Chapter 139: Sending the Hangover Soup

“Oh? Miss Gu, to what do we owe this pleasure!” Zhan Huan was surprised to see her. He smiled and came forward to greet her.

Why did it sound so scornful? Gu Fangzi was slightly unhappy but she raised her eyebrows and said with what seemed like smile on her face, “Why? Can’t I come?”

“Oh!” Zhan Huan was startled and exclaimed as he slapped his mouth lightly, before smiling, “Oh, my foolish mouth, just what am I saying? Of course you can, of course you can! This foolish servant was only spouting nonsense, please don’t mind me!”

“I am only joking with you! I’m not so petty! ” Gu Fangzi slyly winked her eye as she let out a laugh.

Zhan Huan was again startled and he chuckled with her. However, he thought to himself: the sun must have risen from the west! Miss Gu didn’t get angry! This really, really——really is strange!

Gu Fangzi smile slightly, “Is Big Cousin back? I brought some hangover soup after I heard he was drinking outside. How is he? Is he very drunk ? As his servants who follow him around, all of you should advise him not to drink excessively; getting drunk on alcohol is not good for his health…”

Gu Fangzi lectured as she headed towards the study room. Zhan Huan wanted to stop her but did not have the guts to do so and could only follow her as he listened and acknowledged.

“Miss Gu,” Zhan Huan finally mustered enough courage and stopped Gu Fangzi at the door of the study room. Smiling, he said, “ It is getting dark and cold, Miss Gu, you should head back quickly and rest. As for this hangover soup, I’ll bring it in. Haha. Sir is a little tipsy, I’m afraid Miss Gu would not be able to speak with him even if you entered…”

“So Big Cousin is drunk?” Gu Fangzi pressed, “No! That’s all the more reason to see him! Hurry up and open the door, but don’t alarm him. ”

“Miss Gu…”

“What? Do my words mean nothing to you? ” Gu Fangzi narrowed her eyes dangerously and glared at Zhan Huan as she spoke with a cold tone.

“This servant doesn’t dare! ” Zhan Huan was shocked and he frantically opened the door.

Gu Fangzi called out to her cousin a few times as she headed straight to Shi Fengju’s room where he normally rested. Sure enough, she saw him lying on the bed with a blanket over him.

“Big Cousin! Big Cousin!” Gu Fangzi shook him, her heart in distress.

Shi Fengju did not drink much. Although tipsy, he was also half awake. He opened his eyes from the noise. uUpon seeing Gu Fangzi, he sat up and frowned, “Cousin? Why are you here!”

This question again, like master like servant!

Gu Fangzi harbored hate in her heart, but her face remained gentle as she spoke worriedly, “I came because I heard you were drunk. Look at you, why did you not return to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence and instead lie here when you’re drunk! Sister Sang Wan will be heartbroken if she finds out!”

Fengju would have believed those words if they were said by others, but hearing them from Gu Fangzi’s mouth, they sounded ridiculous and revolting

Did this woman still take him for a fool, to play and lie to?

“If there’s nothing, you should head back first! I didn’t drink much so I’ll be fine after some quiet rest, ” Shi Fengju said plainly.

Gu Fangzi read the situation. When she mentioned Sang Wan, Shi Fengju‘s expression changed drastically. She could not help but feel happiness in her heart: something definitely happened between them, great, this is just great!

“Okay. I will go back once you drink this hangover soup! I specifically asked this to be made for you; it is soothing and will sober you up. You will definitely have a good sleep until tomorrow after you drink it! Here, quickly, drink it!” Gu Fangzi commanded Lan Xiang to bring the soup over as she spoke.

When did she become so obedient? Shi Fengju felt strange and thought it was a hallucination caused by the alcohol.

“Put it there, I will drink it later. ” Shi Fengju shook his head. Her actions were so weird that it made his heart uncomfortable.

“Big Cousin, drink it quickly. Don’t you feel uncomfortable? I really care for you! Since young, aren’t we——”

“Cousin Fangzi! ” The last thing that Shi Fengju wanted to hear was about the past, and he broke her off, “You should go back first! ”

“Young Master!” Before Gu Fangzi could finish her words, Nanny Li came in with a food box in her hand as well and was startled when she saw Gu Fangzi, “Oh? Why is Miss Gu here too?”

This was the third time she hearing this question tonight! Even if Gu Fangzi was good-tempered, she would have already reached her limit; needless to say, she was not good-tempered to begin with.

“Why? Am I not allowed here? I came only because I care for my husband, do I have to get Nanny Li’s permission to do so? ” Gu Fangzi said expressionlessly

“Oh, Miss Gu, what are you saying?” Nanny Li said with a smile, “Young Master had a few drinks tonight and should be resting. Miss Gu, you shouldn’t disturb Young Master now, please go back! ”

Gu Fangzi regretted her scornful words. If she fell out with Nanny Li in front of Shi Fengju, wouldn’t all her previous forbearance be for naught? Despite the regrets in her heart, seeing Nanny Li speak cordially, she felt relieved and quickly said gently with a smile, “I was about to leave. I brought some hangover soup for Big Cousin and planned to leave after he finished it. I’d never expect Nanny Li to come! My words just now have been a little harsh, I hope Nanny won’t take it to heart! ”

Was she possessed by a ghost? Nanny Li was shocked. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Gu Fangzi. She scanned Gu Fangzi from top to bottom, making sure that she did not mistake her for someone else.

Gu Fangzi was enraged by Nanny Li’s expression and blatant stare. She hatefully thought to herself: this old woman must have been born a wretched. Here I’m showing my good side but you’re doubting it!

“Nanny, is there something on me?” None of that was shown on her face, but rather, she smiled bashfully.

“Nothing!” Nanny Li withdrew her stare, and grinned, “This old servant just finds it weird that Miss Gu feels like a completely different person! Oh, so Miss Gu is here to give Young Master some hangover soup. This is really rare!”

Gu Fangzi did not like Shi Fengju drinking outside. Everytime Shi Fengju came back with his body smelling of alcohol, she would flare up and grumble. When had she ever made some hangover soup for him? At that time, Shi Fengju doted her and would end up having to coax her. After which, he hadn’t the mood to drink the hangover soup made by Nanny Li. That ached Nanny Li’s heart and she was furious every time that happened.

Upon hearing that, Gu Fangzi said, “What are you saying, Nanny? Isn’t it all for Big Cousin’s well-being? In the past, I didn’t like Big Cousin to drink outside because drinking is bad for the health, which was why I get angry every time! But I have come to realize that with the size of the Shi family‘s business, drinking is out of necessity, so how can Big Cousin not drink a single drop? Fortunately, Big Cousin is sensible and isn’t an alcoholic, this really relieved my worry! Nanny, Big Cousin always listens to you, you should try to urge him to drink less!”

Nanny Li was at a loss for words, what act was Miss Gu trying to put on?

“Since Nanny Li is here, with your care, there’s no need for me to worry! Big Cousin wasn’t going to drink the hangover soup just now so I was about to persuade him! Nanny, I’ll leave that to you and take my leave first!” Gu Fangzi smiled and glanced at Shi Fengju affectionately before giving a nod towards Nanny Li. With that, she turned away.

“Miss Gu, this old servant has no intention of chasing you away!” Nanny Li came back to her senses and exclaimed.

“Look at what Nanny is saying! I know Nanny isn’t that type of person and I have never thought of that!” Gu Fangzi smiled good-temperedly. She looked into Nanny Li’s eyes and said frankly, “All this while, I have done some reflecting and come to realize many things. Nanny, please forgive me if I have offended you in the past! In the future, I know what must be done, so there’s no need for Nanny to worry!” Gu Fangzi smiled and left gracefully with Lan Xiang.

Nanny Li gaped and was speechless.

Shi Fengju’s eyes dimmed and he glanced at Nanny Li. He shook his head secretly and thought to himself: even though Nanny Li is wise, there are also times when she cannot see through lies.

In the past he was also blinded by lies, but now that he could tell the truth from the lies, nothing could escape his eyes. Shi Fengju sneered in his heart; he was no longer a fool! Once was enough, he would not be worthy to helm his family business if he were fooled again!

“That person really needs a bitter experience to learn!” Nanny Li said as she brought the hangover soup up to Shi Fengju, “Young Master, drink it while it’s hot and rest early once you’ve drunk it! ”

“Nanny, I didn’t drink much and I’m not even drunk; there’s no need to drink some hangover soup!” Shi Fengju gave a bitter smile. If only all of you did not come one after another, I would already be fast asleep. As for whether or not he could actually fall asleep, he did not give it much thought.

“That won’t do!” Nanny Li forced the bowl into his hands, “Miss Gu is still right about something, your health is important! You cannot disregard your health! Quickly, drink it, my heart will not be at ease if you do not!”

Shi Fengju had no choice and drank half a bowl.

“Good,” Nanny Li said happily, “I’ll head back now. I’ll tell Zhan Huan to come in to serve you. ”

“Nanny,” Seeing that Nanny Li did not mention a single word about Sang Wan, Shi Fengju could no longer hold it in and asked hesitantly, “Sang Wan, is she——alright?”

Nanny Li was happy when she saw that he still remembered Sang Wan so she said with a smile, “She’s fine! She’s fine! The ointment is effective and the burn on her hand is almost healed! Young Master, not that this old servant wants to nag you, but what did you do? Yesterday, you made Ma’am cry to such a poor state and the blister on her hand had also burst. This old servant has never seen Ma’am this out of herself and it really caused my heart to ache! ”

“Did she cry for a long time yesterday?” Shi Fengju’s heart tightened, the image of a girl whose face was teary and was feeling embarrassed, frustrated, and angry, flashed before him. He must have been possessed yesterday; how could he have treated her that way!

“This old servant has already coaxed her,” Nanny Li sighed, “Don’t worry, she’s alright now. This old servant can’t comprehend, just what made the two of you fight? Young Master, Ma’am treats you very well, you can’t treat her the way you did! ”

Shi Fengju gave a weak smile, “Nanny, Sang Wan is my wife, I know how I should treat her. Nanny, is she still angry with me?”

Nanny Li glanced deeply at Shi Fengju and thought out loud, “That, is something even this old servant doesn’t understand! I’m not afraid of Young Master mocking me, but even though my eyes have seen countless people, I cannot understand what Ma’am is thinking! ”

“What do you mean? ”Shi Fengju asked frantically.

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