Volume 2 Chapter 82: Bella’s Weekend Strategic Battle

In Duchess Bellina’s “Pure White Heaven”… In the underground secret room of Bella’s dormitory, Bella was stretching her arms, as she had just got up from a huge bed. It was still early and according to the time, it should be around 5 o’clock in the morning.

On the huge bed was President Maria, President Britney, and four other holy maidens. Apart from President Britney, Maria and the others were still tied up. The next day was Monday and although Bella was reluctant, she had to send Maria and the others back. But Bella still had a plan to possess them forever.

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“Britney baby, have you woken up uh? Was it comfortable yesterday night?”

“Bella, only now do you ask such a question? I don’t know how to reply!”

“Then you better be prepared, as I will be asking you this question every day.”

“What are you planning to do with President Maria and the others…”

“You do not have to ask about this. If you envy how they are looking like right now, I can fulfill that desire!”

Britney was so frightened that she didn’t dare to speak. She might sympathize with Maria and the others, but she didn’t want to become like them. The tied up President Maria had also awakened and she was looking at Britney with a complicated expression before she went back and pretended to sleep. She was actually hoping that Britney might help her untie the spider web on her body. She didn’t expect that Britney had been completely gobbled up by Bella and so didn’t have any way to help her.

When Bella recalled that she had two appointments today, she quickly went to prepare herself and left this place for her subordinate, Lola to take charge. Although Britney probably wouldn’t dare to escape, Bella still put on an exquisite chain on Britney’s hands and feet, just in case. After putting on the chains, Bella left, feeling reassured while leaving behind a depressed Britney. Britney didn’t expect Bella to use such a method as she did have the intention to escape.

Bella prudently returned back to your dormitory and crawled back onto her own bed, as she had snuck out in the middle of the night. Among all her dormmates, only Noreya noticed that she had slipped out, but Noreya already knew where Bella was going, thus she didn’t expose Bella.

Back at her bed, Bella noticed a note that was left by the side of her pillow by Elaine. She must have delivered it secretly during the night, but she didn’t expect to see Bella missing. Hence, she simply placed it by the side of the pillow. Lisha who had come over to share Bella’s bed shouldn’t have noticed this note.

“That lass. Why doesn’t she just tell me personally? Why make things so complicated!?”

Bella glanced at the bed in the distance and noticed that Elaine had yet to wake up. Considering that everyone was still sleeping in, and not to break this atmosphere, Bella also laid down on her bed and continued sleeping. She hugged Lisha and opened up Elaine’s note at the same time, reading the message that Elaine left for her.

“Bella, I made an appointment with Isaman tonight at 8 o’clock. The location is at Whitney Imperial Baths of the Euphemia Imperial Academy. When the time comes, let us act together and steal the key. I will persuade Big Sister Isaman to leave behind her key in the changing room.”

It seemed like there wouldn’t just be two appointments today. Fortunately, the timings are perfectly staggered, otherwise, Bella wouldn’t know how to deal with it. If everything went smoothly and in order to prevent more hiccups, it would be best to obtain the remaining three keys today.

Olsylvia Academy’s east campus, Olivia Wizard Academy’s Yolanda Garden. This garden was one of the Nine Sacred Dating Spots in Olsylvia Academy. The garden had a large variety of famous and valuable plants and there were some that were unique species that only appeared in this garden.

The society in control of this Yolanda Garden was Olsylvia Academy’s practical combat no.1 society, Ironblood Cross. Most of the society members of the Ironblood Cross were from the Olivia Wizard Academy, with a minority from the three other branch academies, apart from St. Louis Church Academy.

The aspiration of this society’s establishment was to gather all the strong combatants and military competent students from Olsylvia Academy. Most of the generals from the human race’s empire were formerly from the Ironblood Cross Society.

There weren’t a lot of visitors at the Yolanda Garden in the morning. Among these visitors, the most dazzling individual would be the beautiful girl with a deep blue gorgeous hair. She was seated at an inconspicuous bench and seemed to be waiting for someone.

Most of the people recognized her identity as the Chief President of Olsylvia Academy’s Central Student Council, Angelia. She was also one of the few Array Masters in the academy. Due to her heavy workload, she would seldom appear in such public places, especially places which would easily cause misunderstandings.

Those students that passed by would peek at the Chief President through the corner of their eyes, as Angelia was wearing a prominent attire which was hard not to notice. What Angelia was wearing right now, wasn’t the normally strict academy uniform. She was wearing a pretty dress, and this dress was a formal attire that Angelia would wear during those ball parties of those large-scale academy events and festivals. If she was wearing it today, it meant that it was an important matter to her.

Angelia’s gorgeous face was filled with excitement and anxiety. There were paper bags beside her seat which were filled with books. Because the paper bags weren’t transparent, no outsider could see what kind of books were in them. On the chest portion on Angelia’s evening dress, there was a sea-blue colored Yolanda Flower. When looking at her attire, many of the male students had their hearts shattered.

In this other world, among the human’s empire, there was a saying for when lovers first met. The female counterpart would wear a romantic flower like the Yolanda Flower. The Yolanda Flower represented affection in the language of flowers and if Angelia was wearing it, the meaning was obvious, she was in love.

In the nearby vicinity, there were plenty of News Club’s members hidden in this place. This was big news. If the news of Chief President Angelia going on a date had been reported, the sales of Olsylvia Academy’s gossip magazine would be able to reach the next level.

Naturally, Angelia already knew of the nearby observers, but she was just going to meet with a female, hence she didn’t try to nervously avoid the members of the News Club. As for her formal attire, Angelia didn’t know why either. She felt that since it was her first time meeting with a book friend, it shouldn’t be a problem to wear something like this.

As for that deep blue Yolanda Flower on Angelia’s chest. It had been intentionally put on by her. It might invite unnecessary misunderstandings, but it was better than sitting here and getting hit on by the male students. Just earlier, there were a few shameless male students that wanted to hit on her, but after seeing the flower on her chest, they immediately gave up.

Bella was looking from a nearby place and didn’t expect for Angelia to wear so formally. Weren’t they just going to have a casual meet up? Why did it look like a blind date? Right now, Bella was a little embarrassed to go over and greet Angelia.

Bella was currently wearing a dark knight’s equipment. Her entire armor was black in color and the decorative designs on her armor were like designs related to the devil. The Dark Knight was a type of disciplinary knight and in the entire knight’s class, only Bella picked the Dark Knight as her sub-profession.

It was rumored that the Dark Knight profession had been cursed, as all those who switched their profession to Dark Knights, would basically die before the age of 35 years old for some unknown reasons. Hence, when Bella picked the Dark Knight profession, many of the students advised her to change to the safer Guardian Knight profession. But after Bella received all the pieces of advice, she decided to switch her profession.

Afterwards, when no one was paying attention, she secretly switched back to the Dark Knight profession. During the knight’s class, due to Bella’s disturbance, it was when the teachers were getting replaced. Hence, no one noticed that Bella had secretly switched to the Dark Knight profession. Right now, in the entire Olsylvia Academy, only a few individuals knew that Bella was a Dark Knight.

Bella only realized that the curse of the Dark Knight profession was a fake rumor after she had changed her profession. This profession was supposed to be for the demon race, but it was unknown why it had come over to the human’s empire. The reason why those previous Dark Knights didn’t manage to live long enough was entirely due to their Dark Knight’s armor which consumed their vitality, and they died due to the exhaustion of vitality.

Bella’s current substitute body, Felia, already had a body constitution of a demon king, hence she didn’t have the danger of getting her vitality consumed. Meaning that switching to the Dark Knight’s profession wasn’t going to be any problem. But one had to admit that the Dark Knight’s armor design was one of the very best in being flashy. Many of the young ladies were sneaking glances at Bella.

Bella was currently wearing a knight’s helmet hence no one could see who she was. They could only see a pair of blue eyes in the eye slots of the helmet which were looking around vigilantly. Because Dark Knight’s armor was universal, hence there was no way to differentiate the gender through the design of the armor. Many of the young lasses didn’t know about this fact and assumed that this Dark Knight was a man!

“Angelia, are you waiting for me?”

“President Alex? Why are you here. In any case, please address me with my title of president as well. I am not that familiar with you!”

Before Bella could make her entrance, another ‘brave warrior’ stood out to hit on Angelia. Different from the scraps earlier, this was a dashing male who was around the height of 1.9 meters. He was also rather popular among the ladies and his appearance made plenty of the male students leave one after another. Many of the female students were looking at this scene with jealousy and envy.

Alex was a student from the Olivia Wizard Academy and also the president of the Ironblood Cross Society. He was easily ranked top five in the Olsylvia Academy’s Top Ten Academy Beaus and also the only person that had yet to join a fraternity. Right now, he didn’t have any scandals of having a girlfriend, and because he had appeared here, it made the members of the News Club even more excited.

“Angelia. Are you free right now? I want to…”

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“Eh, Angelia, you are over here! Let’s go, I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Before Alex could finish his sentence, he had been interrupted. A black phantom flashed across his body, and before Alex could react, that phantom had grabbed onto Angelia’s hand and was about to leave!

The members of the Ironblood Cross Society that followed behind Alex quickly obstructed Bella and Angelia. They knew that their president had fancied Chief Student Union President, Angelia for a long time. This was a rare opportunity and they were not going to let this Dark Knight interfere.

But, before they could obstruct Bella, they looked on as that Dark Knight held onto Angelia’s hand and vanished in front of them, leaving behind a group of observing students that looked at each other’s faces.

Before Bella snatched Angelia, she had already prepared her retreat route. Alex was the previous third-place contender for Olsylvia Academy’s Solo Championship. Had it not been for the venue which was more suited for the Assassin profession, President Ivy might not have won against him!

Bella didn’t want to have any conflict with the members of the Ironblood Cross Society right now. Hence, she chose the strategy of escaping with her target. She simply had to waste a high-grade teleportation scroll that Noesha gifted to her. Next time, Bella would pick a location that wasn’t as prominent.

“Bella, you are the rumored Dark Knight!”

“Angelia, when did I become a rumored knight? I am a real knight. Next time, could you pick a more concealed place!?”

“Apologies, I didn’t expect for Alex to appear in this place! Don’t misunderstand it, I do not have that kind of relationship with him. It is just that the elders from our families…”

“Angelia, you do not have to explain all these to me. I am not your…”

    Angelia quickly explained to Bella, like a girl explaining to her boyfriend. She didn’t realize that the key that was hung in front of her chest had been switched out by Bella during the teleportation. Right now, that key on her neck was just an imitation of excellent craftsmanship.

Bella and Angelia had vanished from everyone’s sight, and no one knew where had they gone to. Angelia only returned back to her own dormitory at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. She had such a pleasant expression that Student Union Secretary Cynthia got a shock, as this was her first time seeing such a pleasant smile on Angelia’s face.

In the north campus of the Olsylvia Academy, in Timothy Restaurant located in Euphemia Nobility Academy… It was noon time and there weren’t a lot of students in this place. This place might also be one of the Nine Sacred Dating Spots in Olsylvia Academy, but no couples would arrange a date in this restaurant at 3 o’clock. If it was at this timing, there were much better places to go to.

In a secluded corner of the restaurant, there were two guests sitting opposite one another. Each of them had draped a black mantle over themselves, which covered half their faces. Had it not been the silky white hands that were on the tables, anyone else would have misunderstood them as mysterious assassins.

“President Ivy, how about it? Could you temporarily lend me your key! Look, this is Chief President Angelia’s key. She had already entrusted this task to me. There are another two keys, which belongs to Britney and Maria.”

“Classmate Bellina. You might have Maria, Britney, and Angelia’s keys, but I am still concerned. The underground room had been sealed for many years and to suddenly open it, even if it was Chief President Angelia, she would still have to seek approval from the higher-ups!”

“Then, President Ivy, how do you think of this doll!?”

“This… is very cute. Where did you get it?”

“Then this! It is cute too, right?”

“En, En… where you did you buy it!”

“You don’t have to bother about it. How about this? If you agree to temporarily lend me the key, I will give you these dolls.”

Ivy gazed steadily at the exquisite dolls that Bella took out and just lacked the drooling expression. The table was laid with all the delicacies but she didn’t even take a glance at them. According to the encounters that Bella had with Ivy, yesterday. With the help of their little friend, she especially developed these cute bunny dolls which were available in her previous life. It was meant for ‘bribing’ President Ivy.

“This, I cannot hand the key to you because of these…”

“I still have many other such dolls. If you would like, I still can give you many of it. How about it!?”

“I am going to inquire from President Maria first before making a decision.”

“Then I have to give these dolls to others? Many of the other girls are requesting them from me!”

“That… please wait.”

When Ivy saw that Bella was about to keep these dolls, she finally couldn’t sit still. She might have hesitated, but she still handed over the key. This was a first time making a deal with Bella and of course, it wasn’t going to be the last time. Afterwards, in less than a month, she even gave herself in the deal.

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