Chapter 137: Argument (2)

“Ma’am! Ma’am!” Sang Wan stumped Nanny Li. Seeing Sang Wan clinging onto her, she could not bear to push her away, and her heart softened. She patted Sang Wan gently on her back while hugging her and said, “Ma’am, don’t cry, don’t cry anymore! Just what on earth happened? Tell me slowly, please don’t cry!”

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While comforting Sang Wan, Nanny Li prompted Liu Ya and the rest with her eyes to have them leave. Liu Ya was not happy as well; she was certain that it was her young master who bullied her Ma’am. Feeling furious, she stood there blankly without moving. In the end, Zhide had to drag her out, “Us servants will go and get water!!”

Nanny Li looked at Zhide approvingly before gesturing to them to be late when returning later. She then went on to comfort Sang Wan.

After a long while, Sang Wan finally stopped crying. The shame and anger shown on her face slowly eased. She let go of Nanny Li and took out her handkerchief to wipe off her tears before forcing a smile, saying, “I apologize for losing my cool and letting Nanny see such a scene!”

“Ma’am…” Nanny Li didn’t know what to say. After helping Sang Wan tidy up her hair and wrinkled clothes, she told her gently, “No matter what, you and Sir are a married couple, why become angry when you could talk things out! Now that things have became like this, don’t you feel bad too? Ma’am you were always so forgiving and gentle, but today…”

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Just from the thought of what happened just now, Sang Wan did not want it mentioned again, and said, “It was me who couldn’t control myself and said something that angered Sir, I know! You don’t have to worry, this won’t happen again!”

Sang Wan felt the burning pain on her hand and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Of course, Nanny Li could tell she wasn’t telling the truth, but it was not appropriate for her to ask any further. When Nanny Li saw Sang Wan’s hand, she received a shock, “My goodness, how did this happen!” Hurriedly, she took an ointment and helped Sang Wan apply it carefully.

“Hurry in with the water and serve Ma’am!” Nanny Li yelled loudly. Zhide and Liu Ya then opened the curtain and entered.

Seeing that Zhide and Liu Ya were enough to serve Sang Wan, Nanny Li quietly left, and commanded the servants with a strict face, “If what happened today leaks out, don’t blame me for being ruthless when I find out who that is! All of you better watch your mouths! Say only words that you should and quickly forget everything that you should!”

The servants were terrified and quickly nodded their heads.

“Nanny, it’s dinner time now, how…” Hong Ye whispered quietly.

“What dinner!” Nanny Li glared at Hong Ye and sighed. After a short while of silence, she said, “Quickly go and find out where Sir is right now and invite him back for dinner! As for the food, have the kitchen keep them warm first!”

“Yes, Nanny!” After receiving the instructions, Hong Ye felt relieved and ran off hurriedly.

As Nanny Li returned to the chamber, she saw that Sang Wan had changed her clothes, washed her face, and combed her hair. She went towards Sang Wan with a smile and said warmly, “It’s getting dark outside, Ma’am, are you hungry? I’ve send someone to invite Sir back for dinner. We’ll serve the food in a moment!”

The moment Shi Fengju was mentioned, Sang Wan’s expression changed and she said with a frown, “I don’t have an appetite now and would like to get some rest; serving Sir during his dinner will be enough. All of you, leave now, and tell the others not to disturb me! Now!”

“Ma’am, you didn’t have much for lunch today. It’ll be best to at least come and have a little something!” Nanny Li gently tried to persuade her.

Sang Wan waved, “I really don’t have the appetite for dinner. Leave now. All of you! I want to have a quiet moment alone!”

Without a choice, Nanny Li and the rest could only leave.

Liu Ya’s face was full of worry and she seemed as if she had something to say. Sang Wan forced at smile at her, “You should leave as well! Do whatever you have to, I just need some rest.”

“Then, please have a good rest! We will ensure that no one comes to disturb you! When you’re hungry, just call for this servant and I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare the food for you!” Liu Ya said crisply; she was on full alert. Nanny Li found it annoying and funny at the same time and she chided, “Enough, get out now!”

That made Sang Wan laugh.

After a short while, Hong Ye returned and reported, “Nanny, Sir is in the study room. He ordered to be disturbed only if there’s something important, and said that he’s not hungry so he won’t be coming back for dinner.”

“Why is this couple like this…” Nanny Li sighed and went to the kitchen to check on tonight’s dinner. She asked the servants to use food boxes, which had hot water to keep their contents warm, to hold a bowl of braised pork, a bowl of Yan Du Xian, a bowl of minced chicken with smooth beancurd, a bowl of steamed egg, and a huge bowl of rice before having Liu Ya send it to Shi Fengju. Nanny Li then instructed for the plate of boneless fish, stir-fried rabbit meat with ginger, fried beancurd and another bowl of Yan Du Xian to be kept warm in the kitchen and taken out whenever Sang Wan had the appetite.

The reason why Nanny Li sent Liu Ya was because Liu Ya was Shi Fengju’s closest maidservant, she was also Sang Wan’s servant who had followed her from her parental house. Nanny Li carried a slight hope for Shi Fengju to think about Sang Wan when he saw Liu Ya and would come back for dinner. However, after Liu Ya saw her ma’am getting badly “bullied”, she became vexed; how would she still have the heart to send the food to Shi Fengju?

However, she did not dare to disobey her godmother, so she received the box reluctantly and had another servant carry it. Not long after they left Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence, she stopped and told the servant, “I have something urgent to settle so you’ll have to send this yourself! Just pass it to Zhan Huan when you’re there. Remember, leave immediately once you’ve handed it over and don’t you dare to say anything unnecessary, do you understand?”

The servant wouldn’t dare disobey Liu Ya’s instructions, would she? Moreover, sending food to the young master of the Shi family all by herself was an honorable task; she suddenly felt that she was playing a pivotal role, so she answered happily and hurriedly carried the box over.

Just as Liu Ya had instructed, the servant handed the food box over to Zhan Huan and immediately turned to leave after saying she was delivering food to Shi Fengju.

However, after seeing Shi Fengju’s terribly dark expression, with a red mark on one of his cheeks that looked like a palm print from a slap, there was no way Zhan Huan would dare to enter the study room. And so, Zhan Huan pulled the servant back and said, “Sister, since you are delivering food to Sir, it’d be best for you to bring it in!”

Normally, the servant would be more than willing to show her face in front of the young master, but Liu Ya had clearly instructed her to pass the food over to Zhan Huan, there was no way she would dare to disobey. Especially knowing Liu Ya had a bad temper, it would be terrible if she pissed Liu Ya off. Moreover, the atmosphere today was weird, anyone who wasn’t a fool would have felt it; who would be silly enough to mess around?

“I still have something else to do so it would be best if you could pass it over to the young master!” The servant turned and ran away immediately after she finished her sentence.

Zhan Huan could only resign himself. Worried that the food would be cold if he tarried, he sighed before knocking on the door and going in reluctantly.

“Sir, Ma’am has instructed a servant to send you your dinner! Should I serve it onto the table for you now?” Zhan Huan quickly said before Shi Fengju could open his mouth to chase him out.

As expected, Shi Fengju held back his words to chase Zhan Huan out, and said flatly, “Ma’am instructed someone to send the food? Where is this servant now?”

“…She said she was busy. She has already gone back now.” Zhan Huan said with a smile.

Shi Fengju’s face turned darker immediately after he heard Zhan Huan’s words, and asked again, “Who delivered it?”

Zhan Huan wanted to slap his own head in regret for not asking the servant to stay. This Sir of his too; in any case, it was Ma’am who had someone sent the food over, so why would the servant delivering it matter?

“It was an unfamiliar face, I…I don’t know her!”

Shi Fengju hummed coldly, “I’m not hungry, bring it out!”

He was right, Sang Wan must be hating on him at this moment, why would she still send food over? That servant definitely wasn’t sent by her! Otherwise, there was no way she would casually send a lass to run off after passing the food to Zhan Huan!

“Sir, please at least have some! After all, these were sent by Ma’am——”

“Get out!” Shi Fengju narrowed his eyes as he glared at Zhan Huan.

Zhan Huan pulled back in shock. “Yes, yes, this servant will leave now!” He answered and hurriedly left.

Shi Fengju raised up his hand and subconsciously rubbed his face as he closed his eyes. Even he did not know what he should do; he felt confused and upset.

Shi Fengju did not return to Ning Garden to sleep that night. He sent someone to inform them that he would not be returning for a few days because he had some important things to deal with. He also sent Zhan Huan to pack a few of his clothes that he would normally wear over to the study room. At any rate, his actions meant that he was going to stay apart from Sang Wan.

Nanny Li could not stay still anymore, but there was nothing she could do when she had no idea what exactly happened between the two. As such, she could only ease the tension by saying with a smile, “It’s going to be a new year soon so there must be a lot more to deal with in the business; it would be more convenient for Sir to settle them in the study room! I think we should ask the kitchen to prepare more nutritious food for Sir, what do you think, Ma’am?”

After hearing that he was not coming back, Sang Wan felt relieved and disappointed at the same time, so she said absentmindedly, “Nanny Li, you can decide on your own! We are completely disburdened with what you do!”

Nanny Li answered with a smile, “Even if it’s true, you are still Sir’s wife, what you do for him is completely different from what us servants do for him! Even if the things done were the same, Sir will be extremely pleased if they were done by you!”

Sang Wan responded with a smile and remained silent, pretending she did not know what Nanny Li meant. Nanny Li sighed to herself and could only let it go.

The next day at Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence.

“Really? Big Cousin never went back after he left Ning Garden angrily? He also slept in the study room alone?” Gu Fangzi sounded very excited.

“Absolutely!” Lan Xiang was excited as well. She smiled and said, “I heard it from the servants working in Ning Garden, it can’t be false! But regretfully, our informants are those doing the heavy work in Ning Garden, so as to what exactly happened, they couldn’t get a single clue.”

“This information is enough for me!” Gu Fangzi sneered and said, “I’ve waited long enough for this day! And it’s finally here! That vixen, Sang Wan, has finally shown her tail! I would love to see how much longer she can stay in this household after losing Big Cousin’s doting!”

“Missy, as long as you seize this chance, Sir will definitely come back to you!” Lan Xiang quickly responded.

“Of course!” Gu Fangzi rolled her eyes at Lan Xiang and sneered, “I will let Big Cousin realize just who exactly is the most suitable woman for him!”

“Sir was only bewitched by Ma’am temporarily, he will definitely realize it one day! After all, Missy grew up with him. If not for Ma’am, there is no way Sir would leave you out in the cold! This servant will help Missy to get dressed now so that when Sir returns from work, we can——”

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