Chapter 95 – Hegemon Blade Domain

As for the injuries on Chen An, it should be from battling the Burrowing Zombies.

“As expected of a rat, weak.”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage said it disdainfully, but he did not plan to continue pursuing the Netherworld Rat Zombie.

“That move… as expected.”

Yang Tian saw the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage performing a familiar movement and instantly knew what the latter would be doing.

Exterminate every single zombie. This was not empty words spoken by the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage

Hegemon Blade Domain

The Sky Hegemon Blade’s Domain Skill

Within the Hegemon Blade Domain, all attacks of the Sky Hegemon Sage will be enhanced, while enemies will be affected by destructive blade energy within the domain, receiving damage to their bodies both internally and externally.

The range of the Hegemon Blade Domain exactly encompassed all Rank 2 zombies, including the Flying Zombies in the sky and Burrowing Zombies underground.

“We need to retreat quickly.”

With Yang Tian’s reminder, most of the metahumans retreated while the zombies were unable to stop Yang Tian or anyone else due to the effects of blade energy.

By the time Yang Tian and the rest have retreated far enough, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage already activated his attack.

The Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was an ordinary human previously, he and his sister were only able to survive because of Guan Ren Zuo. In a certain way, he sees Guan Ren Zuo as his benefactor and the ideals of Guan Ren Zuo had also affected him.

Guan Ren Zuo had left the range of the Hegemon Blade Domain under the protection of the other metahumans.

“Yang Tian, who is he? Is he another metahuman that has awakened?”

“He? He is previously an ordinary person, an ordinary person from your Fortune Boat University. Your luck is pretty good this time, his elder sister might have died, but he will forever remember the kindness you gave him.”

“Fortunately, I did not give up on the ordinary students of Fortune Boat University, now he is saving all of us.”

“Do you still remember a pair of siblings amongst the ordinary people of Fortune Boat University?”

Yang Tian wanted to find out more about the identity of the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and tried to get it out of Guan Ren Zuo.

“That… I have never paid attention to it before.”

Guan Ren Zuo shook his head to express his lack of knowledge.

However, Guan Ren Zuo might not know, but Guan Qing Xue who was beside them had heard their conversation and seemed to remember something.


As Yang Tian and Guan Ren Zuo conversed, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had already exterminated all the Rank 2 zombies; Hegemon Blade Domain had shredded all of them into pieces.

The entire process only lasted a few minutes, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage wiped out all the Rank 2 zombies alone.

“I am afraid he has reached King Tier.” Yang Tian silently thought.

After destroying all the Rank 2 zombies, the so-called zombie wave no longer exists as well. The sky and earth had been restored to its original state, except that it was in a turbid state.

“This… everything has been cleared?”

Guan Ren Zuo and the rest were shocked by the terrifying fighting power of the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. This single attack of the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had carved a deep impression in everyone’s hearts, what kind of person is he to be able to reach such a level.

However, after Sky Hegemon Blade Sage used Hegemon Blade Domain, he was half kneeling on the ground panting heavily. A massive attack like this was also very taxing on him.

Moreover, the General-Tier Commander Zombie was still hiding and yet to make an appearance, it’s likely that it became frightened by what the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage has done and was hesitating on its next move.

“Come out and fight!”

The General-Tier Commander Zombie did not appear. Instead, three Captain-Tier Zombies came out instead.

Mid Rank 3 Zombie, Storm Bat Zombie

Mid Rank 3 Zombie, Spirit Zombie

Mid Rank 3 Zombie, Enfeeble Zombie

The three Rank 3 zombies surrounded Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and none of them dared to act recklessly.

“This is bad, we need to help him!”

Guan Ren Zuo noticed that the situation of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was getting dire, he quickly summoned his men and planned to give support.

“Yang Tian, could you…”

“I understand.”

The Flying Zombies in the sky had all been exterminated, Yang Tian was able to reestablish a link with Dark Storm Eagle.

Due to the zombie wave, Dark Storm Eagle was quite far away from Yang Tian, it would take some time for the former to reach the battlefield.

Nevermind, he will act alone first.

In fact, Venom was only a Rank 3 common-tier creature; its only advantage was that it could live in another organism like a parasite and enhance the strength of its host. However, it did not possess any special skills.

Yang Tian entered Venom mode, he has Early Rank 3 fighting power, but it was only common-tier.

Early Rank 3 fighting power combined with Rank 2 elite-tier mental power, Yang Tian could only barely hold down one of the zombies. Another one was held down by the four Rank 3 metahumans, as they have used up quite a lot of energy in the battle earlier, being able to restrain a Rank 3 captain-class commander zombie was already pretty good.

“The four of you just focus on that one, do not overstrain yourselves.”


The four of them could feel the pressure being emitted by the captain-class commander zombie and knew their limits.

Yang Tian checked the fighting power of the three captain-class commander zombies, he knew that his abilities were lacking as well and chose the weakest of the three, the Spirit Zombie. While the other four went to face the Enfeeble Zombie. The Storm Bat Zombie that remained was the strongest of the three.

Yang Tian and the four Rank 3 metahumans could only restrain and hold down their targets, they could only wait for Sky Hegemon Blade Sage to deal with the Storm Bat Zombie before coming over to assist them.

As for the remaining Rank 2 metahumans, they will only become a hindrance if they come over.

When the Storm Bat Zombie discovered that it needs to fight the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage alone, its forehead wanted to break into a cold sweat, but unfortunately, it’s a zombie.

“I think I need to quickly get rid of you.”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage casually said, causing the Storm Bat Zombie to retreat a few dozen steps back in fright.

Sky Hegemon Blade Energy

The defense of Storm Bat Zombie could not be compared to the Netherworld Rat Zombie, facing the incoming Sky Hegemon Blade Energy attack, it could only rely on its speed to evade. However, the speed of the Sky Hegemon Blade Energy was also extremely fast.

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Storm Bat Zombie flapped its wings and used the fastest speed it could muster.


The speed of Storm Bat Zombie was still not enough, but it managed to dodge the lethal areas. Sky Hegemon Blade Energy only managed to hack off its left arm, but the tyrannical energy within the Sky Hegemon Blade Energy entered it and destroyed more than half of its internal body.


Storm Bat Zombie fell from the sky, only now did it understood how terrifying the Sky Hegemon Blade Energy is. It had wanted to survive by sacrificing its arms in exchange, but the blade intent within the blade energy was so destructive.

“Let… let me go.”

Storm Bat Zombie could only speak out, it did not expect that the loss of its arm had also damaged its core.


The Netherworld Rat Zombie suddenly burrowed out of the ground and grabbed the critically injured Storm Bat Zombie underground.

“Want to run?”

A ray of red light shot out from between the forefinger and middle finger of the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage; the beam moved at an extremely quick speed, its destination was the spot where both zombies went underground.


The powerful sound of an explosion came from underground and then both Netherworld Rat Zombie and Storm Bat Zombie were forced out of the ground due to the explosion.

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