Arc 5 Chapter 79: Escape!

An arrow flew through the cramped hot arena entering the area reserved for special guest and tore off a female nobles wig right off of her head and nailing it to the stone wall behind her.

“Wow! Would you look at that even Maya’s missed arrows still do not fail to impress. With this win Maya will be entering the semifinal fight, where she will fight to the death against a random semifinal team,” shouted the announcer over the roar of cheers and laughter at what they had just seen.

The bald female noble was struggling to detach her wig from the wall for several seconds before she let another person retrieve it for her. She quickly snatched it from his hands and shoved it back onto her head her face a deep red from embarrassment.

A few days had passed while Akira and his fellow companions continued to buy and gather things needed for their plan and the eventual escape from the city to work without a major problem.

This had forced Maya to trust in their plan all the while continuing to put her life on the line and fight the dangerous and uncertain battles presented to her by the Arena masters.

“You’ll want to be sure to come tomorrow as there will only be special events in the morning with the main event the two semifinal matches being fought in the afternoon. Now onto the final match of the day will the Broomstick Breakers be able to get to the semifinals? Let’s find out!” shouted the announcer as Maya left the arena.

As she was escorted back to her cell she could see that the majority of the guards were probably breaking rules as they huddled near the arena gate so that they could watch the last Quarterfinal battle.

“I’ll bet two gold that the Broomstick Breakers get their brooms broken over their heads and get knocked out of the tournament,” said one guard.

“You’re an idiot to bet against them. You’ve got a deal, I’ll be laughing when their powerful broom break attack knocks their opponent out,” said another guard.

The underground hallways were empty of anyone patrolling except for the guards who had drawn the short stick and were forced to escort and guard Maya.

“This sucks,” said one of the guards as he locked the cell door.

“I knew it was rigged. Captain had an evil plan to make us patrol while the rest of them get to watch the match,” complained his partner in misery.

“Hey, I know! Why don’t we go ‘Patrol’ near the arena gate and see what’s happening?”

“Great idea let’s go!”


The plan Akira had come up with hopped to use the commotion of the last quarterfinals to break Maya out and give them some time to escape.

“Halt! What business do you have here?” asked a grumpy guard guarding the entrance to the underground tunnels of the arena.

“I was called by Khepri to meet him at his office. I was told he needed us to take care of a few final things before we left,” said Akira.

He was still wearing his wolf mask to hide his identity with Mileena also still In her cat mask. Both were now wearing their new arm guards that the guards only glanced at for a second.

“Fine go ahead,” said one of the guards not interested in asking any more questions.

“Majestic cat! I was one of your biggest fans and watched every one of your battles. It’s a shame that Lewd wolf messed it all up for you,” said a young guard.

“Ah…yeah…thanks,” mumbled Mileena.


“You idiot stop holding them back. Khepri doesn’t like to be kept waiting,” scolded the older guard hitting the younger guard on the head.

Akira and Mileena entered the tunnels and made their way to where Maya was being held the last they had been here.

The hallways were empty allowing them to easily reach the cells. All was going according to plan.

They rushed over to the cell they had found Maya in a few days ago but it was empty.

“Where is she?” asked Mileena in a whisper. She was ready to panic now that something had gone wrong.

“Calm down,” said Akira.

The sound of movement behind them startled the two and they whipped around to see what it was with their weapons out and ready to fight.

“You guys are really jumpy,” said Maya from the cell opposite from the original one she had been in.

“Hold on a second I’ll get you out,” said Akira grabbing a key in his pocket to unlock the cell door which let out a soft click before swinging open.

“How did you get the guards key?” asked Maya.

“No time to…”

“Halt! What are you two doing with that slave!” shouted a guard as he ran towards them his weapon drawn.


Without another word, Akira used his skill [Shield Slam] and shot forward. Since there was little maneuvering space in the hallway his aim was true and he slammed into the guard and drove him into the wall silencing him.

Thump! The guard’s body fell to the ground lifeless due to his neck and back breaking along with his internal organs rupturing.

Akira had tried to end the fight as silent and bloodless as possible in order to not alert any nearby guards. Leaving behind a large amount of blood everywhere would be asking for trouble.

He grabbed the body and dragged it into the cell Maya had been locked in just moments ago and tossed the dead guard onto the bed and covered his body with the flimsy blanket.

“Let’s go before anyone else shows up,” said Akira closing the cell door behind him.

“Wait I need my bow and armor,” said Maya.

“Where are they?” asked Mileena.

“Locked in the large chest over this way,” said Maya as she walked to down the hallway towards the middle where multiple wooden chests were stacked on shelves.

She pulled out the chest that held her weapon and armor but was unable to open it.

“Move over,” said Akira as he looked at the lock.

It was an old crude functioning lock built into the wooden chest. It was not really meant to keep any determined person out but used more as a deterrent since they didn’t think that anyone unauthorized would be accessing the items inside it.

Akira took his sword and jammed it in between the lid and with a great heave, he pried open the chest with a loud crack as the lock snapped.

“Whoops!” said Akira as he grabbed the stuff inside and shoved it towards Maya who began to equip her leather armor.

“Hurry wear this and let’s get out of here,” said Akira handing Maya a hooded cloak.

As soon as she wore the cloak she disappeared startling Mileena.

“Where’d you go?” asked Mileena.

“I’m right here I didn’t move,” said Maya waving her hand in front of Mileena who was still looking around.

“It’s a rare item I found some time ago it will allow you to escape from here unseen, but it only lasts for ten minutes we need to go now! Follow closely behind us,” ordered Akira as he grabbed Mileena’s hand and dragged her out of the tunnel with the cells.

“Got it,” said Maya’s voice right behind them.

“That was a quick meeting,” said the young guard as he opened the door to allow Akira and Mileena to exit.

“Well Khepri is very business-like and there were only a few minor issues,” said Akira. Keeping the door open so that Maya could pass through unseen.

“Majestic cat, I hope to see you fight when the next tournament happens!” shouted the guard as the two slowly walked away and blended into the growing crowded streets.



Automatic Quest received!

Escape Caidia:

You have successfully rescued the Nyantail know as Maya.
You now need to help her escape the city alive but be careful, because she is not the only one that needs to escape! 
There are strong enemies in the city still hunting for you including the Magic guild.

Rank: D+ / C+ (rank depends on who you might meet)

Reward: Not dying.

The quest appeared while they were still running to meet up with Varbu.

‘The magic guild hasn’t given up yet? Wait there’s some else searching for me?’ though Akira as he read through the quest details again. There was no mention of who the second person or persons were.

“I’ve got a bad feeling if we don’t leave now we won’t be able to leave later,” said Akira.

“Weren’t we supposed to wait until the crowds from the arena clogged the streets later tonight?” asked Mileena.

“If we don’t go now we’ll be trapped inside the city walls,” said Akira with conviction.

Maya was silent the whole time since she was still invisible.

They reached Varbu a minute later at the inn they had been staying at for the duration of the tournament.

“I don’t see any guards chasing you so the rescue must have been a success,” said Varbu.

“Hurry we need to gather the stuff and leave,” said Akira.

Although Varbu was puzzled with the change of plans he didn’t argue and helped Akira gather everything.

The cloaks invisibility wore off and Maya materialized next to Varbu making him almost jump out of his skin.

“Hello, I guess you guys can see me again,” said Maya as if this was an everyday normal event.

They left the Inn quickly since they were in a hurry to get out of the city before Maya’s absence was noticed.

When they reached the gates the sun was setting and the guards had lit torches to help inspect the people coming and going.

“Keep the line moving! There’s only an hour left until the gates close!” shouted a guard.

“You there halt!”

When Maya passed one of the guards stopped her. She was still wearing the cloak that was helping conceal her face.

“You seem familiar… but I don’t see you on my list of wanted criminals…alright you can go,” said the guard.

Maya nodded to the guards as she passed through the gates and joined the rest of the group let out a long sigh.

“Alright, now we have to get as far away as we can before they find out that you’re gone and come searching for you,” said Akira.


The next day.

“You’ve all been waiting for this the semifinals! The first match is the Toe Stubbers who upset the favored Wig duo. Their opponent is Maya the Nyantail goddess.”

The Toe Stubbers walked into the arena and stared at the gate waiting for their opponent. They waited for several minutes.

“Uh…Maya are you there?” asked the announcer uncertain what was going on.

A few minutes later a guard entered the VIP section and ran over to Khepri who was sitting with the arena master.

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“The slave gladiator somehow killed the guard watching her and escaped!” whispered the guard.

“What!? How could this happen?” roared Khepri.

“What’s the matter?” asked Brutus who was sitting next to him.

“Oh just a minor inconvenience, a gladiator escaped their cell,” said Khepri trying to calm his anger and downplay such a massive problem.

“Go warn the gate guards to be on the lookout for her! Hurry or she might be able to escape,” ordered Khepri in a quiet whisper to the guard that had brought the bad news.

“I hope this issue will be dealt with swiftly since it has already ruined the afternoon,” grumbled the arena owner.

“Terribly sorry sir, if you could postpone the match until we can catch her then the match can continue.”

The announcer hearing the whole conversation stood up after receiving the signal from the arena owner.

“A slight change in the order of battles sorry about that. This match will be The broomstick breakers vs E.D. To be fighting it when they are so young I feel sad for them.”

A short time later while the fight was going on the same guard came back with a sweaty face from both running and fear at the words he had to say.

“The gate guards report that they saw someone like the escaped gladiator leave the city last night!”

“Send the chariots after them!” Roared Khepri.

“Oh this seems interesting,” said Ruth who had been bored the last few days now that the work she had come to take care of in between the tournament was done.

“I know the feeling of someone escaping your grasps all too well,” commented Brutus brooding over past memories.

‘How was I supposed to know that he was an important pawn piece to negotiating with those lunatics,’ thought Brutus.


In a dark room of a rundown building that was situated in the slums of Otria, Tibia was kneeling in front of Number 6 who had become in every sense her new master since her promotion.

She was currently here on a mission to further her training with number six. Tibia had grown tired of having to listen to number six complain about how she hated the weather every day, and today was no different.

But the atmosphere changed when a knock on the door was heard and a letter pushed through a small slit in the door.

“Bring it to me,” ordered Number 6.

Tibia went and picked it up and then handed it to number 6.

The wax seal on the letter was swiftly torn off and after she deciphered the coded message she threw the paper into the shuttered lamp disposing of it.

“The target was in the city and we missed it! It left less than a day ago. Quickly gather everything, we have to chase after it before we lose the target again!”

“Yes. Right away…” said Tibia somewhat energetically.


“Hurry! They’re catching up to us!” shouted Mileena looking behind them.

They had been running all night and were ready to drop but they noticed a large dust cloud several minutes ago and found it was a column of the deadly desert war chariots searching for Maya.


Quest Update!

Escape Cadia 2:

There is a large pyramid dungeon to your right. It has a secret exit you can use if you clear the dungeon.

“Everyone, follow me!” shouted Akira running towards the pyramid.

“You want us to go in there? We’ll be trapped!” shouted Maya.

“Trust me it will be a lot safer inside than out here!” said Akira as he ran up the pyramids numerous large steps.

The chariots were getting close enough that the large crossbows they carried opened fire.


The large metal bolts were landing all around Akira and the others as they ran up the stairs trying to keep as low a profile as they could so they didn’t get shot.

They soon reached the top and ran into the small door opening of the pyramid.

As soon as the last person had entered the pyramid two large stones fell down from the ceiling one after the other blocking them in while also blocking anyone else from entering!

“Don’t worry if we can clear this dungeon there will be an exit,” said Akira trying to calm the others before they could say anything.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” said Varbu.

“Then are we safe?” asked Maya.

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“As safe as you can be in a dungeon. They won’t be able to get to us and they might think we’re trapped inside that will be even better for us.”

Mileena jumped on Maya and hugged her letting out a soft sob.

“I missed you so much!” said Mileena tears and snot all over her face.

“Don’t worry we’re together again,” said Maya patting Mileena’s head soothing her little sister.

Akira smiled as he watched the touching scene of the two sisters reunion.

Maya seeing his smile recoiled.

“If you look at me like that I’ll get pregnant! You can’t lewd me, but I don’t mind if you lewd Mileena.”

“What kind of pervert are you to be thing something like that at a time like this?” shouted Akira red-faced while grinding his fist on Maya’s head.

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