Chapter 138: Opportunities Are Rare To Come By

Lan Xiang was eager to help Gu Fangzi. She was itching to see Gu Fangzi reconcile with Shi Fengju. On one hand, it was to show her loyalty to her owner, on the other, and most importantly, her bitter times would end if they reconciled!

During the time when Gu Fangzi was given the cold shoulder by Shi Fengju, she would naturally vent her frustrations on Lan Xiang; having to pass each day trembling in fear was way too unpleasant.

“No!” Gu Fangzi’s eyes lit up for a moment before that urge was suppressed. She shook her head and said firmly, “It is still not the time yet! Let’s wait a while longer and speak about this in two or three days! This will give Big Cousin some time to think things through and realize who on earth truly cares for him!”

Before, she lost just because she wasn’t able to see the bigger picture. Now, she must learn to calm herself down and await the best possible timing; she definitely could not afford to make the same mistake twice. Hmph, men are all contemptible, the harder it is for them to get, the more they would want it. She mustn’t submit too easily. Instead, she would have to devise a careful plan to let him take the initiative to approach her!

“But, Missy!” Lan Xiang was worried. She couldn’t just sit and watch as an opportunity escaped, so she hurriedly said, “Missy, things may change if you delay! What if Ma’am admits her mistake and reconciles with Sir? Won’t we lose our opportunity again? Missy, don’t forget that Nanny Li is on Ma’am’s side, how can Nanny Li not do anything to help them if she sees them at odds with each other? Neither Ma’am nor Sir will ignore Nanny Li’s words!”

Gu Fangzi’s heart suddenly shivered; that could happen too!

“Your words make sense,” Gu Fangzi’s heart, which was once full of confidence, was now shaken by Lan Xiang’s words, just like the ripples made after a stone was thrown into a calm lake.

“Yes, Missy, you have to strike while the iron is hot!” Lan Xiang went on to persuade her, “Sir may be feeling upset right now. if Missy were to show up to comfort him and be nice to him, how could he not be reminded of how nice you were before? Isn’t now the best timing——”

“You seem very eager and quite knowledgeable about this situation! Why didn’t I notice it before!” Gu Fangzi raised her eyebrows and smiled faintly as she stared at Lan Xiang.

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“This servant thanks Missy for the praise!” While Lan Xiang happily bowed and gave her thanks, she suddenly sensed that Gu Fangzi’s smile and tone felt a little off, as if there was a sense of coldness and caution.

Lan Xiang’s heart quivered, and she hurriedly knelt, “Missy, this servant wholeheartedly and loyally thinks only for you! This servant will never have any inordinate ambitions! This servant is alone with no one else but Missy to rely on! Only when Missy’s life becomes good will this servant’s life be good. If Missy was desolate, then this servant will struggle as well!”

“Enough, enough! I know that you are loyal to me, now get up!” Gu Fangzi waved her hand and frowned slightly. Maybe she was thinking too much; for a girl with no one to rely on, what can she do other than depend on her? Her reason for buying Lan Xiang from outside and groom her into a trustworthy servant was because Lan Xiang had no connections within the Shi family, which made her easy to use! It was likely that this girl would not dare to be disloyal!

However, the last portion of the servant’s words were triggering. Since when was she “desolate”? She was merely in her mourning period!

“Keep your eyes tight on Big Cousin and inform me once he returns! Also, pay the kitchen two silvers and have Auntie Han stew a bowl of nicely-done chicken soup with bamboo shoots!”

“Yes, Missy!” Lan Xiang jolted and hurriedly answered before getting up from the floor. “Should I prepare Missy’s clothes and accessories first?”

Gu Fangzi lowered her head and looked at her plain clothes. A hint of disgust flashed in her eyes but she said, “No need! Just this will do! All the clothes are about the same anyway! Hmph! And do you think those junk is even qualified to be called accessories?”

Lan Xiang did not dare to say anything else and hurriedly prepared to leave.

Before Lan Xiang’s persuasion, Gu Fangzi was calm and full of confidence. But ever since she heard Lan Xiang’s words, she could no longer stay calm. She was fidgety and her heart was in a mess; how could she wait three or four days? She was itching to see Shi Fengju the moment he returned!

She was also afraid that maybe she wasn’t quick enough and the people from Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence had already approached him first? Then she would be happy for nothing! Even if Sang Wan was being pretentious and refused to back down, there was still the sagacious Nanny Li in Ning Garden!

It turned out that Gu Fangzi wasn’t wrong. Nanny Li was indeed trying her best to persuade Sang Wan, “Even the tongue and the teeth would meet occasionally, let alone two people! How can a quarrel between a couple last overnight? Life has to go on, doesn’t it? Ma’am, please listen to this old servant. After tonight, let all your anger go and talk things through if there’s any problem! It’s going to be Lunar New Year soon and if Mistress knows about what is happening between you and Sir, won’t she be upset? Ma’am, then this old servant will send someone to keep a lookout for Sir and invite him back once he returns, okay? This old servant will also have the kitchen prepare some dishes that the both of you like and ready a pot of wine. Please use this chance to speak your heart!”

“Nanny,” Sang Wan said with a smile, “You’re mistaken. Sir is the master of this household, how could I dare to be angry at him? Furthermore, I have nothing to be angry about at all! This Ning Garden belongs to Sir, he will come back whenever he wants, I have no comments about that! Whatever Nanny wishes to do, then please do!”

After hearing Sang Wan’s words, Nanny Li became speechless.

Although Sang Wan seemed normal, something just did not seem right!

“So,“ Nanny Li probed, “If this servant invites Sir back, Ma’am won’t give Sir the look and will treat him well like before?”

“Of course!” Perplexed, Sang Wan looked at her and said with a smile, “Nanny must be overthinking! I will do what a wife has to do, and serve my husband!” Nothing more.

Nanny Li still felt something was not right. She opened her mouth but not a single word left. In fact, she was confused as well. Ma’am was gentle and generous, and served Sir wholeheartedly and carefully. She took care of everything else in Sir’s life, however, something must have changed. Although she had no idea what it was, she was sure that was why Sir became angry! But Ma’am did not do anything wrong, so there was nothing she could say to persuade her. That was why if Sir returned, he would still get angry at Ma’am! It would be better if he didn’t return!

“Maybe, maybe Sir has something urgent to handle. Let’s wait a few days and see…But Ma’am, please listen to this old servant, you and Sir are a married couple and life has to go on. you shouldn’t let yourself be so upset even if it isn’t for Sir’s sake. This old servant is only saying this because I’m worried for you!” Sang Wan’s tears and hug yesterday completely triggered Nanny Li’s maternal instinct, and it touched her heart. Unknowingly, she became a little closer to Sang Wan. Otherwise, she would have stood on Shi Fengju’s side when a quarrel between them happened..

“Nanny, I know.” Sang Wan smiled thankfully and nodded her head.

“This old servant knew you’d understand!” Nanny Li said with a smile.

Finally, the long day had passed. Gu Fangzi changed into a new set of clothes and combed her hair. The chicken soup that the kitchen had been preparing for the entire day was also sent to her in a pot and was kept warm on a small stove. Gu Fangzi gazed outside frequently to check if Lan Xiang had returned.

Unexpectedly, after a long wait, Lan Xiang was still not back even when the sun had gone down. Gu Fangzi could not help but become fretful and she cussed under her breath.

A quick glance again and Gu Fangzi saw that Lan Xiang was back at last. She hurried out as she couldn’t wait any longer and stopped Lan Xiang in the yard, “What took you so long! Is Big Cousin back yet?”

Lan Xiang seemed somewhat scared as she shook her head and said with a forced smile, “No, not yet. This servant——”

“Then why are you back here!” Just like being poured cold water, Gu Fangzi spoke angrily, “Go back and keep an eye at the study room!”

Lan Xiang hurriedly mentioned, “This servant heard from the servant at the study room that Sir is having dinner outside with someone tonight, so he will be back late! So, so…”

Gu Fangzi was stumped for words. Of course she was upset, but this was not a bad thing after all; if he were to get drunk, then it would be even better!

“Inform the kitchen, to prepare a bowl of hangover soup! Go and eat first, continue to keep an eye on the study room after you’ve finished. Return here once Big Cousin is back! Go!” Gu Fangzi commanded.

“Yes, Missy! Missy, you don’t have to worry, this servant will focus entirely on the study room!” Lan Xiang helped Gu Fangzi back to the house, “Missy, please have your dinner, this servant will serve you first!”

“No need! Just have the servant bring me the dishes. Hurry up, you have more important things to do!” And then she grunted, “If you mess this up, you should know what’s waiting for you!”

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“This servant understands, this servant will go now!” Lan Xiang’s heart tightened and she left hurriedly.

By the time Shi Fengju returned, it was already in the middle of the night and the moon was already up in the sky. After confirming that he went back to the study room, Lan Xiang rushed back to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence to tell Gu Fangzi.

Gu Fangzi finally got her opportunity after waiting for the whole day. Knowing that all her efforts had paid off made her excited and pleased, and a bright smile formed on her face. “Quickly, pour a bowl of hangover soup, we will head there now!”

“Yes, Missy!” Lan Xiang had no time to hesitate, and she answered quickly as prepared.

After getting the hangover soup into the bowl, Gu Fangzi stopped just before her foot stepped out of the house, “This can’t do! Let’s wait a little more! We can’t go there too soon!”

If she went there too soon, it would be obvious that she was purposely waiting for him! Gu Fangzi forced herself to calm down. She had to at least wait a quarter of an hour.

Lan Xiang wanted to persuade her again, but she kept her mouth shut after seeing her missy’s calm state of mind. “Yes, Missy.” Lan Xiang stood to the side becomingly.

For Gu Fangzi who was anxious and impatient, it was miserable as waiting for a quarter of an hour was basically the same as waiting for an entire day. When it was finally time to go, Gu Fangzi strode out after telling Lan Xiang to go. Lan Xiang hurriedly follow with the food box.

After arriving outside of the study room’s courtyard, Gu Fangzi took the food box from Lan Xiang before taking a deep breath to ease the impatient expression on her face. Slowly, she went ahead.

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