Chapter 96 – Fighting Spirit Zombie

“Is that the One Yang Finger?”

Yang Tian recognized the skill used by Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and could be said to be very familiar with that skill. Yang Tian had experienced the attack in his previous life, but it was not from Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

Moreover, Yang Tian had never seen Sky Hegemon Blade Sage used One Yang Finger before, and the skill that the latter displayed was seventh grade.

One Yang Finger has a total of nine grades, the first grade being the strongest.

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had only just awakened, yet his One Yang Finger has reached seventh grade, this was undoubtedly powerful.

“This butterfly of mine has certainly changed many things.”

Yang Tian had also guessed that the changes were due to him, but he could not be bothered! To put it more deeply, the reason he could become a Legendary Beast Tamer was precisely because he was not worried about consequences, he would only care about himself.

“You are, being careless.”

Yang Tian was distracted by the One Yang Finger and allowed Spirit Zombie to land an attack on the former’s chest, causing Yang Tian to fly a few dozen meters away.


Yang Tian vomited blood, the attack of the Spirit Zombie had exceeded Venom’s defense and reached Yang Tian’s body, causing him to be injured.

“I can’t kill him, but I should have no problem with you.”

Spirit Zombie looked at Yang Tian and spoke. Its body was initially human, seeing that it could talk did not surprise Yang Tian.

“Is that so?”

“Then what other methods do you have?”

The Spirit Zombie lifted its hand to take Yang Tian’s life, but the zombie suddenly felt danger coming from behind and had no choice but to stop its attack.

Rolling Storm

Dark Storm Eagle appeared behind Spirit Zombie, Rolling Storm held a powerful piercing ability as it aimed at Spirit Zombie.

Spectral Shield

Vague humanoid shadows appeared on the arms of Spirit Zombie, these shadows blocked the front of Spirit Zombie and defended it against Rolling Storm.


Rolling Storm was blocked by Spectral Shield, the rotating piercing wind attack stopped, leaving only the beak of Dark Storm Eagle that struck on the Spectral Shield.

Yang Tian used the opportunity to turn his arms into blades and attack the Spirit Zombie’s back.

Dual Spectral Shield

Another Spectral Shield appeared on the Spirit Zombie’s back, helping it block Yang Tian’s attack.

“Shock it for me!”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen used Soul Shock, using Rank 2 elite mental power to clash with a mid Rank 3 captain-class zombie was not a good call.

(Cuppa: It was previously Mental Shock, but changed to Soul Shock. I will confirm again in the future.)

However, this did not mean that it would not be effective. A zombie also possessed a soul, it was a new soul that was formed within the corpse after a human dies.

If a human’s soul were said to possess an unlimited potential as it could undergo a myriad of changes and transformations, a zombie’s soul would be akin to a piece of rock, it will never change no matter how much the zombie develops.


Soul Shock caused the Spectral Shield used by the Spirit Zombie to turn blurry.


Yang Tian instantly transformed his blades into a drill, using its crazy rotational force to create a powerful penetration, aiming at a single point on the Spectral Shield to break through it.

Dark Storm Eagle used Rolling Storm once again, using the skill’s penetration ability on the same spot.


The Spectral Shield shattered after being broken through from a single point.

After the Spectral Shield was broken, Yang Tian and Dark Storm Eagle’s attack reached Spirit Zombie at that same time.

“An illusion?”

Yang Tian and Dark Storm Eagle passed each other, the Spirit Zombie in between them was not its actual body but an illusion created by it.

By the time Yang Tian reacted, Spirit Zombie had appeared behind him.


Yang Tian received another attack that sent him flying, even Venom that covered his back nearly scattered from the attack.


Yang Tian vomited blood once again, his body was after all relatively weaker in his rank, making him feel slightly powerless when facing the Spirit Zombie’s attacks.

The flying Yang Tian landed on the ground and quickly stood up after performing a roll.

“Let me show you what I can do as well.”

Yang Tian turned his hands into the shape of a dragon claw.

He only has seven forms of the Dragon-Claw Hand, but it was still a high-rank skill. Yang Tian did not know if it was enough to win the Spirit Zombie, but it should be enough to restrain it here.

As Yang Tian activates Dragon-Claw Hand, a faint illusion of a dragon appeared behind Yang Tian.

When Spirit Zombie saw the dragon illusion behind Yang Tian, it suddenly felt an unknown terror that caused it to take a few steps back.

Dark Storm Eagle also retreated a few steps unknowingly when it saw the dragon illusion.

Yang Tian gathered power on his legs before covering several meters in one leap. Venom’s dragon claws aimed at Spirit Zombie’s head.

Spirit Zombie reacted quickly, using its own ghost hands to face Yang Tian’s dragon claws.

However, Dragon-Claw Hand excels in close explosive combat. Yang Tian’s physique was relatively weak, but after using Dragon-Claw Hand, Yang Tian’s close combat prowess was not showing signs of any weakness.

Wind Capture, Shadow Grasp, Zither Playing…

There were only seven forms, but each form was extremely powerful and lethal. Moreover, Yang Tian focused each attack on the weak points of the Spirit Zombie, causing the latter to be caught in extreme danger while exchanging blows with Yang Tian.

Yang Tian used the gap between each exchange to instruct Dark Storm Eagle, getting the latter to launch sneak attacks behind Spirit Zombie whenever it could. However, Spirit Zombie was obviously guarding against Dark Storm Eagle as well, not giving the latter any chance to launch a sneak attack,

Soul Disruption

(Cuppa: Once again, it has become Soul Disruption instead of Mental Disruption, maybe the author is changing the skill names)

Yang Tian used Soul Disruption, causing Spirit Zombie to miss an attack.

The shoulders of Spirit Zombie was struck by Yang Tian’s Dragon-Claw Hand, Yang Tian used the opportunity to cripple the zombie’s shoulder.

Ghost Illusion

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It was the same skill that it used previously, the Spirit Zombie that was grabbed by Yang Tian’s Dragon-Claw Hand turned into an illusion.


The view of everything within Yang Tian’s surroundings was displayed in his mind.

Found you.

Spirit Zombie went behind Yang Tian again, but this time, Yang Tian was prepared. Just as Spirit Zombie was about to attack, a full powered Dragon-Claw Hand suddenly struck at it.

Taking Cloud

This was the most powerful form of the seven that Yang Tian learned, possessing powerful claw energy, Yang Tian aimed the attack at Spirit Zombie’s left shoulder.


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“You are finished.”

The Spirit Zombie was unable to escape this time, Yang Tian would not let this opportunity slip, Dragon-Claw Hand instantly crippled the zombie’s left arm.

Spirit Zombie felt a wave of pain coming from its crippled left arm, at the same time, Dark Storm Eagle launched an attack as well.

Dark Pierce

Spirit Zombie had forgotten about Dark Storm Eagle while it was distracted by its crippled arm, by the time it noticed what Dark Storm Eagle was doing, Dark Pierce was nearly at its back.


The dark energy within Dark Pierce caused even more considerable damage to the zombie.

The Spirit Zombie was significantly weakened after receiving Dark Pierce, with the additional loss of its left arm, it was no longer as difficult to handle as before.

“My turn now.”

Yang Tian prepared Dragon-Claw Hand again, this time he plans to remove the remaining limbs of the Spirit Zombie.

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