses that he had close relationships with, to relax in the baths.

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The third person that Bella didn’t want to see, was the Akmans who she had just made a deal with yesterday. This silver-haired handsome swordsman had actually appeared in this place as well. He didn’t bring along any female companions, but his handsome looks allowed him to hook up with plenty of girls. Currently, he was being surrounded by a few girls and there were a few that looked rather good.

It was unknown why silver hair was considered a sign of ill omen in the human empires, but it was only restricted to women. No one would criticize a man that had silver hair. It might be a case of favoritism for males instead of females when the first person released this rumor. No matter the case, Bella felt that Kriss was receiving unfair treatment.

Apart from these three male saviors, there was another individual that Bella didn’t wish to see. It was President Alex who she had just “played” this morning. This President of the Ironblood Cross Society, which was the no.1 practical combat society of the Olsylvia Academy, must have something wrong in his mind to also appeared in this place.

There were a few good looking girls that had come along with Alex, and seeing the emblems on their shoulders, it was needless to say that they were members of the Ironblood Cross Society. Alex was a very popular man in the Ironblood Cross Society and had it not been for his obsession for Chief President Angelia, he might have been a winner in life who would be enjoying a harem.

As there were plenty of couples waiting to enter the Whitney Imperial Baths, many of the males were extremely jealous and envious of these men who had multiple women, but no one dared to go and seek trouble with those people; they were already used to such sights.

At this moment, there was a girl who attracted most of the student’s attention in this place. It was an absolutely beautiful young lady with black silky hair. She was wearing a sexy black dress which had a very bold design, revealing most of her back. Had it not been for her black cloak, many of the people here would probably be drooling.

None of the students here had seen this beautiful black-haired young lady. All those black-haired pretty girls that they had seen before were all humans, but this girl didn’t seem to be human, as she had this aura of a different race. She might have the appearance of a human, but that mysterious aura of a non-human race was something that a human would never possess.

This black-haired girl’s beautiful looks wasn’t any inferior to President Isaman that had appeared earlier. Adding on to the fact that she might be of a non-human race, her attractiveness had unintentionally rose to the next level. On her cool and elegant face, only her golden left eye could be seen, while her right eye had been covered up by an exquisite black eye patch, which temporarily covered up the color of the iris.

Although no one knew if her right had a problem that couldn’t be seen, no one suspected that she had anything wrong. It was fortunate that this wasn’t the St. Louis Church Academy; if it had been, then those large quantities of sacred tools that were set up would have been corroded by Bella’s Demon God’s evil aura. If that had happened, she wouldn’t have been able to hide her true identity.

There were plenty of men that wanted to go and hit on her, but until now, all these men had hesitated as they weren’t willing to be the first “cannon fodder”. This black-haired beauty must be a visiting student from the neighboring Alessandra Academy. She might not be wearing the Alessandra Academy’s academy crest, but many of the observing students subconsciously linked her with the students from Alessandra Academy.

“Why is a student from the Alessandra Academy doing in there place? Isn’t their academy term opening a few months later than our academy!?”

“Only you are thinking in this way. You must be a novice, right? Alessandra Academy will indeed start their academy term one month later than us, but many of the students have already arrived in advance. Last year, I was fortunate enough to see a girl from the Elven Race!”

“This girl isn’t from the Elven Race, the shape of her ears are wrong. She doesn’t look like the Dragon Race Race either. I wonder what race is she?”

Bella chose to gracefully ignore the attention of others. She didn’t know why she was so eye-catching, as there were plenty of students from the imperial academy. Wouldn’t they be used to foreign races? President Isaman wasn’t so easily deceived, as Bella understood how prudent Isaman was when she first met Isaman.

If Bella had appeared in this place with her substitute body, Isaman might just suspect that it was her that stolen her key. If Bella had been paid attention to, then her plan to infiltrate St. Louis Church Academy’s secret underground room would be blown.

With things at this stage, Bella had to use her true body. No matter how incredible Isaman was, she would be able to guess that Felia was actually her substitute body. Even Bella’s encounter with Dark Demon God Alice didn’t expose her true body. No matter how formidable Isaman was, she couldn’t be stronger than Alice, who was the 10th ranked World Destroyer.

Although there were many observers, everyone maintained their stance and didn’t try to chat Bella up. The foreign races’ language were different from the human race. The students of the Euphemia Imperial Academy would normally pick the Elven language for their foreign language classes, with a minority picking the Dragon Race language.

A single glance was enough to see that Bella didn’t have the unique pointed ears of the Elven Race, nor did she have the exclusive horns that Dragon Race had after shapeshifting into human form. Hence, it was normal that no one dared to hit on her. It would be rather awkward if they were to speak and find out that they couldn’t communicate.

According to the traditional etiquette of associating between the human race and foreign race, unless a foreign race took the initiative to identify their race, the humans must not inquire about their race, as it was a forbidden topic. Bella already knew of this, hence she dared to openly impersonate the students from Alessandra Academy. Since there weren’t any friends from Alessandra Academy, even if Bella acted very badly, no one would be able to expose her without knowing the facts.

Bella looked around and none of the girls she knew were here. The only people that she was familiar with, were those male Saviors and the “cuckolded” President Alex from the Ironblood Cross Society. This made Bella very awkward, as she was used to being surrounded by beautiful girls. This was actually the first occasion that she was by herself.

What made Bella even more gloomy was that these male Saviors were all followed by at least two beautiful girls and they were putting on a public display of affection! In order not to receive “critical damage”, Bella chose to enter the baths first. She originally wanted to go look for the easily deceived Akmans, but she didn’t bring any extra money today, hence she disregarded that thought. Akmans wouldn’t be easily settled without any money.

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