Chapter 140: She Is Determined To Leave

Nanny Li said with a headache, “This old servant consoled Young Mistress for a while, but Young Mistress still wore a smile on her face and spoke calmly. She did not look like she was still holding a grudge, and knew what she should and should not do. But this old servant thinks that something just isn’t right! However, this old servant isn’t really sure! This old servant feels that, sigh, this old servant doesn’t know what to say!”

Shi Fengju’s heart sank: she still minded!

“So even Nanny feels it too.” Shi Fengju smiled unwittingly, “Nanny, tell me, is Sang Wan any different compared to before?”

“Of course!” Nanny Li said, “Although Young Mistress still remains equally concerned about Young Master these days and takes care of you all the same, but she seems to have distanced herself from you. No matter what, she just feels very different from the past!”

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“Yes, she knowingly distanced herself from me.” Shi Fengju sighed and said, “She still blames me for not speaking up for her so it’s no wonder she’s still angry with me. But this has to do with my big sister. Big Sister always puts up a strong front; without her saying, I know she still feels like she is living under someone else’s roof. It’s not easy for her too and I cannot hurt her heart any further. Otherwise, my mother will become sad. Some things can only be dealt with by closing an eye. But Sang Wan will have to be the one to end up suffering grievances because it cannot be helped!”

Nanny Li suddenly came to a realization and finally understood somewhat more. “Young Mistress is not the only one to suffer. From how this old servant sees it, you’re suffering as well! Young Mistress is reasonable, so don’t worry, she will understand this eventually! After all, one still has to live their life! If she doesn’t understand, and wants to keep the thorn in her heart, she won’t feel comfortable! But Young Mistress’s dignity cannot be disregarded. Young Master, you have to talk to Eldest Missy a little. Even if something big were to happen, how could she point at the family’s young mistress’s nose, give a rude scolding, and even resort to violence! How will Young Mistress uphold herself in this household when the servants see that!”

“This matter was because of my carelessness; it definitely won’t happen again!” Shi Fengju then thought to himself: was this episode not enough? If this were to happen again, Sang Wan would surely ignore me forever! Shi Fengju’s face dulled and he immediately felt frustrated again. They still had to continue living their lives? Will they be able to do that together? She seemed adamant about leaving this time, would he still be able to keep her?

“Nanny, please take care of Sang Wan for me. In a few days, in a few days, I will go back. I really have something that I’m busy with these few days, so tell her to not worry!” Shi Fengju decided. No matter what, he would not let her go. In any case, he had already made himself clear; if he disregarded that haphazard promise, then it is voided!

“Young Master, don’t worry! This old servant will take care of Young Mistress well. With your words, this old servant can finally relax now and Young Mistress will be happy as well! Young Master, please rest, this old slave will head back first!” Nanny Li said happily.

“Nanny, please do!” Shi Fengju nodded and smiled.

Nanny Li went back happily and explained everything to Sang Wan at once. Of course, she did not forget to add a few more compliments for Shi Fengju and mentioned how much he still thought about Young Mistress! Sang Wan knew that she had always sided Shi Fengju so did not think much about her words and listened out of courtesy.

“Young Master said he’s really busy these few days and will be back in a few days. Young Mistress, you see, Young Master’s heart always has you! No matter what he did in the past, shouldn’t the past remain the past? Young Mistress, you should stop holding onto them anymore! Eldest Missy doesn’t come and find trouble for you these days, right? It looks like Young Master had already talked to her so that absurd thing wouldn’t happen again. So Young Mistress, you don’t have to worry anymore!”

The more Nanny Li spoke, the more her lips became loose and she revealed, “Miss Gu also went to the study room to court Shi Fengju’s favor. Luckily, this old servant arrived at the right moment. Young Mistress, you need to be more alert, don’t let that certain someone take advantage of the situation!”

Sang Wan blinked and she finally asked, “Sister went to the study room as well?”

Nanny Li secretly regret speaking too much, but she could only smile and say, “Yes, Miss Gu brought some hangover soup to Young Master. But before he could drink it, this old servant arrived. After that, Miss Gu left and Young Master drank the hangover soup from us instead!”  

An inexplicable sense of unhappiness arose within Sang Wan. He must be happy that his beloved sweetheart brought him hangover soup, right?

“If that is so, then there was no need for us to bring the soup to him,” Sang Wan gave a small smile and said, “Sister is so considerate! I’m sure Young Master must be very happy to see her.”

“That isn’t the case!” Nanny Li immediately said, “Young Master let her leave after exchanging only a few sentences! This old servant can see that Young Master’s heart only has you, he doesn’t treat Miss Gu as he did previously! Young Master has finally become sensible; she is a concubine now, how can she compete with you? Young Master will never allow her to bully you!”

Sang Wan smiled indifferently, “I understand what Nanny is trying to say! Don’t worry, as long as I’m still the Shi family’s Mistress, I will fulfill my responsibility!”

“This, this, this old servant knows you are an understanding person…” Nanny Li nodded with a smile. Something just didn’t seem right.

“Missy, won’t our entire day’s effort go to waste if we leave just like this?” Lan Xiang could not help but ask softly as they left the study room.

“You don’t say!” Gu Fangzi had a stomach full of resentment and she poked Lan Xiang on the forehead with her finger as she glared, “What other choice do we have? I’m afraid that I will end up quarreling with that annoying hag again; that’ll really put all our efforts to waste!”

Lan Xiang was stunned for a moment as she found Gu Fangzi a little strange. She thought to herself: what’s wrong with Missy? Since when was she so afraid of Nanny Li?

“This is called retreating to advance, understand? You won’t know even if I were to explain it to you!”Gu Fangzi said snappily, “Enough, let’s hurry home!”

In order to change her image, she would have to do it slowly and take every chance she was given. She must not be in a hurry, else, there would truly be no more hope left for her.

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Upon seeing Nanny Li’s surprised expression, Gu Fangzi became filled with energy and felt that her night had not gone to waste. Also, Big Cousin was very calm and did not become angry after a few sentences. From that, she could see the effectiveness in her tactic!

Gu Fangzi suddenly stopped in her footsteps, “Wake up early tomorrow morning and find out properly if Big Cousin went back to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence to rest tonight.”

“Yes, Missy!” Lan Xiang quickly obeyed.

If Big Cousin slept in the study room even with Nanny Li trying to mend their relationship, then that meant that he had really gotten into a serious quarrel with that vixen, Sang Wan, and it was then that her chance would come. If he were coaxed by Nanny Li to go return to Ning Garden, then ——

Gu Fangzi became more frustrated and creased her eyebrow, saying, “Keep watch at the entrance of Ning Garden secretly right now and check if Big Cousin went back!”

She could not wait until the next day, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.

“Missy,” Lan Xiang said bitterly, “Then what time should I keep watch until? Who knows what time Young Master will decide to head back——”

“Stupid!” Gu Fangzi scolded impatiently, “It isn’t early anymore. If Big Cousin is going back to Ning Garden, he would definitely go back with Nanny Li. You just have to see if Nanny Li returned on her own!”

“Understood, this maidservant understands!” Lan Xiang’s spirit rose in an instant. If she had to keep watch of Ning Garden for the whole night, on such a cold night, she would freeze to death.

After helping Gu Fangzi back to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence, Lan Xiang hurriedly went out after putting on a thick coat in her room.

After just a moment, Lan Xiang returned with good news for Gu Fangzi. Gu Fangzi was so happy that her eyes lit up. After praising repeatedly, she rewarded Lan Xiang handsomely by giving her her best piece of silver hairpin.

Tonight, she could finally sleep in peace!

On the next morning, Gu Fangzi went to Wang Shi as usual to chat. Sang Wan felt uneasy seeing her and was afraid that she would find some way to complain to Wang Shi in an indirect manner, as well as spill the beans about Shi Fengju resting in the study room. No matter the reason, Wang Shi would definitely complain about how she was not fulfilling her duty as a wife in taking care of her own husband. If not, why would he be sleeping in the study room and not in his chamber?

What caught her by surprise was that Gu Fangzi did not mention any of that at all. She greeted her in a friendly manner and said a few words. That greatly confused Sang Wan.

After Sang Wan left Wang Shi’s place, she suddenly understood. Of course she wouldn’t say anything. If she did, Wang Shi would not have sat down to watch them quarrel, and instead would intervene to mend their relationship as well. That was definitely not what Gu Fangzi wanted to see! She wouldn’t tell on her, instead she would be more than happy to conceal it.

Sang Wan was right, Gu Fangzi thought that way exactly. She wanted them to quarrel and would not do anything that would not benefit her at all.

After Sang Wan left, Shi Fengju arrived at Wang Shi’s place. If there was nothing too urgent, he would give his greetings to Wang Shi everyday before leaving.

After Shi Fengju left, Gu Fangzi could not resist telling Wang Shi, “Big Cousin looks a little tired!”

“Oh?” Wang Shi immediately took notice when she heard her and pondered, “Really? I didn’t notice it just now——”

“I think so too,” Shi Yumei seized the chance to badmouth Sang Wan and said, “Second brother does look a bit pale, who knows how that daughter-in-law takes care of her husband! Mother, you should question her properly!”

“Yumei!” Wang Shi glared at Shi Yumei unhappily, and scolded her, “There you go again!”

“Mother! What did I do!” Shi Yumei said unhappily, “I’m already doing what you told me to. These few days, I’ve been treating her as air and did not find trouble for her anymore. If you are not happy, then what more do you want me to do? Don’t tell me you want me to be her slave and obey her words! Then you might as well take a knife and end me earlier! Furthermore, I am not wrong too, shouldn’t she take care of second brother as his wife? Second brother doesn’t look too well, if we don’t ask her then who do we ask!”

“Just listen to yourself! I only criticize you for a bit and you talk so much back at me!” Wang Shi scolded again, “What do you mean by air, who would speak like you!” But her daughter was right, Sang Wan must be questioned.

“Aunt Wang, Cousin Yumei has always been direct with her words. I’m sure she doesn’t mean it. Please don’t blame her! I think Cousin Yumei’s personality is very refreshing and very authentic!” Gu Fangzi hurriedly smiled and said.

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