Chapter 842 – Communication Breakdown

However, there is always an exception. Some people may inherit their ancestor’s abilities or powers from sudden changes in their bloodline and obtain a portion of their ancestor’s ability.

Some might be born with them.

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These cases were called Blood Awakening in the cultivation world.

Out of the Eight Clans, he was the only one among the younger generation who had achieved Blood Awakening. Not even Ji Mo Ya managed to do so.

Bai Chen Feng could only be envious about this. He was not a descendant of the Eight Clans, and his ancestors were ordinary people. It was impossible for him to awaken any ability or power.

While the two were talking, their conversations led to Huan Qing Yan. “Little Yan performed unexpectedly well. Even though everyone held back during the tower selection, her powers were still surprisingly strong.”

Ji Mo Ya was the first to choose a tower and had no competition. Bai Chen Feng, Nan Gong Bei Chen, even Shang Qiu Meng Qian, and Snow Girl gave away the second place. But Huan Qing Yan managed to defeat the injured Bai Li Zi Xi and take second place. Even though Bai Li Zi Xi was injured, she was still a Mystic Spirit Master, so for Huan Qing Yan to defeat her showed how far Huan Qing Yan has come.

“Perhaps it has something to do with her bloodline. She should have an ancient bloodline…”, Nan Gong Bei Chen said softly. It was not good for him to say too much to Bai Chen Feng for now.

“Isn’t ancient bloodlines unique to the Eight Clans? Why does she have it?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen decided to tell him about the Blood Observation skill as they both have a common enemy- Ji Mo Ya, and that makes them partners, for now. Besides, they genuinely cared about Huan Qing Yan, so Nan Gong Bei Chen decided to be frank.

Bai Chen Feng took out a drop of blood, “I have a drop of Little Yan’s blood. You can analyze it. Perhaps you didn’t know, but Little Yan was adopted. Maybe she really has a connection with the Bai Li Clan?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen was surprised and threw Bai Chen Feng a meaningful glance, curious at how he got this blood.

Bai Chen Feng remained motionless.

Nan Gong Bei Chen knew he would not get any answer from Bai Chen Feng so he accepted the blood and said “Okay, I should be able to learn the Blood Observation skill now that I have awakened my ancient bloodline. I will send a Spirit Crane to let you know if there is any news. I have a feeling something big is going on.”

“I thank you on behalf of Little Yan.”

“There is no need, who are you to thank me on her behalf!”

The two men who were still standing on the same side earlier on immediately stood apart after a few words.

They then went on their own ways.


It was chaos at Blood Moon City after the Blood Moon Hidden Realm closed off. The last batch of people that came out of the hidden realm have all been appointed as disciples of the Holy Academy, this was something that was out of the norm.

Words of Young Master Ya bringing a woman out from the hidden realm with him had spread everywhere.

Madam Ru’s place, Ji Mo Clan.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was relaying the message using a Spirit Crane, “Auntie, cousin has left the hidden realm.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo left the hidden realm a year ago. She was an Early-Stage True Spirit Master when she entered the maze and became a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master when she got out. It was quite an achievement but nothing worth mentioning when compared to the other geniuses like the Saintess and members of other well-known clans.

On Madam Ru’s delicate face, not a semblance of joy could be found on her face.

Her relationship with her son had turned sour and distant. Before entering the Blood Moon Hidden Realm Ji Mo Ya crippled her subordinate and severed all ties with her, ignoring all her Spirit Crane messages. He did not even bother to inform her that he had entered the hidden realm.

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