Chapter 840 – Nothing Left Behind

The tattered small person was shocked. It would be impossible for her to return inside Huan Qing Yan’s body now, so she begged, “No no no, Huan Qing Yan, you promised! You can’t do this to me… please, let me go!”

Huan Qing Yan just pinched her, turning her into specks of grey ashes.

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Clean and neat, with nothing left behind.

The soul of this wandering ghost should have disappeared forever this time.

“Little Yan, what the wandering soul said also matches your memory, maybe you are really from the upper plane; I just don’t know what happened to your parents that made them send you to Spirit Treasure Land. After everything that has happened, it turns out that you are the real original soul… I, your husband, could never have guessed that it will end up like this.” Said Ji Mo Ya.

Huan Qing Yan also finally felt relieved, she no longer needed to worry about being discovered by the birth parents of this body, and fear that they might try to kill her.

There just seems to be a lot of secrets hidden that can’t be solved.

Who am I from? Where do I come from? Why am I abandoned and thrown away? Who are my birth parents?”

The voice of Ji Mo Ya was like a spring breeze and flowing spring water, “Don’t worry, Little Yan, everything will be revealed eventually. Maybe one day, when we both become Sage Spirit Masters, we can fly up to the upper plane to find out the mystery of your birth.”

“Well, let’s take a look at the third gold box then…” Since Huan Qing Yan was not a sensitive girl, she felt relaxed now that the reincarnated girl was completely out of her body.

As for her birth or whatever, she has lived for so many years thus far, there was no need to start feeling anxious about it now.

To go to the upper plane, one must become a Sage to fly up there. This was something still very far away for her.

They opened the third box, there was only one golden light. They basked themselves in the golden glow, but they could not tell what was the effects; the only feeling was that their mind had become much clearer…

As for other effects, they were unable to find any for now.

While they were a bit disappointed, large amounts of cloudy mist began to appear in the entire palace, the whole place became cloudier and turned blurry…

Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya felt a huge repulsive force, they were being transported out.


The Immortal Ripple Empire has become a crowded and busy place for the past year.

It was a desolated place with a large lake one year ago before people entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm. Now, it has been developed into a small town.

Named as Blood Moon City.

The lake is still huge, but the forests beside the lake have turned into streets and houses.

The semi-circular wheels in the sky were still there. During this time, there were people continually falling from the sky.

The Saintess had fallen from the sky six months ago. While being surrounded by singing birds and fragrant flowers, she was taken away by people from the Bai Li Clan.

Snow Girl fell a month ago. With thousands of miles of snow and frozen ice, she was taken away by the Frost Ice Academia.

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In Blood Moon City, the people’s daily routine, other than all kinds of business, cultivation, eating and drinking; was to look at the sky!

To see if anybody was falling from the sky.

People in the teahouse would always look at the sky while chatting with each other.

The Blood Moon Hidden Realm this time has not been closed for over a year. It is almost the longest period in history. I heard that the later one comes out, the more opportunities they would gain!”

That might not be true as well, like the son of Old Ma next door, how much can a Wandering Cultivator obtain when they enter? Till now, he is still not out yet, it is most likely that he had died in there.”


The voice was not small, suddenly an elderly hunchback man rushed over from next door, holding a butcher knife, “Shut your mouth, how dare you curse my son. I am going to kill you!”

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